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Just BE. B y C C L a w h o n, M. E d. Discover, Develop, and Sustain integrated whole-self wellness and happiness. Your Key to Emotional Wellness.

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1 Just BE. B y C C L a w h o n, M. E d. Discover, Develop, and Sustain integrated whole-self wellness and happiness. Your Key to Emotional Wellness

2 Just BE. Dedicated to… The Stars… My friends who are always with me, no matter where I roam. Dedicated to… The Stars… My friends who are always with me, no matter where I roam.

3 Just BE. Acknowledgements The Guru-YOU! site and books are here because of: My family & their endless support Lydia, my soul advisor Tara, my divine leader The Universe And those who listened… Thank you all for your divine and brilliant essences.

4 Just BE. Welcome! Welcome! Thank you for joining me on your adventure to ultimate Whole Self Wellness, Happiness & Clarity. J u s t B E. Here you will find your path to feeling good and total wellness. This will be an interactive experience. You will go on a cosmic adventure, guided through nebulas, galaxies, stars, and planets. Each stop you will have activities to do and choices to make. Each choice takes you someplace different with different tools to offer. We recommend just taking off and following your heart and mind. The way you answer the questions will lead you to the tools you need. My goal is to open your mind to the infinite possibilities and to clarify what path works for YOU holistically. Some of you may wish to go to every page and get all the tools. Though not as much fun, this can be valuable if you try it once youve finished the book to see if you missed anything you may wish to utilize. To take the adventure route, just click the blue links according to your choices, usually near the bottom of the page. To go through every page, just use the green arrows at the lower right. Remember, it will seem choppy and may not flow if you use the arrows. Click here to continue! Welcome to Guru-YOU! Im FEELIN IT!

5 Just BE. This is your opportunity to integrate all the aspects of who you are into a gorgeous shining whole. I call this Adventure Book "Just Be" because it symbolizes the act of being instead of doing. Here, you will adventure within and learn all the tools you need to simply be your true self, effortlessly and peacefully. You have probably come a long ways since the beginning of your life journey and now it is time to discover, design, and delight in all of who you are. This section will take you within and show you how to maintain a spiritual connection between You and The All That Is. It encompasses your physical, mental, & emotional self as well as your relationships with everyone around you, your higher power and Nature. This book takes place in that space you create when you lie on your back and look at the stars...feeling their connection to your light within. Just as we have, as a human race, always been swept away by heavenly bodies, eclipses, and night sky lights...our spirit sparkles and shines in parallel to them. Finding the stars to wish upon within, we can and will become whole, magical, beings. "Just BE" means learning the essence of Guru-YOU! which means we love all of who we are and honor our soul's existence by being that 100% every day. Here you will find tools to help you daily to be instead of do. I will show you how being and pro-action can cause your life to be peaceful, dynamic, and wonderfully fulfilling without you having to do anything except allow Guru-YOU to thrive. Ready to get started? Answer this question completely and honestly: Who Am I? And when you have finished... Let's GO! Peace, Wellness & Happiness

6 Just BE. Probably the best way for me to introduce the feeling of connecting with your whole self and spiritual side is actually through a song. Let It Be Me, written by Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls, best states the idea behind this book of Guru-YOU!-Just BE: Shine your life like a light. Read the lyrics below and get ready to radiate YOU 100% via an amazing connection and sparkling of Light. You can hear the song *please see below for photo/copyright information for this online adventure book. Indigo Girls - Partial Let It Be Me lyrics i've seen kingdoms blow like ashes in the winds of change but the power of truth is the fuel for the flame so the darker the ages get there's a stronger beacon yet let it be me (this is not a fighting song) let it be me (not a wrong for a wrong) let it be me, if the world is night shine my life like a light In the kind word you speak in the turn of the cheek when your vision stays clear in the face of your fear then you see turning off a light switch is their only power when we stand like spotlights in a mighty tower all for one and one for all then we sing the common call let it be me (this is not a fighting song) let it be me (not a wrong for a wrong) let it be me, if the world is night shine my life like a light (lyrics courtesy of Shine my life like a light! Shine my life like a light! *NASA is an amazing entity. They allow their pictures and images to be used for free. Pictures in this book are, unless otherwise noted, courtesy of NASA or Hubble Space Telescope or STScI and are not copyrighted as such. However, it is important to note that In no way did NASA or STScI endorse the use of these pictures, Guru-YOU! or any text used near or with any of these pictures. Please visit NASA or HubbleSite for more copyright and usage information. Or click on the links below for my source for these brilliant photos: Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) and Hubble Image Gallery.NASA HubbleSiteAstronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)Hubble Image Gallery. Shine My Life Like a Light…

7 Just BE. And now for the big question: but how do we shine? To begin, we focus on the whole self and spirituality--the combination of our emotional, mental, physical, relational, and spiritual wellness. Ralph Waldo Emerson explains this idea better than I ever could: "We live in succession, in division, in parts, in particles. Meantime within man is the soul of the whole; the wise silence; the universal beauty, to which every part and particle is equally related, the eternal ONE. And this deep power in which we exist and whose beatitude is all accessible to us, is not only self-sufficing and perfect in every hour, but the act of seeing and the thing seen, the seer and the spectacle, the subject and the object, are one. We see the world piece by piece, as the sun, the moon, the animal, the tree; but the whole, of which these are shining parts, is the soul." -The Over-Soul, from Essays: First Series, Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1841 The spiritual light within which emanates from our whole, integrated self is our key to happiness. It helps us relax our body, quiet our mind, enjoy the benefits of meditation, more effectively manage our habits, connect with our higher self and the Universe and others, locate areas of imbalance and balance them, and more easily answer the questions that cause us the most consternation and confusion. And now, an easy, in-depth and beautiful adventure within to Guru- YOU! of Spirituality. I'm ready! The Soul = Sum of its Parts

8 Just BE. Welcome to the realm of Spirit. This is where you can experience pure joy. This is where you can truly feel one with the Universe and everyone in it. When you learn to Just BE, this is your home. You are now ready to open your awareness to deeper Universal Truths and apply them to your life, relationships, and overall wellness. This book will parallel your oversoul awareness with the universal light. Gazing at the stars, nebulae, or just lying back in the sunshine, we will focus on the brilliance within you, surrounding you, and that which you would like to bring to you. So let's begin your adventure to being YOU with a short exercise. Imagine yourself lying on your back, looking up at the stars, planets, and galaxies. Breathe deeply and relax completely. Imagine yourself then gently floating up towards the stars until you are weightless in space, surrounded by light. Feel their luminous essence pervading your body down into your very cells. Then, in your journal begin free writing your thoughts when presented with these questions:journal -What kinds of things can you feel, but not see? -How do you know they are there? -Some things you cannot think have to accept that you just know them. What is your reaction to this? -When you just BrEathe, and let everything go, how do you feel? -How do you know you are connected to other life and why is it important to understand this connection? When you are finished, click here to continue… Just BrEathe. NOTE: We are going to be focusing on spirituality quite a bit, and some may worry that this will cause religious conflicts or questions. My goal is to present ideas to benefit you personally, and those ideas can be applied by you to any part of your life in any way you wish. If you would like more details on my methodology or ideology, please click here

