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2 In a land far, far away

3 Little girl called Cinderella lives with her father, her stepmather and her two stepsisters.

4 Cindererellas two ugly stepsisters are called Edwina and Gertrude, they are very ugly. They have ugly faces, and they are very lazy.

5 Cinderella is beautiful. Cinderella is tall and thin, she has long,blond hair. She has a very pretty face. She is very kind and friendly person.

6 One day Cinderellas father dies. Now Cinderella is alone.

7 Cinderellas stepmather makes Cinderella work. She is a good girl and works very hard. Cinderella cooks dinner. Cinderella washes dishes. Cinderella cleans the house.

8 One day …Cinderella is in the kitchen. Knock, knock! Its a man with invitations for the princes birthday party. Stepmother takes four invitations, but she does not give it for Cinderella. Cindedrella is very sad.

9 Cinderella makes very pretty dresses for her ugly stepsisters and for her stepmother. The dresses are very pretty.

10 Is Saturday. The prince party is today. Cinderella helps Edwina and Gertrude to get ready for the party. Cinderella help me! Cinderella where are my shoes? Poor Cinderella is very tired. She works very hard.

11 Edwina, Gertrude and their mother go to the party. Cinderella is alone. She cries.

12 - Cinderella, dont cry! Cinderella dont see anyone. -Where are you? Who are you? - I am your fairy godmother.

13 Ciderella, close your eyes, says fairy godmother. WOOSH!!!

14 Go to the party and have fun says fairy godmother.

15 Cinderella goes to the party. The prince wants to dance only with Cinderella

16 Bong, bong, is the big clock, bong. It is nearly midnight. Bong! I have to go. Cinderella runs out of the castle.

17 Who is she? What is her name? I love her, says the prince.

18 Lots of girls try Cinderellas shoe, but it does not fit them.

19 The prince knocks on the door of Cinderellas house. Stepmother opens the door.

20 Edwina and Gertrude try on the little shoe. Edwinas feet are to big. Gertrude feet are too fat, and too smelly.

21 Someone is singing. This is a girl in ugly brown dress. It is you! says the prince. I love you! Whats your name?

22 The prince gives Cinderella the shoe. The shoe is perfect for Cinderella,s little foot. I love you. Cinderella, will you marry me? says the prince. Yes, prince, I will marry you says Cinderella.



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