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REMCO Production Line 3 REMCO Mission 2 REMCO History1 REMCO R&D Department4.

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1 REMCO Production Line 3 REMCO Mission 2 REMCO History1 REMCO R&D Department4

2 REMCOAMPRO FEE TAT Electrical YAU BON FEE TAT GROUP REMCO Ltd., subsidiary of FEE TAT Group, established in 1995 which is one of the leading Valve Regulated Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery Manufacture & Exporter History

3 FEE TAT INDUSTRIAL PARK REMCO AMPRO TECHNOLOGY FEE TAT Electrical 1 2 3 1 1 2 3 Land Area 500,000 ft 2

4 FEE TAT INDUSTRIAL PARK 4 blocks, production floor total 420,000 ft 2 Completed in mid- 2005 Present occupants: REMCO,AMPRO, FEE TAT Electrical Reserved for new OEM business Floor layout or even building layout can fit particular OEM project needs. Land area total 50,000 ft2 Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 6-storey central office building Floor area total 60,000 ft2

5 Mission 1 Be a company helping save our world with using Renewable resources & serve people with Energy Manufacturing – REMCO Decoded. 2 Provide quality energy products and business solutions for your customers to help achieve their operating and business goals. 3 Invest continuously in technology and develop an operational structure that allows our customers to meet their quality and cost targets while maintaining a healthy return to shareholders.

6 Lead Mill Oxide Grid Casting Pasting Curing Formation Drying Assembling Charging Final Testing Battery REMCO Processing Line

7 Lead Mill Oxide Machine Lead Mill Oxide Machine MADE In Taiwan Full-automatic Controller Center Full-automatic Powder Mixer MADE In Taiwan

8 Grid Casting SungWoon Grid Casting Machine Made In Korea Lead-Calcium Alloy Grid Plates

9 Pasting Semi-automatic Pasting Machine Made In Taiwan

10 Curing SHX-GIIIA Curing Room Full-automatic

11 Formation

12 Drying Drying Machine

13 Assembling Line Semi- automated Cast On Strap Line Made In Taiwan

14 Assembling Line Cell InsertionInter-cell Welding Cover Sealing Terminal Soldering Polarity Sealing Programmed Acid Filling

15 Charging Bitrode Corporation - Battery Charging System Made In USA

16 Final Testing Four Functions Tester Made In Taiwan

17 R&D Department Bitrode Battery Test System Made In USA Li Shang Test System Made In Taiwan

18 R&D Department ELK-Battery Life Tester Made In USA HIOKI -BATTERY HiTESTER 3554 Made In Japan Argus-Digital Battery Analyzer AA500P Made In USA

19 Laboratory

20 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry SHIMADZU – AA-6300 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry Made In Japan

21 Moisture Determination KETT – FD-610 Infra-red Moisture Determination Balance Made In Japan

22 Visible-infrared Spectrometer Spectrum – 722 Visible-infrared Spectrometer Made In China


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