9 Just BE. I know everyone realizes how vital spiritual healthiness is to our well being. And, wed probably all agree there are as many spiritual viewpoints as there are people (probably even more). I want to be clear that I am not here to tell you how to believe or even to believe in something. My job is to help you find what rings 100% true to YOU because that is who I am SO happy to have here on this planet with me. You do have a spiritual being, whether you call it a soul, collective unconscious, or energetic self, so we need to address it. That way I can help you find who you are and enthusiastically live that. That said, I am going to broach the touchy subject of spirituality to do this. Please bare with me as I attempt to honor everyones beliefs (this may include referring to God in many ways and bringing up different religious practices to make points). I humbly ask you to stretch your views to include more than you thought possible. At Guru- YOU! the number one individual spiritual goal is recognizing the infinite possibilities. How you choose to do this is entirely up to you. We just want to make sure you avoid limiting the Universe...because truly anything is possible--especially in the realm of spirituality. So, in order for you to most successfully use Guru-YOU! to balance spiritually, I should probably give you my definition of spirituality. defines Spirit as: The principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul. I kind of agree. I think spirit is mediating between body and mind and soul. Its the thing that makes us "us" that you cannot describe with words. The energy we project and contain that you can feel, but not see. It is our connection to the divine--to the Source--to the All That Is. So spirituality becomes the study of, attention to, or reverence of this energy. I will encourage you to honor this individual energy, respect others energy, and find ways to balance, heal, expand, and enjoy this energy. This may or may not include a connection with a higher being for you. And, it may or may not include a religion. Just remember I am coming from a place of love. I believe every religion, creed, culture, and spiritual background can find joy and tools for happiness in Guru-YOU that blend seamlessly with their beliefs and practices. Again, we think you will have the most success finding peace and oneness if you can truly have faith in Infinite Possibilities...and stay open to how the thoughts herein apply best to your life and belief system. Continue with Just Being… True Spirituality & Divine Connection

10 Just BE. Big questions like this can feel overwhelming, especially when we are worried if we'll get that presentation done in time...if so-and-so will call...if our haircut really was a good idea. I'd like to ask you to put your daily worries aside* in the moments you are going through this adventure...and begin to focus on the big picture, the proverbial forest, the swirling galaxy of effervescence that makes up your soul. Look at this as a break from your worries--as a vacation to the most amazing destination you'll ever reach: YOU. And now, as you ponder those questions, click on what you most feel... I am overwhelmed with those questions. I love them. Thinking about this stuff makes me happy. It seems more real than most of what I think about. I would like more of them...I want to understand myself but need more guidance (don't know where to start applying it). They seem a little "out there" to me...I'll believe in what I can see, okay? *Part of what our brain does is keep us on our toes. It's a survival mechanism from ages ago when we needed to be constantly alert for predators or physical dangers. Now, we have evolved past the need for that, but the brain continues to provide it. What we need to do is not trivialize the small things that worry us, but transcend them long enough to evolve ourselves. One of the great assets of humanity is our reasoning ability, but it can also be our greatest downfall. I just ask, that for the purposes of seeing the big picture and getting to know yourself on a deeper, more intimate, and more universal scale, you temporarily suspend these earthly concerns--just as you would do if on vacation or a retreat. Let Go and BE

11 Just BE. Totally understandable. Questions like these can be overwhelming, especially when they come in packs! Just as when you look up at the starry sky on a dark is easy to focus on being overwhelmed by how very many stars there are. But if you focus on just a few stars or even one bright one, you can see the detail, color and specific sparkle of that star. Further, sometimes it is natural for us to try to answer questions by forcing thought (as we were taught to in school)...but with these kinds of questions the answers are gotten best by allowing them to come in and unfurl. Once you turn on a light switch, you allow the light to fill the room, you don't direct it or force it to get the brightest overall glow. Of course, sometimes, you go looking for specifics, and thats when you use a flashlight. So how are you supposed to allow answers in? Well, the key is to empty your mind. I either do a guided meditation (as found later & in the other books on this site) and allow the answers to come while I am in an altered state of consciousness*. Or, I ask the question before I go to bed, clearly and loudly, then I state that I will have the answer upon awakening. As I count myself down from 50-1 slowly, I breathe deeply and push away any outside thoughts. Once I've counted I repeat the question again a couple of times. If the answer doesn't come then, I go to sleep and immediately upon awakening (in fact before I'm even fully awake and thinking) I write down my dreams and first thoughts. Almost always the answer is obvious--or at least my general direction is, then more thoughts come throughout the day which define it for me. So, try these ideas, and stay tuned for more. If by the end of the book you still feel in the dark on answering these kinds of questions, use your call or email and we'll send you in the right direction! Click here to keep going! *This means your brain waves slow down and you are more open to higher thought and suggestibility. For more details on this, go to either or or Mr. Sutphen founded the Hypnosis Research Center in Scottsdale in 1973 and is the most knowledgeable expert I have found when it comes to creating the best state of mind to allow in higher answers. Tara has mastered this, as well. Of course, learning Yoga and/or Eastern Meditation would be ideal, but spending a couple months at an ashram in India may not be practical for a lot of us ;) Allow Answers In

12 Just BE. Wonderful! You get it. You are truly a being of Light, and you can feel that within and without. You may have noticed in the guided meditations in the other books that the wise being you spoke to was what many call your "Higher Self." Others call it the Divine Within, or connecting with God. The point is, at any given time, we have access to this wisdom. A great example is the book Conversations With God. The author isn't any more special in his ability to connect with a higher power than any of us, but he did listen to it and honor it deeply. By coming to this page, I can tell you recognize and honor this feeling of reverence for your deeper Truth. I find this sense of knowing, connection, and peace most in Nature. Being outside with things that just are--or that are not man made helps me see Life as What I Am. Also through closing my eyes and breathing, the answers to these questions come to me in wave upon beautiful wave. The key is that you know this energy is always there for you to tap into and consociate with. You are never alone. You always have guidance. We will look at some more tools for that in a few pages. Listen. There is the Universe, and You. I'm ready for more Guru-Me! You Are Truth

13 Just BE. You want more, you got more. I'll start you off with a few here, but know the rest of this book will provide a lot of direction and guidance through the form of questions. If you sit back and allow your true self to just be for a moment, disallowing all outside thoughts, where exactly do you think you came from? Not what you believe, but what you feel in your soul. What is your understanding of soul and how do you live-connect- breathe with your soul or spirit or essence as opposed to actions and personality? Do you believe that this essence of you-ness is separate from your daily life? Do you feel you can only bring up this essence when you are alone or in a meditational state? Or do you feel you could, potentially, bring up this essence in your mundane existence, in all situations (even the trivial yet annoying ones like someone stealing your parking place)? Would it serve you to always maintain your soul connection or do you need to block it in certain instances? Why? How is that for more questions? Usually I find that questions like this bring up more questions in your the key would be for you to listen to those and answer them as well. I also recommend reading anything by Shakti Gawain. Especially in the book Creative Visualization, you will find many directional questions that help guide you. The great part about these questions, though, is that they show you that you really do have the answers inside just have to quiet your soul and inquire within. So, say hello, to Guru-YOU! I am ready to continue my adventure to illuminating my being! The Answers Within

14 Just BE. Well, I understand because I used to feel the EXACT same way. Plus I am very mathematical-logical in my thinking and it is extremely difficult to get me to just subscribe to something that hasn't been proven to me. However... What if you opened up to seeing more? If truly you have to see to believe, could you at least agree, to try to envision in a more potentially and far-reaching way than you have been? For example: The picture on the right is how you'd see the constellation of Orion on a clear night through a small telescope. You can see 7 main stars and then a few smaller ones of his sword (below the belt). The red one in the sword...a star, you say? Click here… Seeing Isnt Believing

