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Madrid Folk Costumes Chulapos and chulapas. spain.

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1 Madrid Folk Costumes Chulapos and chulapas

2 spain

3 Madrid

4 This is the traditional folk costume of Madrid

5 ChulapoChulapa

6 The Mantón de Manila, or Manila Shawn, is famous around the world.

7 The shawn has a Chinese origin, and was handmade with materials from Filipinas. It is a very eye-catching part of the costume.


9 History: The folk costume of chulapos and chulapas appeared in the XIX century in the musical plays called Zarzuelas.

10 Zarzuelas were very popular in the XIX century.

11 Its name comes from The Zarzuela Palace, where the Royal Family of Spain lives, and where the first plays were performed.



14 San Isidro: Madrid´s patron saint is San Isidro, and its festivity is on the 15th of May.

15 It is the patron saint of the farm workers and it is very popular amongst the people of Madrid

16 Nowadays: The people from Madrid still keep the tradition of dressing up with their folk costumes on the 15th May.

17 People gather in a hill called with the name of the patron saint.

18 Thousands of people meet in the hill and spend the afternoon together

19 People eat traditional food


21 People dance traditional music like zarzuelas and chotis

22 Chotis is the typical dance of Madrid

23 This dance has a Bohemian origin and its name comes from the word Scottish. In the XIX century, it became very popular in all Europe.

24 You can click here to watch a video of a couple dancing chotis.chotis

25 In the XIX century, a musical instrument was very popular in Madrid: the organillo

26 To listen to its music, you do not need to be a musician, just turn the handle and listen.

27 We hope you have enjoyed learing more about Madrid folk costume and traditions!

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