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Machining Technology CNC Machining Mechanical Engineering Drafting & Design Manufacturing Technology.

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1 Machining Technology CNC Machining Mechanical Engineering Drafting & Design Manufacturing Technology

2 Meeting The Needs For Today's Technology Training for Machinists, Designers and Engineers Computers Basic Literacy Excel Software usage Cad/Cam Software usage Flow Charts Intuitive CNC programming High Speed machining Rapid prototyping Reverse Engineering Multi Axis Machining Mill/Turning multitasking machines

3 Isothermal High Speed Machining & Engineering Technology Center Isothermal has one of the largest inventory of modern CNC machines and tooling In North Carolina 3 Haas TM-1 1 Haas VF-2 4 axis 3 Haas TL-1 1 Haas TM-1P 1 Haas SL-10 1 3 axis CNC EDM 1 Haas SL-20 with live Tooling 1 3-axis CNC surface grinder

4 Machinist Instructor Scott Bradey 20+ years machining experience! NASCAR- machinist, cylinder-head specialist Aerospace industry- A machinist As a machinist instructor I believe that students must be trained on the latest machines using the latest tooling and machining techniques! Today we are competing in a global market, machinist must be prepared for these changes! Machinist Instructor Scott Bradey

5 Our Tool Room CNC/Manual Lathes

6 Today students must be prepared for the ever changing machining environment. Special high speed tooling is constantly being introduced in manufacturing we strive to meet these changes !

7 Haas SL-10 and SL-20 Our New Haas SL-10 and SL-20 with live tooling

8 New CNC/manual Tool Room Mills (3) CNC Haas Tool-room mills

9 Real World Projects Shown here : Precision.308 bench rest rifle

10 3 axis CNC Surface Grinder Our New 3 axis CNC Surface Grinder

11 Engineering Instructor Lee Roach I have 8+ years experience in manufacturing and 5 years teaching. Im enjoying my first year at Isothermal. I believe in helping students educate themselves to compete in our global economy. It is my hope and desire that students graduate from Isothermal with renewed focus and energy to meet their future head-on.


13 Students learn to use many types of design systems in Manufacturing Engineering Programs Students machine many different materials and from raw stock to casting

14 Quality Control GD&T Students are trained on inspection techniques using the latest gauging and equipment. Students use manual gages to do part inspection and then verify there work using a CMM. GD&T tolerances are incorporated in prints so students are practicing these concepts daily.

15 Training students for Manufacturing We dont just teach the basics! We prepare students to become good employees by: Implementing 5S training Developing good work habits Developing Team work practices Stressing importance of attendance and quality of work!

16 Drafting Instructor Amber Thompson I have been the Mechanical Drafting Technology program instructor at Isothermal for 3 years. I have been in design and drafting for 8 years. At ICC we predominantly teach engineering drafting concepts. I believe that students should have a vast background in both 2D and 3D CAD programs, making them highly marketable for the future demands of manufacturing.

17 Drafting and Design Software Isothermal students are trained and have access to the most current software.

18 Design and Rapid Prototyping

19 Dimension 3D Printer This rapid prototyping machine prints with ABS plastic. Depending on the application. rapid prototypes could be used as parts.

20 3D Campus Map Fall Semester Design Project Students are measuring all buildings, parking, and major landmarks on campus. They are constructing parametric solid models and printing the models for a real time 3D campus map.


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