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- Product Description - Pictures - Details - Production Process - Contact Dynasec.

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1 - Product Description - Pictures - Details - Production Process - Contact Dynasec

2 Product Description The Dynasec 4000 Membrane slicking and setting-out machine is an innovativ system based on the well known Dynavac principle that is working in the leahter industry since 1981. Dynasec is an additional working process in between of the conventional setting-out / wet-staking and the drying ( vacuum-drying / toggle-drying ). The benefit from Dynasec is the leathers final yield gain of 3 - 6 % compared to every other combination of todays tannery machines. After setting-out the humid leather is put by one or two workers onto a teflon coated, heated table similar to a vacuum-dryer. A lid with an elastic natural rubber membrane comes down and fixes the leather between the teflon and the rubber with a vacuum. Now the rubber membrane is stretched in all directions by hydraulic cylinders connected around the membranes edges. Due to the specific physical behaviour of natural (coutchuc only) rubber the stretching power is transferred up to 98% into the center parts of the table. As the membrane-fixed leather can easily slip over the teflon every point of the leather will be stretched in ally directions.

3 In this perfectly stretched out position the leather starts heating up & drying depending on the vacuum and the temperature. After a short while ( related to the productivity requirements of the following dryer ) the leather has lost a part of its humidity under compression and heat. This creates a certain fixation of the achieved yield gain. On the following dryer this yield is fixed by final drying. As every other setting-out-, slicking- or staking system is working in only one direction at one time the Dynasec principle gains yield in the center parts as well as in head-tail direction. Very often the quality will be improved by reduced neck wrinkles, less creases around the edges, a smoother grain and a more uniform stretch of the cutting parts. As the leather is already heated up and has lost a big part of its humidity when it comes to the conventional dryer, the effeciancy and productivity of the following drying process will be very much increased.

4 For example: A vacuum-dryer will dry either much faster or will dry with much less temperature in the same time. A toggle-dryer will have the same drying effect as before with less heat. Trials with automotive leather showed that the yield of vacuum dryed hides came close to the yield of hides which were wet-toggled all the years before. Dynasec had eliminated the vacuum losses up to 80%. It is sure that the installation of an additional process is against the trend of todays rationalised production. The economical sense is caused in the improved yield gain and rendement which means much more profit beginning with +2% only compared to the little expenses for labour, maintance and administration. Dynasec will give the tanner at least +3 - ? % ! No matter which machinery system he is using today. (These percentages are of course the final measurments after finishing, milling and dry-toggling.)

5 A lbert Maschinenhandel Pfälzer Weg 37a, 45481 Mülheim, Germany Tel.: +49 208 / 492433, Mobile: +49 171 / 2120304 Fax: +49 208 / 492888 E-mail: Contact:

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