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Hopi By : Gabriel C..

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1 Hopi By : Gabriel C.

2 Pronunciation and Meaning
The meaning and pronunciation of Hopi is “Hope-ee” It means “Peaceful Person . “ Hieroglyphics translation-”Peaceful Person.”

3 The Hopi lived . . . In northwestern Arizona

4 How did Hopi children live ?
Many Hopi children hunt or fish with their fathers. They also had toys, dolls, and games.   

5 Men and women’s roles in the tribe . . .
Hopi women take care of the home and family. Hopi men are in charge of politics, agriculture, hunting, and war.

6 What were Hopi homes like ?
Hopi lived in adobe houses. Adobe is made of clay, straw, and stone, which is compacted into bricks.

7 Hopi clothing and jewelry
Men wore kilts. Women wore knee-length cotton dresses called mantas . A manta is fastened at a woman`s right shoulder .

8 Hopi Transportation Most of the time the Hopi walked, until the Spanish brought horses to America.

9 Hopi planted corn, beans, cotton, and tobacco.
Hopi Food Hopi planted corn, beans, cotton, and tobacco. They hunted turkey, deer, and small game. Hopi also gathered nuts, fruits, and herbs.

10 Hopi Weapons and Tools Hunters used bows and arrows, while people at their camp used, spindles, and pump drills.

11 Interesting Facts The Hopi people actually speak Aztec.
Hopi artists are famous, all around the world. Hopi Kachina Image from

12 Sources
Royalty free music from Dance of Flame by soundzabound, Volume 2 Images from Microsoft Clip art

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