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Hobby Form 7a Phomina Ann.

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1 Hobby Form 7a Phomina Ann

2 What is a hobby? Sometimes students ask this question: "What's your hobby?" Everybody has one and they say: "I like cycling, walking, listening to music, watching TV, reading, or talking to my friends."

3 What is a hobby? But a hobby is something like a habit, a pastime, when you devote all your time to it; you can't do without it.

4 What is a hobby? Some people don't like noise or large numbers of people. After a hard day they come home and relax by sewing or knitting. A friend of mine likes to spend her free time sewing skirts, blouses, and dresses. She can knit as well.

5 What is a hobby? Another friend likes to make everything with his own hands. He can repair an iron, a radio-set, tape-recorder and what-not.

6 What is a hobby? Many boys and girls as well as grown-ups are fond of collecting old coins, postcards and stamps.

7 My hobby Let me tell you about my hobby. I like to play computer games. It is very interesting and useful.

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My hobby A like English. I began to be interested English in the kinder garden, when I was five. I try to read additional English Literature. English helps me to realize my dream to live in the UK. Hobby.wav взят из Библиотеки электронных наглядных пособий (БЭНП) «Английский язык» © ООО «Нью Медиа Дженерейшин», 2004 г.

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