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GCSE Manufacturing Double award (vocational) Pewter Project.

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1 GCSE Manufacturing Double award (vocational) Pewter Project

2 Year 10 GCSE Manufacturing Door Plaque Project Background Every company or organisation has a corporate identity. This means that they have some sort of a logo which reflects the nature of their business, i.e. what they do. All Saints school has a logo, but separate departments do not. The D&T department at All Saints still has a rather old- fashioned image for the modern curriculum that it teaches. Task The D&T department needs a new image which reflects what it does. Your task is to design a logo which includes the name of the department. This should be suitable for manufacture as a badge or door plaque made from acrylic sheet and pewter. You will be required to present a prototype door plaque to the department at the end of the project, manufactured using CAD/CAM available in the department. What you need to do next: Design Brief Write a short paragraph explaining the design brief and what the final product may be used for. Research Write down a list of things you need to find out about before you can start sketching ideas, e.g. I need to find out how to get the machine to cut out my design in order to make a prototype. Specification Write a list of five things the product must do, or be like in order to be successful, e.g. The plaque should look effective in only two colours.

3 Pewter Project Basic design drawn on 2D Design Also easy to do on Pro-Desktop

4 Pewter Project Profile for MDF mould, cut to 1.5mm depth on CNC milling machine

5 Pewter Project Tool path for acrylic abstract pieces

6 Year 10 GCSE Manufacturing Pewter Project January 2003 Assignment Your brief is to provide a written report OR Powerpoint presentation on Manufacturing with Pewter which should include all of the following: A description of what pewter is, what it contains and what its properties are. A detailed account of your visit to Wentworths, including: Products made (with pictures and details of range and number sold) Where they get their pewter from, and what affects the price. What processes are used at Wentworths. A flow chart showing how a pewter tankard or hip flask is produced. How modern technology is used at Wentworths and how it may be used in the future. What differences new technology will make to the company. How are the products marketed and sold? What type of market are the products aimed at? How they ensure that the products are of good quality and why they need to do this. The assignment is to be handed in on 7th Feb 2003.

7 Resource sites for pewter casting Some good info on mould making, casting and safety. Examples of cast buckles and fasteners Custom-made metal-cast buckles Foundry metal-casting techniques CAD and CAM for education. Glossary of pewter-casting terms The use of CAD and CAM with pewter-casting techniques. examples of cast metal badges with logos

8 Wentworths visit- September 2003 Pewter blanks ready for manufacturing Large press for making dishes Press formed pewter trays

9 Metal dish pressing Engraving machines CAD/CAM

10 Rotational casting mould Pewter casting crucible

11 David and Ben displaying moulds

12 Spinning tankards to decorate Soldering

13 Polishing finished hip flasks

14 Recycling ovens Scrap pewter –where does it all go?

15 Quality Assurance

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