15 Just BE. Try a nebula. That's right. What you think you see, is not necessarily "Truth" or reality. Here's a couple more: you think you can see all the colors of the spectrum? What if I told you birds have a fourth dimension to their vision and can see WAY more colors and textures than we can? Well it's true. You think a Cockatoo looks white...but in fact they have many colors in their feathers...just not ones which are visible to humans. My point is, sensory experiences are no longer recognized as proof that something exists. Back before Columbus's time they couldn't SEE the curvature of the earth so for them, the earth was flat...and we think it is ridiculous they were so stupid. They limited their society terribly by believing only in what they could see...and this is what you are doing as well. What I'd ask you to do is make room for the idea that there are feelings and "vibes" that exist whether they "make sense" (ie are provable via the 5 senses) or not. And then I'd like you to tap into these feelings. Every time something "strikes you" but you can't explain it, spend some time feeling it and noticing it. This is a huge part of who you are. As you allow it in, and watch how true it is, you will begin to feel more full, more fulfilled, and more rich in who you are. Scared to allow it in? Try the "I'm Feelin It" book on Emotional helps you get past the fear of the unknown and focus on loving what you do feel.I'm Feelin It For now, let's continue on your adventure to your Whole Self…let's continue Knowing Is Believing We had an art day at our local museum…the colors were glittery & 80s…but my piece was on this very subject! Click here to view online. Can you decipher what it means? It is now housed in the permanent BFF collection of Althea Bailey.Click here

16 Just BE. The greatest connection to the Universe, other humans, The Is, etc. is very simple. It is called Gratitude. Any time you do not feel connected, all you need to do is find your gratitude. Even if the only thing you are thankful for is your Starbucks double carmel cappuccino every morning, then be reeeeally 100% totally grateful for it. As you feel gratitude (love), you will become connected, and consequently feel happy. Now, I know you could write a list of 100 things you are thankful for right now and not feel one bit of it. The key is to feel it. For example if you know you should be thankful for your parents, but just dont feel that today, dont focus on that. Focus on your dogs fluffy fur, the color of your bougainvillea, or your new snowboard. However simple it is, as long as you feel it deeply, it will become a conduit to your oneness with Spirit--and finding/being your WHOLE self 100%. You know its interesting, a friend of mine swore she was an Atheist. But I heard her say one day how thankful she was for her life. I asked, well, when you are feeling thankful, who or what are you thankful to? She said, "oh! I never thought about it like that...I am thankful to the force that created this life for me. One of my psychologists (yes, I go…I need to make sure Im not crazy every once in a while!!) says, Tell me what God you dont believe in and I bet I dont believe in him either. A lot of people do not believe in a limited, humanistic God, but, we all almost automatically are aware of and subscribe to a power that is infinitely amazing and creative. When you start to feel something good happening, start saying (well, start feeling) Thank You. Even if you are thanking the brilliance in you which brought it about. Gratitude is yet another way for us to connect to one another, to the Universe, and to feel the life force within us which is vital to our balance and wholeness as a singular, beauty-full individual. More on gratitude... Gratitude

17 Just BE. And now, I'd like to give you the Master Key to being your whole your life...and to just BEing. Click the symbol to watch a short Flash Movie at I encourage you to sign up for the 42 day experiment...each day gives you more thoughts on gratitude. It is beautiful and amazing (and there's no spam or selling you anything, just gratitude). Your gratitude will lead you to your True Self. Thank You Thank You Thank You And now, I'd like to give you the Master Key to being your whole your life...and to just BEing. Click the symbol to watch a short Flash Movie at I encourage you to sign up for the 42 day experiment...each day gives you more thoughts on gratitude. It is beautiful and amazing (and there's no spam or selling you anything, just gratitude). Your gratitude will lead you to your True Self.

18 Just BE. And as we begin to see gratitude all around us, and feel truly overwhelmed with it...another idea grows out of that: responsibility. What? How is that spiritual or deep? It reeks of guilt, difficulty, deadlines, pain, and troubles! Wait a minute...hold your horses! (and grab your are going to want to write down the feelings and thoughts all this evokes for you) Okay, true, if you see the definition of responsibility as: something that MUST be done, that you HAVE to do, that you have no choice over....then yes, it's hard and annoying. However, if you see the true meaning of responsibility, I think you will understand why it is the natural outgrowth of gratitude. says one definition of this word is: authority to make decisions independently. Princeton says responsibility is a form of trustworthiness; the trait of being answerable to someone for something or being responsible for one's conduct. Responsibility, aka Dharma, is, then, what we are here to do. So you can stop thinking of that as a bad thing!! It's WONDERFUL!! We have a responsibility to live our lives as fully as possible--to make good decisions for our happiness--to be trustworthy--and accountable for our own behavior. When we live fully, it shows our gratitude and appreciation for our existence! We owe it to ourselves and our creator to be ourselves 100%. We are here, and because of that simple fact, we are an indispensable piece of the Universal pie. This is our responsibility: to truly be and love all of who we are. If you begin to feel like you have to do something, or be someone, or act a certain way...this is not fulfilling your responsibility to the world. In fact it is a bit rude to your maker. You wouldn't be made like this if you weren't perfect. Now what are the things covering up your perfection? The question becomes: how are you going to show that you are living your best life? How are you manifesting the "you"ness you were given? When you answer this, you will be very, very thankful indeed! Alright, I'm ready to figure out this responsibility thing...figure out this responsibility thing Be Responsible for Being YOU

19 Just BE. Spiritual wellness or balance is a concept that requires responsibility. It requires you realizing only you can live your life. You take responsibility for being you, creating happiness, and finding peace. But it is light has a responsibility to can't exist unless it does that, but it doesn't need to work at it--it just is. Just BE. What? Responsibility is EASY??? Yes. I now order you to run to your front door, open it, yell out at the top of your lungs LIFE IS FUN! It is your responsibility to appreciate your time here, to love and honor yourself, and to live your life fully. It is your duty to see your life as a good thing. Spirituality requires answerability for your thoughts and actions. Blame is an anti-spiritual concept partially because it puts the focus outside of you. I'm not saying be hard on yourself or ignore someone's repeated negative actions...but I am saying it is easy to avoid our true selves (good and bad) by focusing on others. So let's explore this in your journal. These are some doozies, so take your time and really be honest with yourself. Answer each question as if you are picking the perfect flower for a will be the work of art when you are finished!! Click here Click here to start questions… Just SHINE from Within!

20 Just BE. Questions: -Who or what are you blaming when things go wrong? (Make a list) -How does this serve you? -What are your excuses for not being happy? (Make a list) -Are they good excuses? Why? -As long as you have these excuses, can you be happy? -What would happen if you accepted the fact that if you are agitated, you allow in agitation and if you are happy, you allow in happiness? -How can you take responsibility for your feelings without blaming yourself? -How can you live your daily life accepting responsibility for your own happiness? Or, can you fathom doing this at all? Now put this away for a couple of days and I will prompt you later to get it back out and read it again. You will be amazed. But for now, click on your overall feeling about spiritual accountability and the idea that our only responsibility is to Just BE. I don't buy it.I don't buy it. We are here for many reasons--to DO stuff--not just sit around and be ourselves. It's not the 60's anymore, CC. I see what you are saying, but I don't agree that responsibility is fun or easy. It should be work so we appreciate it.I don't agree that responsibility is fun I am just not happy to be meI am just not happy to be me, and thus do not see how being that more could possibly be a good thing. I do not know where to find this gratitude feeling you are talking about. I like it.I like it. The idea that I can just be me without all the work or trying sounds like a wonderful respite from my usual drama and turmoil! How do I do this again? Responsibility = Just BE.

