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The Washing Machine Created By: Keshara Cochrane Pd.8/9

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1 The Washing Machine Created By: Keshara Cochrane Pd.8/9

2 First Ways of Washing Clothes
Before there were electric washing machines, clothes were washed by hand. The earliest type of washing machine was called the scrub board which was created in Before there were scrub boards people washed their clothes by hand.

3 Inventors of Washing Machines
James King from the United States patented the first washing machine. In 1858, Hamilton Smith patented the first rotary washing machine. In 1874, William Blackstone created the first machine that actually removed stains from clothing instead of people having to wash their clothes by hand. The first electric washing machine was first introduced in in the United States.

4 Washing Machines’ Importance On Society
Inventions such as the washing machine allowed women to enter the workforce. Washing machines allowed the process of washing clothes be much easier. Before every household had running water and electricity, the process of washing clothes took many hard worked hours.

5 Advancements of The Washing Machine
Washing clothes started out as using buckets of waters, scrub boards, and washboards. The earliest scrub board was created in 1797. Then washing machines advances to Agitator washing machines. Then once more people started to get electricity in their homes, motor-driven pumps were put into homes which allowed automaticity with washing clothes. Later after that invention, the spin-dry feature was created.

6 Continuation… Now in the 21th century there are many different types of washing machines. There are several companies across the world that manufacture and sell washing machines. There has even been a new type of washing machine invented that saves energy in your home. In the 21st century there have also been washing machines created that both washes and dries your clothes.

7 How Is The Washing Machine Used Differently Today?
Unlike when washing machines were first invented, there are several different types of washing machines now in the 21st century. An example of a type of washing machine is a cold fed washing machine which is connected to the main water supply. In today’s society you can now also send renewably heated water into a washing machine in order to save electricity.

8 There are many different washing machine companies.
The names of some of those companies are Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Maytag, LG, Samsung, and many others.

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