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How a Washing Machine Works

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1 How a Washing Machine Works
LapWoon Keung 2005

2 What is a Washing Machine
A washing machine is an machine that washes clothes, linen Was made to help wash clothes easier

3 Steps to Cleaning Clothes
Decide on: Load size (small, medium, large, x-large) Temp How machine should agitate Time

4 Steps to Cleaning Clothes
Fill tub with clothes; Fills with water; Agitator starts to spin; After agitating Drains water Spins clothes Refills; agitates more Drains Spins more.

5 History of the Machine that Washes
Before washing machines people cleaned clothes in the stream Then it’s beat with rocks or they scrubs clothes clean on a washboard.

6 History of the Machine that Washes
First electronic: American - Alva J. Fisher Had Electronic vertical-tube machine with built-in turbo washers or Vertical axle fitted with blade. Alva J. Fisher - “Thor”

7 History of Washing Machine
Replaced steam boiler and the washtub; wooden bins that was filled with soap hot water First mechanical washing machine used heavy blades

8 History of Washing Machine
Principle of tossing clothes inside in a rotating cylinder Used in 1850 in a English laundry. Used in 1840 by the French: Industrial model, double sheathing, 4 compartments, driven by a crank. 1915 Crank to turn agitator

9 Inside of a Washing Machine
Two Steel Tubs Outer = Seals water. Mounted so that inner can move without banging. Inner = Holds clothes and with the agitator in the middle with holes around the side of the tub. Attached to gearbox

10 Inside a Washing Machine
There are 3 pulley One side of frame moves up Other side frame goes down Has Damping System Uses friction to absorb force of the dangling pulleys

11 Inside a Washing Machine
Each four corner has mechanism that: Works like disc brake Attached to spring Squeeze two pads against metal plate Attached to black frame

12 Plumbing Jobs Fills washing machine with correct temperature of water
Re-circulate water from bottom of the wash tub back to the top, during wash cycle

13 Plumbing Hook for two water lines on back Cold Hot
Hooked to the body of the solenoid valve Solenoid valve Feed into a single hose Hot valve, cold valve or both valve will open

14 Plumbing Before hose release water into tub, it is send through anti-siphon device Prevent water from being sucked back into the water line White plastic device has big opening that allows air in Suction would only get air, not water

15 Plumbing Water Inlet Water enters that way
Nozzle to the right: Overflow port Connected to pipes that dump water onto floor Goes to floor instead of the tub and motor

16 Pump Re-circulates water and drains it Has 2 separate pump in one
Bottom half: Hooked to drain line Top half: Re-circulates wash water

17 Pump Vanes of the bottom layer of the pump: Push water around
The pump can reverse direction Spins different way while doing different jobs.

18 Pump Clutch is hooked up to pump
Drain hose loops all the way to the top of machine One end is hooked to bottom of tub Open to atmosphere

19 Drive Mechanism A piece of rubber seals the outer tub to the gearbox
Has 2 jobs Agitate clothes: Moving them back and forth inside tub Spin Tub to force water out Drive Mechanism

20 Inside the Gearbox Pulley Pie-shaped gears has link on it
Washer goes to spin cycle - locks up, everything spins at same speed Gears - angled teeth

21 Control Cycle switch Speed and temp. control switch
Water level control switch plumbing Designed before micro-controllers were being used in appliances

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23 Bibliography “Washing Machine.” The World Book Encyclopedia. 2003ed.
Walerie-Anne Giscard d’Estaing. The Second World Almanac Book of Invention. New York; Pharos Book, 1986. Karim Nice. “How Washing Machine Work.” How Stuff Works How Stuff Works. May 3, 2005 <>

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