21 Just BE. A lot of people out there are lazy. Our society is full of apathetic and idle ideals and individuals. However, I can tell already you are not one of those fact those people probably annoy you. But let me ask you something: would you consider the Sun lazy because it doesn't move around the planets? How about the planets--because their orbits are elliptical and they could be much more efficient at getting around the sun if they'd only go in a circle instead?! Is light lazy because it slows down a bit in water? You can now see the difference between being or existing as you are and doing. Just because you are existing as you should (heart beating, lungs breathing, kidney doing what it does) does not mean you are being lazy. Things are just as they should be. Often it is our actions (and especially reactions) which remove us from our state of perfect being. True, it can actually be the getting over our actions or mistakes that brings us to a place of greater understanding--but wouldn't it be better to get there pain-free? That is why, in the heat of the moment, yogis tell you to "breathe" or "listen to your breath." They want you to refocus on being you and everything that includes, your body, your life force, your very existence. They are saying that focusing on doing means you have gotten away from who you are. This is not a license to lay in bed and avoid your life...or hide in an ashram so you don't have to worry about finances...or for any sort of generalized escapism through alcohol, pills, or anything else. This is your chance to realize that as you move forward in life and grow, you can stay centered in your core energy and in who you truly are, thus making your actions easier, more calm, and yield more effective and positive results. So, how do you set goals, live with vision and intention, and be proactive without losing who you are by the very nature of your existence? How can you learn to simply be without feeling lazy or like you are avoiding life? What is the balance between action and being? Action vs. Being... You Are Balance.

22 Just BE. Action Vs. Being You can figure out the difference between these two things...and only you know when you should act or when you should let go and just be. So I am going to give you an experiment to learn how to apply these two methodologies and to show you for yourself which one (or which combination of the two) works better for you in certain situations. So now I would like you to take a minor issue in your life that you have not been able to "fix" or figure out a way to make it better. I will give you an example from my own life so you get the idea. I feel like I talk too much and am not a very good listener. I feel like this hurts me because it makes friends feel I'm self-involved. I want to learn everything I can about them so I understand them and love them better, but my actions don't show that. So my experiment would go like this: Next time I am sitting with a friend, I will actively listen. I will purposely not talk except to ask questions about them. I will, the next day, write down what I heard them say and see how much I integrated and remember. Then, the next time I am with a friend, I will just be. I will sit with them and feel 100% present in the moment. If they need to talk or express something I will allow their words and feelings to permeate my being. I will not specifically plan to act in any way other than to allow their energy into me (allowing in rather than bringing it in or pulling it in with questions). Then the next day I will write down what I remember. After this I will compare the two and see which method allowed me to feel most like a good listener (ie they got the most out of sharing with me). I will see if there were good pieces from both methods that I could balance and integrate the two better next time. And now, it's your turn. So write down a few issues you are facing in your life (aka opportunities for growth) and set up your experiment. When you have it in the works, you can continue to the next section of this book. continue to the next section of this book. Action vs. Being

23 Just BE. Working on things doesn't always mean struggling or painful or difficult action. There is a wonderful little pocket sized book which explains this perfectly: Life Was Never Meant to Be a Struggle. I recommend you grab a copy if you can. Now I realize I may not be very popular in my reasoning here, especially because some of the current best-selling books on self-help insist that struggle is part of life and vital to our existence. But hear me out. The more we focus on pain, fear, suffering, the idea of "hard work," and obstacles, the more these things become prominent in our lives. I'm not saying that we should ignore or pretend not to see difficulty, but I am saying we can view it as an opportunity for growth and to acquire more love. Maybe the words "Hard Work" and the connotation they leave with me are the problem...that work is painful. The truth is that if you are on your True Path to happiness, hard work feels GOOD. You feel tired at the end of the day, but a happy, peaceful, accomplished tired, not a stressed, exhausted, resentful tired. Finding work you enjoy (or a way to handle obstacles that you enjoy) causes you to feel successful, be more productive, and find your bliss. If you cannot find the fun in your responsibilities, then you are on the wrong track in your life. I would love to get to work with you one-on-one if that is the case...or at least maybe do one email or phone call with me soon so we can talk about this...because finding the right track for you is fairly easy and can be very exciting! Email me at or call our offices at (918) Click here Click here to continue with this book. Life is Good.

24 Just BE. Sometimes it seems as if our lives are just horrible. I can remember many times where I thought to myself, "It doesn't make sense that God put me here only to have really crummy stuff happen to me and to feel like the floor of a taxicab most of the time. Plus not give me the tools to make it any better for myself." But like the star forming region in the photo, while it may look hazy, nebulous, and confusing, you can surely see the beauty in it! And, I would like to add that you absolutely ARE given the tools to handle any situation easily and positively. That is what Guru-YOU! is all about! So first, I gave you the Master Key. Click here if you still need to watch the movie. When finished, remember this saying: Believe, and you will achieve.Click here Second, I am going to remind you just how amazing you actually are. Something (several things in fact) about you is absolutely unique and without it, the world around you would be lackluster and vapid. I know you know what these things are. There is a scene in a Muppet Christmas Movie where Kermit is shown the world if he'd never been born. His friends are lost, sad, and negative. He realizes that just his existence made a difference for them...nothing he did...just his very existence. This is true for you, too… Crazy Beautiful

25 Just BE. If you have not been shining your light for the world, if you have not been capitalizing on your strengths, then you probably do feel guilty and bad. Again, if you said "I don't have any strengths" in your head just now, I will be a little direct with you and say I think you may be determined to fail. You have the strengths. They are there. It is up to you to find them, appreciate them, honor them, and LIVE them. When you do (even a little) good things begin to happen and gratitude flows. If you are struggling with this idea or how to go forward in strength and joy, perhaps now would be a good time to email me to ask for guidance, schedule a phone call or IM session?email me If, on the other hand, you feel you may be able to get on board with your strengths, I'd like you to make a list of them right now. That means EVERYTHING positive about yourself from your great teeth to your excellence in communication to your ability to rollerblade backwards. Once you have your list, take one strength a day and focus on incorporating it into your life. Once you have gone through your list, go through again, incorporating each strength more deeply in who you are on a daily basis.* Continue to do this and watch your happiness and peace (and gladness to be you) grow and illuminate your BEing. Finally, in addition to that list, write down how important your existence is to others...if you hadn't been here, what would our world be missing? If you cannot think of anything, it's time to start doing more things to express who you are so next week, and next month, and next year you can say "these are all the reasons it is important I am here. Click hereClick here to continue Just BE Guru-YOU! Wonder Woman & Super Man *this may mean finding the core of where that strength came from…like the rollerblading backwards thing came from your athletic ability or your creativity or your dissatisfaction with status quo or your desire to look into your partners eyes as you skate I dont know if you know this, but one of my personal strengths has always been being Wonder Woman. I think I started when I was 4.

