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What is intelligence? What do you think makes a person intelligent? Some ideas: being able to do lots of math in your head being able to memorize lots.

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2 What is intelligence? What do you think makes a person intelligent? Some ideas: being able to do lots of math in your head being able to memorize lots of names and dates grandiloquence (a fancy word for using fancy words) having a photographic memory knowing how to say words in different languages knowing everything in the encyclopedia Can you think of any others?

3 Intelligence is complicated These things make you smart, but not necessarily intelligent Intelligence is more than just book smarts A computer can solve massive equations in less than a second but it still isnt intelligent like you are Humans have many different types of intelligence; computers only really have one.

4 Gardeners Theory of Multiple Intelligences Bodily-kinesthetic Interpersonal Verbal-linguistic Logical-mathematical Naturalistic (*) Intrapersonal Spatial Musical

5 Computers and Intelligence How well do you think a computer would do in your math class? What about your English class? How did you learn to be good at these things? Practice, practice, practice…

6 Can a computer think? The question of whether Machines Can Think... is about as relevant as the question of whether Submarines Can Swim. Edsger W. Dijkstra Is thinking the same thing as learning? Lets find out…

7 More on thinking "Can machines fly?" This is true, since airplanes fly. "Can machines swim?" This is false, because submarines don't swim. "Can machines think?" Is this question like the first, or like the second? Drew McDermott: "Saying Deep Blue doesn't really think about chess is like saying an airplane doesn't really fly because it doesn't flap its wings. John Searle: A thinking machine can only be a simulation

8 How do we know if something is intelligent? We know how to judge intelligence in humans, so how can we test for intelligence in machines? We compare them to humans! Alan Turing thought up a test to see if a machine is as intelligent as a human. It goes like this:

9 The Turing Test

10 Turing Test Put a person at a computer. Hook this computer up to 2 other computers in a chat program: One has a person on the other end, the other has a computer If the 1st person cant tell which is the machine and which is human, its true Artificial Intelligence

11 However… Not one single computer has ever passed the Turing test! Heres an example of one trying, and failing miserably…

12 So much for intelligence… A chat with Cleverbot Hi, how are you? Im fine. What are you going to do with your day? What are you going to do with yours? I'm learning about artificial intelligence. I have none. You have no intelligence? You have no chocolate. I didnt say anything about chocolate. Did you know the ocean is orange? Im pretty sure its blue. What is me?

13 More unintelligent robots Siri? Autocorrect?

14 What next? So weve established that so far, no computer has ever managed to pass as a human Why do you think this is? What do you think its learning algorithms look like?

15 Uncanny Valley Do we need or want robots that are human-like?

16 Social Robots Kismet, Leo, and social robots: of_personal_robots.html of_personal_robots.html

17 Discussion The moving camera robot seems to be like having a hologram, but physical. What do you think of this over taking a plane to go visit family overseas? Is it creepy or cool to have a robo-friend? Do you think these will replace real friends?

18 Strong vs. weak AI Strong AI means intelligence in the way we humans think of it: being able to act and think like us Weak AI, also applied or narrow AI, is made to respond to specific situations intelligently, though not necessarily with human intelligence

19 Is strong AI possible? Computers fail the Turing Test because it tests for general intelligent action or strong AI Strong AI encompasses everything a human can do, which is a lot. Some robots, however, can be programmed to learn, so even if they cant do something now, they can write their own programs for themselves. Some philosophers dont even think strong AI is possible.


21 Synthetic Intelligence Another term for AI that emphasizes the idea that computer intelligence doesnt need to imitate human intelligence Weve come up with many weak AI and calculating programs that are much more efficient than humans Calculators Such as programs you learned to write in Python for converting temperatures and the Pythagorean theorem.

22 Applications of AI Speech recognition Handwriting recognition Natural language translation (harder than it seems; thats why you should never use to do your Spanish homework) Video game virtual opponents Diagnostics (WebMD, anyone?)

23 Philosophy of AI Youve all seen sci-fi movies with evil robots or machines that can think Is it even possible to program something to think for itself?

24 The Future of AI We may only have weak AI now, but people are still doing research to make strong AI in the future Perfecting learning algorithms Theres research in using neural networks to build better AI Predictive modeling, adaptive control (like neurons in the brain)

25 What are people doing right now? Robots that fly, cooperate, and map rooms: ly_and_cooperate.html ly_and_cooperate.html Vijay Kumar and his team build flying, small, agile robots that swarm, sense each other, and form specialized teams -- for construction, surveying disasters and far more.

26 Games! Intelligent Piece of Paper Game 20 Questions Akinator (20 Questions for people/characters)

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