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Schaefer Technologies, Inc

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1 Schaefer Technologies, Inc
Schaefer Technologies, Inc. For all your Capsule Filling, Banding, Tableting, Blister Packing, and Isolation Equipment Requirements

2 STI Model-10 ver 4.2 Capsule Filler with CP-4200 Capsule Polisher
The Model-10 with the HMI Touch Screen Controller is the Work Horse of the capsule filling industry. A semi automatic 2 piece capsule filler Capsule sizes 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and DB capsules. Ideal for over-encapsulation 18,000 to 25,000 capsule per hour. CP-4200 Capsule polisher is the perfect in-line companion to the Model-10 Capsule Filler.

3 IN-CAP® Dott.Bonapace Automatic Bench Top Capsule Filling Machine
The IN-CAP the first fully automatic bench top capsule filling machine. Very popular all over the world among Research and Development laboratories, for clinical trial research and batch production. IN-CAP dosing capabilities are: powder, liquid, pellets, mini-tablets, and over-encapsulation. Output ~3,000 capsule per hour.

4 CPR-6® Dott.Bonapace Single Station Tablet Press
Single punch automatic tablet press. The CPR-6 is one of the smallest bench top tablet press existing. Compression force of 2.5 tons. Output of ~2,500 tablet per hour. Maximum tablet diameter is 16 mm.

5 STI LF-10 ver 1.1 Liquid Capsule Filling Unit
LF-10 two piece hard gelatin or vegetable based capsules. Will fill products with viscosities of 100 to 1,000 cps 8 liter heated hopper with stirrer. Production capacity ranging from 10,000 to 25,000 capsules per hour, depending on capsule size and formulation.

6 STI CB-15 Automatic Capsule Banding Machine
The CB-15 is designed to band the joint portions of the cap and body of filled capsules. Maximum 15,000 capsules per hour. Capsule sizes

7 STI Laboratory Model Capsule Bander
The STI Laboratory Model Capsule Bander is designed to band the joint between the capsule cap and body in order to prevent leakage of liquid products, reduce oxidation of the contents in the capsule Since the machine simulates the production machines, it is possible to make low volume runs for clinical trails, comparative studies, stability studies, etc.

8 MINICAP-100® Dott.Bonapace Capsule Processing Machine
MINICAP-100 orientating and Filling set-up Ideal for research laboratories, pharmacies and quality control departments where small production batches are required. It uses a 100 hole tray. Hourly output: ~2,500 capsules per hour.

9 IN-PACK® Dott.Bonapace Semi-Automatic Blistering Machine
The IN-PACK is the blistering machine, ideal for clinical trials, stability testing, pack development and low volume production for laboratories. The machine does thermoforming, sealing, coding and cutting blisters in PVC/ALU and ALU/ALU.

10 SIMPATY® Dott.Bonapace De-Blistering Machine
The Simpaty is a blister opening machine. This machine is used to recover product from a blister card. The machine helps operators save time, by not having to recover product by hand.

11 STI Wet-in-Place Isolated IN-CAP® Dott.Bonapace Capsule Filling System
Designed for Small Volume Capsule Filling Projects (Powder, Pellets, Bead & Liquid) Perfect for R&D and Clinical Trials The System utilizes re-circulated air and is HEPA filtered to achieve ISO class 5 levels when measured in static conditions Negative or Positive Pressure Breach System Wet In Place (WIP) Spray Wand for Wetting Capsule discharge to Continuous Bagging System Can Be Customized To Your Requirements

12 To schedule a visit or for additional information - call 800-435-7174.

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