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…striving for precision!

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1 …striving for precision!

2 Agenda 1. Company Profile 2. Services 3. Machines 4. Investments 5. Quality Control 6. Contacts

3 1. Company Profile Bulgarian, privately held, family company
Specialized in the precision mechanical machining Complex parts and components Assembly of mechanical groups Mechanical CNC machined products at outstanding quality Supplying variety of industries Main production facility located in Central Bulgaria 200 km. from Sofia 200 km. from Bourgas located in a town, traditionally well known in the machining industry

4 Continuous Improvement
1. Company Profile Responsiveness Competence Continuous Improvement Competitiveness

5 2. Services Precise and fine CNC mechanical turning of complex parts and components 2 and 3 axis turning processes on Mazak turning centers Exclusive 5 axis multi tasking combined machining on Mazak Integrex Up to 3 Axis CNC milling operations on a brand new vertical center Heat and surface treatment in cooperation with qualified suppliers Complete mechanical machining solution from one hand

6 Complex 5-Axis CNC Machining
2. Services Complex 5-Axis CNC Machining

7 Fine CNC Turning and Milling
2. Services Fine CNC Turning and Milling

8 Fine CNC Turning and Surface Treatment
2. Services Fine CNC Turning and Surface Treatment

9 2. Services CNC Milling

10 3. Machines Partner for technological leadership is Mazak
Fully equipped with high end Mazak turning and milling centers 1 x 2-axis precise turning center Mazak Smart 200 1 x 3-axis turning center Mazak QTN 100 MSY 1 x 5-axis multi tasking machine Mazak Integrex 100 IV 1 x 3-axis brand new vertical center Mazak Smart 430A Our

11 3. Machines Mazak VCN 430A

12 3. Machines Mazak Smart 200

13 3. Machines Mazak Integrex 100 IV

14 3. Machines Mazak QTN 100 MSY

15 two new turning centers Mazak
4. Investments Investments 2013 two new turning centers Mazak - Mazak QTN 100 (best for precise parts of smaller sizes) - Mazak QTN 200 M (3-axis precision turning center with milling function) one brand new vertical center Mazak - Mazak VCN 510 Smart (expanding our milling strength with a 4-axis milling machine) Not only plans but reality… contracts are signed

16 Production facility 4. Investments Investments 2013
- expanding and modernizing of the production facility - from 400 sq. m. growing to 800 sq. m. machining space - new laboratory, new storage area, reorganization of material and info flows - new air conditioning - according to highest western European standards - energy efficient - planning is in final stage, start of construction June 2013 without interruption of the production Not only plans but … we are developing a western European machining shop

17 5. Quality Control Certified according to ISO 9001 : 2008 by TÜV Nord
100 % inspection of the parts even during the actual manufacturing process Diverse universal measurement gages Brand new Mitutoyo Linear Height Gage LH600 Expected TESA Micro-Hite 3D Continuous quality control Continuous investments in measurement equipment planned

18 6. Contacts Smooth communication is guaranteed
English, German, Russian Personal and direct contact Short communication routes due to flat hierarchy structure Internet: Phone: Fax:

19 What kind of a supplier are you searching for?
a.) an extraordinary one with growth potential b.) a traditional (conventional) one What vision and organizational culture do you expect from your supplier? a.) western European understanding, vision, culture, values and know how b.) the traditional eastern European understanding How many languages should the contact person be able to speak? a.) fluency in 3 foreign languages b.) only the supplier’s native language What price/quality ratio do you expect? a.) competitive prices at outstanding quality b.) low prices, low quality c.) high prices, high quality What do you expect from your supplier to be able to offer you? a.) infrastructure and potential for mutual cooperation in the country b.) only the requested service

20 How have you answered the questions? Have you chosen only the As?
If so, stop searching for a supplier, because… is just your A choice!

21 offers you a serious business partnership

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