26 Just BE. Being you is by design a positive experience. Our actions where we do things contrary to our Truths are what makes our lives feel yucky or bad. However, only in acting on who we are can we fully realize our potential. So the key becomes to be and speak our Truth every moment. How? Well, first and foremost, you must Listen (see with your heart and soul). Creating chaos so you cannot hear your voice or higher self is a convenient way to avoid being YOU. You must quiet your mind, your body, your heart, your soul so you can LISTEN and hear the music of the spheres and strum your chord which transforms simple music into a symphony. There are many ways to get quiet, to listen, and to hear. On the right are just a few: So what's the process? Well let's take breathing as an example. Go sit somewhere quiet. Speak or think your intent to be completely quiet inside and hear your next steps, your truth, your necessary action, your vision, or anything else that feels muddled or garbled in your life. Focus on breathing. Take a long breath in through your nose, hold it as long as you comfortably can, allow the breath out through slightly parted lips, then push it all the way out gently and repeat. Do this until your mind is quiet. Then breathe naturally, state your intent again to understand, learn, or develop something, and allow the answers in. With any of the above techniques, just do them until your mind is quiet, give intent for what you want, then allow it in. It is that simple. No trying--just being, then allowing. It works. When you have your answer, how to proceed as YOU 100%, then visualize your progress. Visualize it C R Y S T A L clearly until you feel it on a cellular level as real. Do this a few different times until it is part of you. Watch your dreams begin to come true right before your eyes. It is truly that easy...but you have to really try it for it to work. I'm ready to move on, and promise to begin taking time to quiet my mind and listen, allowing my Truth to unfold easily and beautifully before me.ready to move on Listen & Speak Your Truth Meditation Automatic Writing/Channeling Hyperfocusing on something constant like a flowing stream or beach Exercise Breathing Smiling Dreaming Ceremonies Drumming Dancing Music Being Kind Volunteering Hypnosis Altered States of Consciousness Meditation Automatic Writing/Channeling Hyperfocusing on something constant like a flowing stream or beach Exercise Breathing Smiling Dreaming Ceremonies Drumming Dancing Music Being Kind Volunteering Hypnosis Altered States of Consciousness

27 Just BE. We have talked about acting vs. being, responsibility, and gratitude. Now let's look a little deeper. In the early days of human existence, they had to search for fire and if they found it, they had to keep it going. If it went out, they had to begin the search again. Eventually, they began to find ways to generate their own fire. You are the same, now. Some of us feel we have to search for fire outside of ourselves. Others feel they have the fire, but it is a constant struggle to keep it burning. Finally, some of us have found how to generate our own firelight from within. Some beings, such as fireflies, jellyfish, and plankton can produce their own light. They make light through a chemical reaction when protein is combined with Oxygen. Supposedly these animals use their light to find a mate, confuse enemies, or lure food toward them. Interesting, because we can do the same with our light…but do we? How do these animals use and shine their light as if it were as easy as breathing? Why doesn't their light ever go out and we feel ours does sometimes? You can and do have the ability to maintain your firelight within but it is important to know where you are in your ability to do so. Where are you (honestly) in your life right now? I am searching for fire... I had fire, but it went out... I am learning to generate my own fire... Involuntary Shining Song recommendation: Run by Snow Patrol LyricsLyrics | Snow Patrol lyrics - Run lyricsSnow Patrol lyricsRun lyrics

28 Just BE. Searching for fire is good. At least you know you need it to thrive! The only thing is you may not know where to look or what you are looking for exactly. Let me explain... Each time light moves from one substance to another it is bent. So if you are relying on an external source of light, it will change before it reaches you. You will not be getting the most straightforward illumination. Looking outside yourself for this fire may end up in disappointment because it is often an illusory experience. What you see is not always what you get when it comes to visible light. If you need more proof of this, read this article on what birds see. Then you will realize how much more color, life, and uniqueness there is in the world than we are capable of (or, should I say, in the habit of) physically envisioning.this article Thus when searching for fire, you have to look within for the light. That is the only light that will get to you at the moment you look in its purest form. So how do you look within for fire? How can you see your own light? The Light Within

29 Just BE. The best way to see fire is to wait until dark and then rely on it's high visibility. During the daylight fire can be hard to detect. Metaphorically speaking, you will see your light and go to it most when you are at your darkest point. What most of us fail to do subsequently is progressively adjust our eyes the brighter we get so we can see light no matter how subtle or small it is. We continually focus on the lack of light and miss the truth (and good) of what is there. But what about when you look up in space on a clear night, there is a lot more darkness than stars? We never notice that, we always look at the stars! Why? Two reasons...the life in the stars--their sparkle and twinkle--and the fact that they stand out more because of the inky background. The crux of this message is this: use the darkness to make the light stand out...don't give the darkness the attention or power. What are your sparks? What makes you shine? When do people tell you you are glowing? When do you light up? What are you doing (or have you done) that causes the world to be a little bit brighter because you are here? When are you going to accept these illuminations and allow them to guide your life? When are you going to give more credence to those and trust in your own special light more than anything? Remember, you are a delineation of God. A ray of the Divine & Cosmic Sun...truly believing in and following your Light will lead you straight to the All That Is. It is time for you to do this. Allow yourself to be YOU starting now... What Are Your Sparks? You are not all that God is, but God is ALL THAT YOU ARE. ~Dr. Anne Wellman

30 Just BE. So you have lost your spark. It is okay. This happens to all of us at one time or another (or a lot) for many reasons. Maybe you were in a relationship that squelched your spark. Maybe you focused on your family or career more than on you. Maybe you just slowly disappeared from yourself without knowing when or how. For your adventure back to your light, it is more allowing that spark within to fire up than to acquire it somehow. On some level you have allowed it to dwindle, and just the same, you must now allow it to flare. While it is important to know to some extent how you allowed it to disappear, it is more important to focus on how you will build it up from here. For as you know so well, the more you focus on something, the more it sustains itself on the energy you're giving it. It is now time for you to focus on the Truth--seeing your spark and turn it into your sparkle. Only you know where the spark is and what causes it to shine brightly. Maybe now would be a good time to write down what causes you to sparkle within? Who are you when you are good? If you are having a hard time getting started, you might also want to write a few friends or family members and ask them what they think makes you shine the brightest...don't be scared to ask...just tell them you are doing some exercises and you need their input! I might add, if you know any children (or have any) they are the BEST at telling you your strengths. 8th graders are especially good at this. When you have some ideas of what your spark is, then envision that becoming a sparkle. Really picture it BEING a part of you in every aspect of your life. Deep breathe, visualize you glowing and smiling, really FEEL yourself sparkling. Anytime you need to reconnect to these visions and feelings, just close your eyes & smile. You are probably waiting for "the rest of the story" but this is it. This is REALLY all you need to do. The rest will come as slowly or quickly as you wish it to. Your energy will feed the beacon of light that is YOU. Just as with a campfire, once you put the wood on in the right order, it burns all by itself, with no help from you, except your attention. You notice it dying down a little bit and you add a log. This is simple once the fire is going strong. Find the spark, build it up, stay present with it, feed it when it needs you to, and watch it flare up in crazy-beautiful powerful flames of your Light and Life. Spark Sparkle OK! I'm ready to sparkle!

