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Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM’s)

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1 Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM’s)
Charlie McLean CEE 398

2 Components The machine itself The measuring probe many types
strong granite base precision engineering The measuring probe electronic touch all shapes and sizes

3 Components (cont) The control or computing system
operator controled computer numerical control PC The measuring software automatic everything CAD 3-D graphics windows

4 Types of CMM’s Articulated arm Bridge portable or tripod mounted
probe can be placed in many different directions Bridge horizontally suspended x-axis carries the bridge

5 Types of CMM’s (cont) Cantilever Gantry
supports probe from movable vertical support Gantry frame structure raised on side supports similar to bridge style

6 Mounting Options Benchtop Freestanding Handheld Portable

7 Common Applications Dimensional measurement Profile measurement
Angularity or orientation Depth mapping Digitizing or imaging Shaft measurement

8 Buying CMM’s Specifications X,Y,Z measurement length Operation
Resolution Workpiece weight Control Operation Mounting Options Probe/Sensor type Application features General applications

9 Buying CMM’s (cont) Companies Cost L.S. Starret Co. Helmel
LK Metrology Systems Mahr Federal Inc. Faro Technologies, Inc. Carl Zeiss, Inc. Cost Wide range depending on CMM

10 References

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