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Jon lived with his family on a farm in Pennsylvania. At the onset of World War I, he was 18 years old. Everyone that knew Jon looked up to him. When Jon.

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2 Jon lived with his family on a farm in Pennsylvania. At the onset of World War I, he was 18 years old. Everyone that knew Jon looked up to him. When Jon was younger he was diagnosed with a form of polio. Jon was the eldest brother to a sister and 2 brothers. Jon and his brothers took over their fathers farm when they were young because their father died. Their mother was left to raise 4 children on her own. Jon enjoyed working on his families farm and was a hard worker. Working on the farm was the only way of living for his family

3 Does Jon go to war? Does Jon stay home because of his polio? or Help Jon choose, click either one to decide his future

4 Jon leaves his family to help serve his country. Jon was sent to a training camp in North Carolina on June 5 th 1916 during mid-war. Within 3 months, Jon was sent with other United States troops to Germany to help fight the war.

5 Jon meets many men around his age. Everyone likes Jon except for one person- Robert. Robert was Jons training instructor at the camp and is 40 years old. Although Jon is good worker, Robert doesnt agree with the way Jon works. Instead of complaining, Jon just did what he was told. Jon enjoyed this new learning experience and had nothing bad to grumble about. Jon thought it was a great idea and felt he could protect himself better. Robert did not like this about Jon, he did everything he could to get Jon to complain and give up. Robert would even give Jon extra orders and Jon would just obey them and keep on working. Jon never gave up and soon moved onto the front.

6 Jon and many of his acquaintances from the training camp are sent to the front. Also joining them is their instructor Robert. Robert is not their leader anymore and this made many of the men quite happy. Paul is the soldiers officer at the front. Paul is in his late forties and treats the guys with respect, particularly, if he gets it from them.

7 While Jon was at the front the French attacked. There was a gas attack and the men were being bombarded with huge tanks that were driven by 5 or 6 men. These men also had machine guns that they were shooting from the tanks. Jon soon got prepared to start fighting back. He put on his gas mask and grabbed his gun. While getting everything ready the French threw a bomb. Jon had to jump into a hole. Jon got this severe pain in his arm and he couldnt figure out what it was. Jon couldnt get out of the hole until the attack is done so he began his wait. Poisonous gas attack, the soldiers have gas masks on.

8 While waiting in the hole all Jon could think about was his family. He was hoping that his brothers were doing alright back home and working hard to earn enough money. The worst thing on Jons mind was his mother. Before Jon left his mother was getting weaker and weaker and Jons sister Ava, had to take over more of the chores and needed some help doing it.

9 After all the waiting and thinking it is clear for Jon to come out of the hole. Jon is having some trouble using his left arm that had all the pain. He carefully climbs out of the hole without the use of his left arm. Jon asked his officer Paul what he should do. Paul took him immediately to the doctors at the medic tent back at camp. The doctors couldnt help Jon very much because their were more severely injured soldiers to take care of. Jon laid in a bed forever.

10 Jon was not drafted by the United States Army for war because of his disability as a result of having polio as a child. Polio is a disease that could give you a little head ache or flu symptoms, or get as bad that it stiffens your muscles and could paralyze you. When Jon had polio his head aches were growing more intense. His polio gave him a limp leg. The United States Army did not feel that Jon would make a good soldier because he could not move around and attack during war. He could barely get around the farm but still it was something that had to be done.

11 Jon and his two brothers continued day after day to work on the farm. Their goal was to bring in money for their family and put smiles on their faces. The men planted many crops and used horses to plow. Every day it was getting harder and harder for Jon to move around and mend the farm with his leg getting worse. Luckily, Jon was still able to walk so he just kept on going.

12 One night at a barn dance, Jon meets a girl named Mary. Jon plays the banjo in a band with a couple of his buddies and Mary was there dancing. Jon knew he loved Mary when he first saw her. Knowing that his mother was getting weaker and his sister Ava needed help with chores, Jon was excited that he had meant Mary. He just knew Mary was the girl for his life- style and little did he know Mary felt the same way. After talking to Mary for awhile she agreed to come over and help out three times a week. Jon was excited to have the chance to spend more time with Mary. Weeks went by and Mary and Jon were getting close so Jon asked her to marry him. Mary said yes, they were married and she moved in permanently.

