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SQL Maestro full 2-machine installation guide

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1 SQL Maestro full 2-machine installation guide
IQ Associates

2 Introduction This presentation tells you how to do a full “2- machine” install of the trial version of SQL Maestro, where all of the components are either on a Netezza machine or the Windows client machine. Updates, which are much less complicated than the full install, are available from time to time. Production installations will probably want to have a “3-machine” install, where some components are installed on a Linux machine. If you need to do a 3- machine install, please contact © IQ Associates, Inc

3 Prerequisites A client machine running Windows 7, with administrator rights. A Netezza machine or NZ simulator, and ability to log in as user nz and admin. Hackertude! We assume some facility with installing Windows apps and running scripts in Windows, Linux, and SQL command-line environments. If any of that frightens you then, well, prepare to be frightened. © IQ Associates, Inc

4 Initial Steps Download and unzip the full SQL Maestro installer on the Windows machine. (We’ll assume that you download it to your Downloads folder.) Download the files “Registering functions for sqlmaestro” and “all_udx.tar.gz”. all_udx.tar.gz should be placed in a convenient directory on the Netezza machine, such as /tmp. Uninstall SQL Maestro if it is already installed. Uninstall PostgreSQL and associated data directories if necessary.* * This guide assumes that either none of the SQL Maestro components are currently installed, or if they are installed, that they can be removed and replaced. © IQ Associates, Inc

5 Things to know Some antivirus programs try to prevent the installation of SQL Maestro. If so, disconnect the Windows machine from the network and suspend the antivirus program until the Windows part of the SQL Maestro installation is complete. If you don’t have .NET Framework 4.5 or later installed, the install program will quit and tell you to install it. Install steps that are waiting for input may not have focus. A shield logo in the task bar indicates a step waiting for you to do something. © IQ Associates, Inc

6 Things to know The install has two main parts – a normal windows installer with a name like C:\Users\david\Downloads\maestro_designer_full\setup.exe and a .bat file with a name like C:\Users\david\Downloads\maestro_designer_full\install.bat which in turn calls other installers for tools, databases, and so on. © IQ Associates, Inc

7 Run setup.exe Run setup.exe as administrator.
Follow the directions in the install wizard. © IQ Associates, Inc

8 Wait for the green line to crawl across the screen, then click “Finish
© IQ Associates, Inc

9 Run install64.bat Run install64.bat as administrator.
© IQ Associates, Inc

10 You’ll see a cmd window like this one.
© IQ Associates, Inc

11 A “typical” install for Netezza Administration Tools is fine.
install64.bat will check for the existence of tools and applications that SQL Maestro needs, and call their install programs if necessary. A “typical” install for Netezza Administration Tools is fine. © IQ Associates, Inc

12 Next, the script will check for the Netezza ODBC driver, and install it if necessary.
© IQ Associates, Inc

13 There is one non-obvious question in the Netezza ODBC driver install: the bit size. The answer is that you want both. © IQ Associates, Inc

14 Next, the. bat script installs ODBC drivers for plsql
Next, the .bat script installs ODBC drivers for plsql. Accept all the default choices. The script then pauses to warn you that if you have data in a PostgreSQL 9.2 data directory, it will be deleted, and also asks you to uninstall previous PostgreSQL versions. You need to press a key in the cmd window to continue. © IQ Associates, Inc

15 The script then installs PostgreSQL 9. 2
The script then installs PostgreSQL You’ll need to supply a password; for the rest, the obvious or default choices are OK. You can cancel out of the Stack Builder install, and you can cancel out of the SQL Server Native Client setup unless you know you will be using it. SQL Server is not used in the first two tutorials. © IQ Associates, Inc

16 That completes the client install.
After installing PostgreSQL 9.2 the installer will create a user named abc_developer, with password ‘welcome123’, and a database called iqa_abc. You can change the password using PostgreSQL tools. That completes the client install. There are a couple of things that need to be set up on the Netezza Machine if nobody has done them yet. © IQ Associates, Inc

17 Netezza machine setup At the nzsql prompt, as user admin, create the user MAESTRO. Create a database named SQLMAESTRO, owned by MAESTRO. The commands below may be helpful: (as admin) create database sqlmaestro; create user maestro with password 'welcome123'; alter database sqlmaestro owner to maestro; © IQ Associates, Inc

18 Netezza machine setup Follow the directions in “Registering functions for sqlmaestro.docx” That’s it! You can now proceed to the SQL Maestro Hello World Program tutorial. © IQ Associates, Inc

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