31 Just BE. I am SO proud of you for learning to generate your own fire and light! Just like a baby star, you have all the energy and divine power you need to sustain your own self, shine very brightly, and be you like nobody's business! Forming who you are just happens when you allow your light to shine. So how are you supposed to allow that light to shine? Well you are definitely on the right track already. Grab your journal for a quick moment... Write your thoughts on this next paragraph: The key is to notice (give attention to) when you are sparkling. Notice what you opened up to that caused the sparkling. Allow yourself to stay open to those types of things. Sometimes you can seek out more activities or people who magnify your light, but remember that the True light comes from within. Who are you when you are sparkling? What are you doing when life goes smoothly for you? As you grow in brightness and magnitude, like a star, appreciate your energy. Spend time BEing it so fully and FEELing the greatness within. This will send the message to the Universe that you like it and are ready for more of the same. If you ever feel like you are focusing on the dark around you instead of the light within, ask around and listen to the Universe, Its signs, and the music of the spheres. Be awake and aware and you will see your brightness shine through again. Yes. It really is this simple. Allow it to be. It is time to let go of confusion and is time to Just BE. Focused Attention

32 Just BE. So, ask yourself now, how can you go forward from here, to be you 100% and feel connected with the Divine in the most un-limiting ways possible? First and foremost, let go of rituals that do not serve you. Do what feels right to you. Find your spiritual connection and use it constantly. I had a friend who said, "I know I should get on my knees to pray, but I'm just not feeling it! I just don't feel right about it, but I know I should." I say: stop shoulding on yourself. You get free will as your birthright, use it! If you want to pray standing up, lying down, or doing a penny drop from the monkey bars, DO IT. Just as you appreciate God for ALL God Is, God appreciates you for all you are (monkey bars and everything!). Second, try new things and see how they feel. If a ritual or cultural norm doesn't exist that displays your best divine connection, invent one! I developed who I am and my singular views on life not through only reading one holy book or sitting in one church. I learned what I believe and what I do not believe, what feels right and what doesn't, by reading every book I could find and going to every divinely inspired place of worship I came across. Each new thing I experienced either made me see why I needed to stay on my current path or why I should now expand or shift to another one. In fact, one year, I was visiting a friend in Phoenix for Easter. We decided we felt closest to God out in nature, so we donned our Easter dresses but substituted heels with hiking boots, put on corsages, put a big bow on the dog, and went on a hike in a beautiful state park on a gorgeous sunny day. I think God really appreciated us going wherever we needed to in order to feel as one as possible with the Divine Force. So for the next month or so, I'd like you to get outside your spiritual comfort zone and try one new thing every week to connect with The Universe. Go on one of our live retreats, try a Native American drumming circle, go to a meditation group, or spend time at a church you've never been to. Find the pieces of you that were missing in your discovery of your interrelation with the All That Is. Moving on... Peeking Out from Comfort Zone

33 Just BE. When connecting spiritually, as I mentioned earlier, you need to balance flow and action. You want to trust the Universe and believe things will work in the most graceful amazing way possible. But, you cant just sit there and wait for it to happen. In other words, you cant win the lottery if you dont buy a ticket. The easiest way to balance flow and action is to ask for more information if you feel lost or unclear. I use Dolphin Cards for a concrete way to ask for help. I ask the Universe to tell me what I need to know most, or what direction to take, or another question and then draw a card and read the explanation about it...I always get clarity. It works mainly when I do not feel open enough to just quiet my mind and trust the answers to appear. Most nights I do this directly before going to bed. Invariably I wake up with a deeper understanding or new direction. Other ways include the guided meditations, automatic writing, sitting in nature, and meditation. You can see much more on how these center you in the online book "Guru-YOU! Connecting." One of my teachers, Frances, says just tell the Universe or God your intent and it will happen. The key is trusting (having faith, believing, etc) 100% you will get what you asked and being totally open to receiving that information in ANY way from ANY source. Then acting intentionally on that information. That is ALL you have to do. Intend. It is true, sometimes you should just sit, allow, and be but dont let that transform to laziness and a sense of you being owed something. In general, enjoy being YOU, be that 100%, and do what makes you truly happy. This will make the Universe happy and as you get the answers you need, you will even transform those around you. So what's next? Asking for Help

34 Just BE. And now, it is time to discover the you that exists within the Oneness that is the Universe. You are a vital ray of the cosmic sun. Feel that and be it daily, and you have discovered your true spiritual self. Most of us have the goal of bliss, oneness, a feeling of total peace and fulfillment. The key is to discover and create this within the context of your life. There are many ways to make these discoveries. You probably came up with a lot of them in the other books or earlier in this one. I would like to share some ways to discover your spiritual catalysts...these methods have changed my life (and many others' lives) because of what they allowed us to discover about ourselves. My intent is that they also help you make your own discoveries and learn who you truly are spiritually. The first step in discovering the True Spiritual YOU is to A C C E P T the V A S T N E S S of the All That Is. Any limitation you put on God, you put ten-fold on yourself. I hear so many people say things every day that imply the Source or Creator is not capable of doing something. In other words, that something is impossible. My response is usually, how DARE you limit The Is? The second step is to A P P R E C I A T E Beauty in all it's forms. Accept the vastness of possibility and appreciate the vastness of possibility. My number one request to you in your spiritual path of discovery is please do not limit the Universe or yourself. The first time I realized this, my sister Amanda and I were on a road trip to Mammoth to ski. What we didn't know is that we ventured out at the time of the Monarch Butterfly migration...I would love for you to read what happened to us, and how deeply it caused me to believe in the power of love and appreciation of all creation. There will be a link to get back to this page when you are finished reading. Wow. But how do I do that in real life, though?read what happenedBut how do I do that in real life, though? Believe & APPRECIATE