13 With all the extra help from Mary it wasnt as obvious that Jons mother, Beth, was getting sicker. Beth was to the point where she couldnt get out of her bed. A doctor had come and checked her out but she needed medication to help her. The medicine was the only key to Beths survival. With the war in place and money being so tight the family couldnt pay for the medication. After days of laying in bed Beth had died in her sleep at night.

14 Do Jon and Mary start a family? Do Jon and Mary wait to start a family? or

15 With Mary being the lady of the house and with twins on the way, she was excited to start making baby quilts, knitting baby booties and sewing baby clothes. Although it is harvest time, Ava take pleasure in helping Mary with these enjoyable tasks and Jon and his brothers are working hard on building the baby cribs and chest of drawers.

16 The twins were born at the farmhouse on November 15, 1917! Diphtheria an upper respiratory disease was wide spread at the time of the twins birth. Mary feared the babies would contract the disease, so she seldom left the farmhouse. Jon was not able to spend much time with Mary and the twins because his youngest brother was drafted by the United States Army and was no longer available to help on the farm.

17 Times were still tough because the war was not over yet. With the need to have more reliable transportation, Jon and Mary decided that they needed to purchase a used car from Jons uncle. Jon and Mary are excited to raise their children and are hoping the war will soon end so they can raise them in a safe environment. 1912 Liberty-Brush

18 Mary is heart broken over Beths death. Jon would like to start a family but Mary feels it would be too hard without the help of Beth. Beth was Marys role model and feels she wouldnt know how to correctly care of a baby without Beths help. Mary also feels it would not be fair to Ava because she would be taking on most of the chores because Mary would be to busy too with the children.

19 Mary decides to take a job at the one room school house near where they live. With Mary taking this job, Jon now agrees a baby would just be too much. Even though Mary is gone leaving Ava alone with the chores, there are not as many chores because Mary is earning a little extra money. Jon and Mary hope that the war will end and things will get easier. If that happens it will then be the right time for them to start a family. One room school house

20 Jon survives! Jon dies. or

21 The doctors finally got to Jon and checked out his left arm. Jon just had a pinched nerve in his arm that had been bothering him. They gave him a pain medication and told him that it would have to work itself out by using his arm more. So Jon returns back to work.

22 Germanys strategy to knock out their appointees. When Jon got back with the U.S. troops, this plan was in place. The Germans were going after the French to knock them out. First they were going through Belgium to get to France. The Germans knocked out both the France and Belgium. They were at the Western Front for 6 weeks. Germany then turned around and demolished the Russians on the Eastern Front. The plan was just what they wanted and a big success. As allies with France and Belgium, the United States troops feared they would be the next army attacked.

23 Jon returns to the front with his arm still hurting a bit. The Schileffen Plan was a success for the Germans. There was growing fear within the French, Belgium, Russian and United States troops that Germany had more up their sleeve. Jon only had a couple more days on the front before he had to go to another training. Before he was able to leave there was another attack. It was a poisonous gas attack and Jon was more prepared this time. He put on his gas mask and was able to hide in a dugout during the bombing. Jon survived the attack and went on to his next mission.

24 Jon was then assigned to a training to teach him how to properly use all the different weapons. The German army was using more and more violent and feared weapons, so the United States soldiers needed to be more thoroughly trained to combat the German attacks.

25 After being trained to use all the weapons Jon went back to fight. He was excited to try out his new skills. He was also excited knowing the war was soon coming to an end and he would be able to return home to his family. Jon continued to fight his best even though some of the side effects of his childhood polio were getting worse. Jons leg went limp before his leave was up and was able to go home early.

26 After being in the hospital for so long the doctors finally went and checked on Jon. For the longest time the doctors couldnt figure out what was wrong with Jon and they didnt have much time to spend with all the officers being hurt. One of the doctors determined that Jon had gangrene in his left arm.

27 Gangrene - is the death of soft tissue due to blocked circulation, usually followed by decomposition. Jons gangrene was decaying his arm away. His arm was discolored and had a foul discharge coming out. The gangrene made Jon lose feeling in his arm to where he couldnt use it anymore. The doctors could not treat him anymore which means Jon died because the gangrene took over his body. Hours later Jon was pronounced dead. Gangrene in the left arm


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