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ZUVL. Afraid *Afraid of evil tidings. Birth *Birth of a baby.

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2 Afraid *Afraid of evil tidings.

3 Birth *Birth of a baby.

4 Care *We have to care about sick people.

5 Deliver *The postman made his delivery to the house on the corner.

6 *However, lucid dreams do tend to occur in periods of higher cortical arousal. Dream

7 Dress *Ladies can wear long dresses or smart trousers with top.

8 Ear *The ' sermons ' would fall on deaf ears.

9 Factory *I work in the coal mine while my friend works in the steel factory on the assembly line

10 Football *There are some youths outside playing football in a 'no ball zone '.

11 Instruction *Remember to follow the instructions on the packet for best results.

12 *People need to go the market to buy food. Market

13 Murder Murder mystery breaks from ramada jarvis

14 Park Park on the outskirts of the village and to walk in.

15 Quick Your right hand is pretty quick acting stuff there?

16 Quiet Much to my surprise, we were in for a fairly quiet night

17 Rain A dip in a river or a walk in the pouring rain will do wonders for a gordon coat

18 Select Select the option ' delete '

19 Spring Springs the trap that you have all worked so hard for over the last four years

20 Store Store test data for each page

21 Tape Smooth down the masking tape to ensure good contact.

22 Temperature.In places where ambient temperature is high, the waiting time could be shortened.

23 Transfer Transfer pricing and finance leasing will add to business costs.

24 Vote Russia has the casting vote on the entire kyoto protocol.

25 Walking Walking distance of lagos town center.

26 Waves.She uses a sonar system that emits sound waves.

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