35 Just BE. So, my sister and I decided to drive up to Mammoth Mountain from Malibu and ski one early Spring. Neither of us had been up there before and were excited about our road trip, as well as our skiing trip. We hopped in my bright red Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 Twin Turbo and hit the road. As we got further north, and began to see mountains, we also noticed there were quite a few Butterflies around. Monarchs to be exact (we knew this from our Primary School unit on them of course). Then, in what seemed like a four thousandth of a second, there were MILLIONS of them. I'm not kidding, the sky was orange and black, and they were everywhere. It was the most beautiful, awe-inspiring thing we had ever seen, hands down, and we'd seen a lot of awe-inspiring things in our lifetimes. Until... Shortly after the entourage of butterflies appeared, they started hitting our windshield. Huge, horrifying yellow splats that ripped your heart out hard every time they hit. I slowed to 50, then 40, then 30, but to no avail. We just kept slamming into them, killing them mercilessly and constantly. I could feel our panic starting to rise. I was in tears. I couldn't stand to be creating this kind of karma...wreaking this kind of havoc on these amazing beings who had already been through a rough transition. They had to crawl for weeks as a caterpillar, spend days weaving a cocoon, then trust they were in there for a really good reason, only to work their little antennae off getting out of their they have to fly a thousand miles from Mexico and I'm murdering them by the hundreds. This will just not do. Amanda offers to drive now because she would rather take the karma than have to watch me do it, but I won't let her. We pull over to a gas station to regroup with about 15 other now saffron shocked cars. Everyone was hosing off the jaundiced genocides and complaining. We weren't complaining, we were crying. We had no idea how we were going to beat this thing. What could we do? How could we drive another foot knowing that we were devastating the lives of these sacred beings? We decided we needed a plan. So, we started brainstorming. I was in college and had just read The Color Purple by Alice Walker. I had also just read Illusions by Richard Bach. In the book by Alice Walker, there was a scene where Sug is explaining God. She says two things. One, every time she starts thinking of God as this big white guy with robes and a flowing beard, she stops and looks at a rock or a tree. She remembers that these wonders of nature are really the Truth of God. She pictures God as one of these works and then she is happy and free. The second thing she says is that if you are walking through a field somewhere (or, oh, sayyyy, driving through a Monarch Migration) and you see the color purple and don't notice it, God "be pissed off." Now, in Illusions, Donald, the reluctant messiah, can fly his plane around and never hit a single bug. He never needs to clean his windshield like Richard, his student, does. So, Amanda and I had to figure out how we could notice the color purple and quickly become messiahs of sorts so we could stop hitting these butterflies. All of a sudden it dawned on us! We have to start appreciating everything we see as we drive!! We need to always be taking it all in to the point that it becomes one with us, and we become a part of the Beauty. So we did. If there was a tiny wildflower on the side of the road, we yelled "LOOK!! LOOK AT THAT AMAZING WILDFLOWER!! ISN"T IT GORGEOUS??" and we meant it. Look at the way the shadows fall in that valley? BRILLIANT! And the mountains, as they came into view, "Look, CC!! Look how the purple fades into the clouds over there!!" And we thanked God, and appreciated His/Her/It's work like a couple of whirling dervishes for the next 200 miles. I have never been more alive, more vibrant, more one, or more happy in my life. And here is the miracle: We only hit one more butterfly the whole way to Mammoth. Every other car on the road was soaked in yellow blood, but not ours. It was still clean from the stop we made back in Southern California. When we arrived at the ski resort, we were exhilarated. Every moment of that trip was absolutely engulfed in love, joy, and fascination with life. This is how powerful Gratitude can be (I consider Gratitude with a capital G when we are thankful directly for our Source, not for something else, but for ALL THAT IS). True living, your True Self, and your deepest happiness will come when you recognize your Oneness, accept it, and be oh so amazingly thankful for it. Oh, PS. The migration was still happening on the way home. We did the same thing the whole way, which caused me to not pay attention to how fast I was going. I was clocked at 94 in a 65. At that point I hadn't quiiiite figured out how to mesh this Gratitude with "real life." When I was led out of my car, back to the police car, I noticed his grill was bright yellow with lost monarchs. I smiled to myself. That was the best $400 ticket I EVER got. Click here to go back.lick here Amanda, I, & The Butterflies

36 Just BE. And now you are truly ready to feel this spiritual oneness and live it 100% every day you are alive. There are so many ways to embark on this journey, obviously, this book may be all you need! But sometimes we need a little more to shock us out of our habits and complacency. For books, music, and DVD's that helped me along my way to my True Self, read the Tools A-Z section in my book, Guru-YOU! (and a few more here)here But sometimes these methods of learning are just too removed. We need something more, something personal, something that speaks especially to us as an individual. Click here for more next steps...

37 Just BE. The most helpful resource for me has been books. Now many books are too long, tedious, overly detail oriented, or downright boring. But, some have the power to change your whole perspective on life. The first book I read which changed my life was called Illusions by Richard Bach. I cannot tell you how much I recommend you read it. It is short, easy to read, simple, and revolutionary. It reminds us that anything is possible-- no, it proves to us that anything is possible. The wisdom in that book, from teaching you the invaluable skill of evaporating clouds, to the easy to follow directions for walking on water, is worth its weight in gold. Please read it if you are serious about tapping into your full spiritual potential. If you want to hear the story of how it helped me create this business, please click here Illusions. Imagine that everything you know is wrong. What then? Remember, it is about trusting what you feel down deep in your soul, and keeping your mind out of it. Then, when you can do that, let your mind back in only as an observer. That is being spiritual. The second key factor in my choice to change my life and become the REAL CC Lawhon was a movie called What The Bleep Do We Know. While I read Illusions at 17 years old (and every year since) I didn't see "What the Bleep" until I was 33. They equally impacted me, and I only wish this movie had been out when I was actually taking Physics classes so I could understand it even better. You can click on the titles to go to their websites.What The Bleep Do We KnowIllusions Both of these works espouse the philosophy Ive subscribed to my whole life (and tried to explain to my friends and family). Also, "What the Bleep" has the scientific data to back up everything it explains. Ive always been interested in the Spiritual but it bothered me when I was expected to believe something that had no scientific evidence to give it credibility. Finally, the same concepts in What the Bleep but without all the Quantum Physics can be found in the movie (or book) The Secret. Seeing both of these movies gave me sort of a guidebook and the enthusiastic energy I needed to develop into a positive, loving, driven, and free individual. I know they will help you, as soon as you are ready for them!The Secret There are more pieces of literature that were critical to my journey of discovering my True Self. I listed them in the blue box to the right in no particular order: You may want to go to the bookstore and just flip through these to see which strike you as true for you. In the process you may see another book or something that interests you. Listen to your heart and soul when something speaks to you–it could very well be a divine message just for YOU! Pay attention and be open to any information you might receive to increase your self awareness, even if it seems an unlikely source! If you would like to hear how I use the dolphin cards, just email us and well send you a note explaining our method. Look for all these amazing texts at your local bookstore...or search them to view at The music ones will sometimes allow you to listen at the bottom of the page. Take your time and just latch onto the ones which speak to you...don't force yourself on anything. Remember, this is supposed to be fun!! Enjoy!! Back to Guru-YOU! CCs Resources If the Buddha Dated- (book) Creative Visualization-Shakti Gawain (book) Inspiration Sandwich-SARK (book) A Room of Ones Own-Virginia Woolf (book) Jonathan Livingston Seagull-Richard Bach (book) Galileo-Indigo Girls (song) Untouchable Face- Ani DiFranco (song) Not Waving but Drowning- Stevie Smith (poem) Self Reliance & Compensation- Ralph Waldo Emerson (essays) Song of Myself-Walt Whitman The Prophet-Khalil Gibran Finding the Answers Within-Dick Sutphen (book) Heal Your Body & You Can Heal Your Life - Louise Hay The Dolphin Cards- (divination cards) Inner Child Cards- (divination cards) All Religious Texts (from The Bible to the Bhagavad Gita, parables and anecdotes seem to help me the most) If the Buddha Dated- (book) Creative Visualization-Shakti Gawain (book) Inspiration Sandwich-SARK (book) A Room of Ones Own-Virginia Woolf (book) Jonathan Livingston Seagull-Richard Bach (book) Galileo-Indigo Girls (song) Untouchable Face- Ani DiFranco (song) Not Waving but Drowning- Stevie Smith (poem) Self Reliance & Compensation- Ralph Waldo Emerson (essays) Song of Myself-Walt Whitman The Prophet-Khalil Gibran Finding the Answers Within-Dick Sutphen (book) Heal Your Body & You Can Heal Your Life - Louise Hay The Dolphin Cards- (divination cards) Inner Child Cards- (divination cards) All Religious Texts (from The Bible to the Bhagavad Gita, parables and anecdotes seem to help me the most)

