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The 3GPP2 Vision Presented by Eileen McGrath (NEC) on behalf of the 3GPP2 Vision AdHoc Slide 1.

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1 The 3GPP2 Vision Presented by Eileen McGrath (NEC) on behalf of the 3GPP2 Vision AdHoc ( Slide 1

2 Contents Market Trends & Directions CDMA2000 Evolution Incremental and Effective Upgrades Key Areas of Improved Performance Air Interface Capacity Improvements Details of Capacity Improvement HRPD-Enhanced Features System Enhancements Optimizing Delivery of Advanced Services Evolution for Femto Cell Integration BCMCS Improvements Priority Service Enhancements Machine-to-Machine Strategies Services and Applications Roadmap 3GPP2 and India: Partners for Innovation Slide 2

3 Voice capacity improvements Data transmission efficiency Network capacity, robustness and resilience Femto cell systems Efficient network management and self-organization (SON) Market Trends & Directions Slide 3 Demand for Voice and Data Capacity is Increasing

4 CDMA2000 Evolution Slide 4 Excellent Mobile Broadband Today Voice and Full Range of IP Services Enhanced User Experience Improved voice and data capacity cdma2000 1x 1x-Enhanced Highest voice capacity per MHz of spectrum among any known systems HRPD-Enhanced Most spectrally efficient wireless mobile packet data system Rev. A Rel. 0 HRPD Rev. B HRPD 20092011+ Providing a 4G-Like Experience with cdma2000

5 Incremental and Effective Upgrades Slide 5 Backward compatible evolution that leverages existing architectures and deployments cdma2000 1x with EVRC-B and device IC 1x-Enhanced Rev. ARel. 0Rev. BPhase 1 Broadband Downloads Broadband Uploads Multi-carrier BTS Interference cancellation HRPDHRPD Rev. B Smart Networks, Topology Enhancements 1.5 x voice capacity 3-fold increase in voice capacity HRPD- Enhanced cdma2000

6 Key Areas of Improved Performance Slide 6 Higher Data Rates Higher Voice & Data Capacity Lower Latency & QoS Incremental & Effective Upgrades Enhanced Broadband Experience Backward Compatibility & Lower Operating Complexity 3GPP2 Evolution

7 Interference cancellation on forward and reverse link (FLIC, RLIC) Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request (HARQ) Power control optimization Smart blanking EVRC rate controls Air Interface Capacity Improvements Our goal is to more than triple the system capacity relative to the currently deployed cdma2000 1x systems Slide 7

8 Details of Capacity Improvement Slide 8 Achievable Today 1x-Enhanced New handset & channel card 1x Today EVRC Single RX EVRC-B Device IC New handset Network upgrades 3.7n Voice users n Voice users 1.5n Voice users Without Mobile Rx Diversity With Mobile Rx Diversity 3n Voice users Radio Link Enhancements Efficient power control Early termination Smart blanking Interference Cancellation BTS Interference Cancellation Advanced Device IC

9 HRPD-Enhanced Features Slide 9 Resources adapted to demand, self-configuration Smart Networks Adaptive equalizer for bursty traffic and interference Advanced Receivers RL beam-forming, higher-order receive diversity Multi-Antenna Techniques Unified operation of Macro, Pico Relays and Femtos MIMO and Heterogeneous

10 System Enhancements Multi-mode system selection Roaming and network support for multi-mode terminals Network and subscription policy issues Security aspects Inter-Technology Interworking CDMA - LTE CDMA - WiMAX Slide 10 Integrated User Experience Across Networks

11 Optimizing Delivery of Advanced Services Advanced Network and Services Management (SON) Cognitive Networks Device Assisted Service Offerings (Cooperative Communications) Femto Cell Support Location Based Services Enhancements Machine-to-Machine Communication Applications Mobile Broadcasting Services Packet Data Enhancements Priority Service Enhancements Video Telephony and IPTV Services Voice Enhancements Slide 11

12 Mobility enhancements: seamless handoffs of femto-femto, macro-femto Enhanced/flat femto network architecture Backhaul capacity enhancement Femto access control Evolution for Femto Cell Integration Slide 12 Seamless Integration of Femto with Macro/Micro/Pico cells Ubiquitous Mobile Broadband Coverage

13 BCMCS Improvements Slide 13 EV-DO Gold Multicast BCMCSE–BCMCS Next Release BCMCS 409.6Kbps capacity per 1.25 MHz sector Commercially available Improved capacity 1.5Mbps per sector OFDM modulation Backward compatible (no RF changes) Advanced Forward Error Correction Codes (FEC) Use-based accounting Multicast to Unicast HO/Conversion

14 Flow-based QoS vs. Grade of Service (GoS) differentiation Applications for public safety (emergency assistance), as well as commercial (class of user differentiation) Strong security measures needed to preclude abuse/fraud Priority Service Enhancements Slide 14 MM Conferencing MM Streaming Web Browsing, Email Executive User Class Premium User Class Standard User Class Delay Sensitive Flows Some Delay Tolerance Due to Buffering More Delay Tolerance High Priority Ranks Medium Priority Ranks Low Priority Ranks

15 Address Management Charging and Accounting Management Data Management (e.g. collating from multiple data sources) Device Complexity Reduction Extended Battery and Low Power Operation Extended Range Operation Network Management (e.g. activity detection) New M2M Device Class Scalability Security Management Subscription Management (large number of unattended terminals) Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication Slide 15

16 Services and Applications Roadmap Slide 16 Note: This roadmap represents standardization targets. Voice Enhancements-1x Advanced Multimedia Services & Applications Femto Cell Air-Interface Enhancements Self-Organizing Networks Cognitive Networks Machine-to-Machine Applications Device Assisted Service Offerings Peer-to-Peer Applications Jan 2008Jan 2009Jan 2010Jan 2011Jan 2012Jan 2013Jan 2014

17 3GPP2 believes that the 3GPP2 Vision addresses many of the needs of the Indian market Some recommendations from the Indian market currently under consideration in 3GPP2 include Low-power RAN Lower-power BTS strategies Reduced power consumption from BTSs at nighttime 3GPP2 and India: Partners for Innovation Direct participation by the Indian wireless industry will shape 3GPP2 direction to serve the needs of the Indian community

18 Thank You! For more information, please visit Slide 18 LINKS About 3GPP2 Partners Members Committees Specifications Procedures News/Events Contact us How to join Related Links SC.R5003-0 v1.0 3GPP2 Vision for 2009 and Beyond

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