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Adrian Girling and Howard Gill. The mobile market Source: Digitimes Research & KPCB, March 2013.

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1 Adrian Girling and Howard Gill

2 The mobile market Source: Digitimes Research & KPCB, March 2013

3 The mobile market Source: Gartner, 2012 Q2 update

4 The platform war Source: Digitimes Research, March 2013

5 So, what do we now know…. Smartphones and Tablets are dominant – 78% of personal computing devices – More mobile devices in use than toothbrushes! Android and Apple IOS are most popular – Geography and industry variations – Microsoft growing quickly Google, Microsoft and Apple at war – Trying to encroach on each others markets

6 Mobile Technology in AEC?

7 Mobile apps in construction Provides up to date construction documentation Extends BIM access to the building site On-site access work tasks, schedules, datasheets Increases efficiency of inspection tasks Provides work freedom and flexibility Enhances project communication and collaboration Source: Construtech

8 Our customers experiences Engages the client Reduces print costs Reduces need for on-site drawings The future? – Augmented Reality – 2 way BIM process Source: Construtech

9 Cuil Bay case study John Gilbert Architects – Matt Bridgestock – Started with 3D Print models but moved to BIMx – Regularly emailed the updated models, and asked for feedback – Reassures the client that everyone has the right interpretation of how the building will work. – Enabled the architect to personalise the building by adding in paintings from a friend. Included Kats door and window choices The Client - Kat Jones – Started on iPhone and moved to laptop – Shared 3D model with kids, parents, brothers & sisters – I could visualise being able to live in the house and how I would use the space. I could see how the doors, windows and stairs related to the room and adjacent rooms. – Enabled changes to be made after visualising spaces Widened corridors and accesss etc.

10 KA Design Works - Kenneth Adler – Because the changes can be uploaded via the BIMx Docs application directly to the iPad, the process of getting those changes to the work site has been streamlined and costs associated with printing those changes have been reduced.

11 Custom Timber Log Homes - Chris Sparks – The overlays on the sections and the detail we are able to show make it possible for anyone to understand the project regardless of their knowledge of modelling or drafting.

12 BIMx Docs Demonstration


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