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Welcome to the Introduction of SPICE Flex

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1 Welcome to the Introduction of SPICE Flex

2 SPICE Flex advantages Flexible Modular
Customer demand is in Focus Modular Controls grow with the Project requirement Customer specific processes are programmible All requirements are considered Is from a basic function to the smallest production automation applicable wide range of accessories

3 SPICE Flex The controls are certified according to
EG machine regulations 2006/42/EG reference to design will be observed The EMV regulations 2004/108/EG are achieved The controls have wide interests of redundant inquirys and the redundant valve switching has maximum safety

4 SPICE Flex front view

5 SPICE Flex back view

6 ETHERNET (remote maintenance)
SPICE Flex upgrading BASIC PRO SAFETY MS ADVANCED ETHERNET (remote maintenance) Div. Gateways

7 SPICE Flex basic objectives
The setting mode allows all functions to be manual controlled All connections except for the outer supply line and ground fault can be disconnected The power supply is safe of vibration and includes Power-Boost Technology Touchpanel is graphic with Web function Problem finding in less than 15 min.

8 SPICE Flex BASIC Accustomed press function
Request for extern activation. Terms have to be made so the Press can be activated Optical and acoustical display of disturbance Disturbance information about operation status or not accomplished tasks will be shown in clear text. Programmible item counter with adjustable properties when specified value is achieved

9 SPICE Flex BASIC Programmable holding time in steps shown in seconds
Air pressure and valve positioner is controlled for maximal safety by variations in air pressure Digital air pressure display with main valve Redundant safety valve block Remote maintenance is available with option package Plug-in socket on the back of control box

10 SPICE Flex PRO Installation of a sliding table is possible
Foot control by safe tooling possible Installation of a round table is in preparation (planned)

11 SPICE Flex MS Interaction with the Gechter measuring system MS00
Power turn-off Function is selectable (option) NIO (Not OK) properties are adjustable Optional package for two speed rates can be installed with on-off function

12 SPICE Flex SAFETY One hand control and automated process (only by installed external protection equipment) Protection housing with light grid or protection door can be installed Protection cover according to MTM guidelines can be installed Option for actuator (buzzer / foot switch / Captron)

13 SPICE Flex ADVANCED Customer Interface with 8E and 4A
Smaller Automation tasks like defect parts grabber or belt feed can be installed according to Customer specifications A Sensor-/ Actor box can be ordered for the Signal interchange

14 SPICE Flex Information
Emergency stop activated Initial position not reached Air pressure error No operation mode selected Error valve position OT (out of tolerance) and UT (under tolerance) Error Alarm power barrier is reached

15 SPICE Flex Initial Operation
Connect air pressure supply Turn on controls with main switch Change into set-up mode Adapt configuration set-up Exit set-up mode Turn on controls Press goes into initial position and is ready for operation

16 Customer advantages Can be additionally upgraded
Specific Customer variations are possible The control types can be created and shaped to fit for customer control variations Multivarious combination possibilities and substantial accessories mark the SPICE Flex control Maximal performance + maximal safety = maximal Customer satisfaction

17 Thank you for your attention
END Thank you for your attention

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