38 Just BE. Every journey within can be jump started or revived by an outward journey. Sometimes your current living arrangements and circumstances make it very difficult to get out of your rut and get your new habits and life started. Traveling somewhere or doing something out of the ordinary & spiritual can be the catalyst for change. If you are having a hard time applying all this to your daily life as it is now, you may want to consider one of the Guru-YOU! LIVE retreats in Malibu or Sedona. You can get a few friends together (group discounts are substantial) or come by yourself. We get you out of the prosaic and into the spiritual and amazing, then give you the tools to take those feelings and ways of being back to your "real life." I facilitate these retreats and bring in all sorts of other people and techniques to help you find what works for you. Just call our offices at (918) 859-6690 and we'll discuss tailoring one just for you. All the pictures in the other interactive online Guru-YOU! Books "I'm Thinkin" and "You See" are spaces you will visit should you choose to embark on our Guru-YOU! Live in Sedona. Some of the pictures in "I'm Feelin' It" parallel the experiences you'll have on the Malibu Live Retreat. These journeys will be beyond compare-- catalysts for just the spark you need to fully embrace the Spiritual YOU we know is there ready to light up within and illumine the world daily. If you have questions or want more suggestions, just call or email us! We'd be more than happy to help you find the best path forward for you! Click here to continue Click here for some other neat experiences that may be YOUR catalyst for CHANGE! Catalysts for CHANGE

39 Just BE. A few other fascinating experiences to jog you out of your complacency are: -Tara Sutphen Seminars in Sedona, Arizona -Swimming with the Dolphins with Joan Ocean -Any Native American Sweat Lodge experience -Other Native American experiences such as drumming circles or shaman guided vision quests -Any workshop from Louise LeBruns WELSystems. I will say that much of my initial soul searching took place at Tara's psychic seminars and self- discovery seminars in Sedona. They are a wonderfully peaceful and safe way to begin the adventure within. One of my best friends swam with Dolphins with Joan Ocean and it changed her forever (though maybe did not allow the bringing back of many practical tools). Everyone I know who has attended Native American experiences has come away more centered, alive, and full of the strength of who they truly are. BACK TO GURU-YOUBACK TO GURU-YOU Experience YOU

40 Just BE. Once you recognize how spiritual you are, your job is to learn to stay spiritual as much as possible. The truer you stay to who you are (good, bad, weird, and embarrassing), the more love you will see happening in your life. Isnt that exciting? Just being you (which soon you will see is the easiest thing in the world) is the key to being happy, feeling loved, and staying centered and balanced. Now that you are seeing who YOU are spiritually, what would you like to improve, change, or lose? You can manifest anything you want in your life. So, now is your chance to design the True Spiritual YOU! Are You ready? Focus on the center of the Eskimo Nebula above. Listen. Not to the noises, but to the silences between sounds. Listen to the quiet between your in and out breaths. That is your soul speaking, that silence. Listen. When you are quiet enough and can hear your soul... click here. Staying True.

41 Just BE. Now that you are listening...what do you hear? Who are you truly inside? Who do you choose to be starting now? You now get to undergo the most exciting, transformative piece of your quest yetCreating the True Spiritual YOU. I have divided this up into three sections to help you get a handle on it. First, is the acceptance of Infinite Possibilities. Second, is focusing on the What and allowing the Is to handle the How. Third is understanding the difference between being and doingand knowing how they interplay. I will show you the differences between and definitions of Being, Visualizing, Acting, and Becoming. And all of these concepts combined give you a base to develop, manifest, create, and discover the deepest, most real, most spiritual part of your being, and act on that every day. You are now at the threshold of the brightest, most beauty-full version of YOU! I cannot wait to hear all the great things you do! Here I go! Create Yourself

42 Just BE. You must now fully accept that the possibilities are INFINITE for you and your life. Its true. You have heard things like Unlimited potential, Neverending possibilities, Endless Options, etcetera. I choose the term Infinite Possibilities because it is 100% positive. Youll notice those other terms have negative terms in there like limit and end. You have to understand that when I say Infinite Possibilities I am not kidding. You can do or be anything you wish. Anything. Really. I'm totally serious. Just be careful what you wish for. So, what will it take for you to accept the Truth of Infinite Possibilities? What will it take for you to stop limiting God, the Universe, Spirit, or The Is and then what will it take for you to stop limiting yourself? It will take awareness. Yep, thats all. Just the choice to notice yourself limiting things. It may be hard at firstwell not hard, but you wont notice it every time you try to control or put limits on the vastness of the Universe. The key is, when you do notice yourself trying to control things or make them into something they are not (this goes for people too) give yourself a pat on the back. You dont have to do anything, by the way, just notice (give full attention to) what you are doing. The mere act of noticing it will cause it to change!* So are you ready to Light Up with INFINITE possibilities?INFINITE possibilities *This is due to a mathematical fact that states what gets measured, improves--for more on this read chapters on Measurement in the book "The Selling Bible-For People in the Business of Selling." For further proof, read about the concept of the "Observer" in Quantum Physics. Infinite Possibilities

43 Just BE. UNIMAGINED INFINITE POSSIBILITIES. Watch them, enjoy them, accept them. Thats it. No, seriously, thats it! I know…you are saying there has to be more to it than that?! And Im saying, there isnt. Thats it. It can be simple, if you let it. You will notice that as soon as you accept that you are trying to put limits on the Is (or another person or God or your dog or whoever!) you stop putting limits on them. You dont even have to try! It just happens. The simple act of noticing is all you need! Now, a quick warning, when you start to get good at noticing how you limit yourself and others, you are going to get overwhelmed. Why? Because youll notice how MUCH you do it and youll think, I can NEVER fix all these limiting behaviors I have!! Oh nooooooooo! Well, stop worrying. You do not have to fix anything, remember? You noticing is the end goal. The limiting will fix itself. I promise. This feeling goes away fairly quickly once you get in the habit of noticing where you limit yourSELF and your world. I'm sensing that you don't believe me. So you can either use this time to email or call me for more help, or you can inquire within on your own for an example to prove this to yourself. So for example, take a difficult situation in your life right now. For me, I might choose my latest relationship. Now I will spend a few moments noticing where I am limiting it. I notice that I assume this person will not be available for me. I feel I am more than they can handle. I am noticing there is no way for me to be happy in this relationship because the other person isn't available enough to be excited to proceed 100% no holds barred with me. Okay, did you notice my negatives in every sentence? Not, more than can handle, isn't available, no way. Those are my limiting thoughts and behaviors. Now you. Get your journal out and write a few of your limits. Now allow them to set in for a few days, just notice when you implement these limits (mentally, verbally, or emotionally). Give it 3 weeks, and watch them disappear. (this means for me, my relationship will improve or go away to be replaced by something that does not include those limits). Seriously? Notice Your Limitations

44 Just BE. The road to enlightenment is paved with INTENT. Not good ones or bad ones, just your intentions. Remember the key is to follow your bliss. Do this, and your road will be like a cosmic seashore: wide and straight and smooth and beautiful. Now as youve started noticing your limiting powers, how do you accept the idea of Infinite Possibilities? Its pretty huge, I agree. But, it is easier than you think. Determine what you want to do or be and accept that you can do or be it. Period. If you are stumped about how to get started, begin with affirmations. A positive statement that you repeat over and over until you really feel it and believe it. I am kind. Or, I am beautiful. Or, I am healthy. Or even, I am One with God. You can get more complex if you wish, like, I commune clearly with the Universe on a daily basis. Or, My path is clear to me and I understand where I am going. Keep your mind clear of other thoughts and say your affirmation-feel it, believe it, visualize it being true. And allow it to come about in your life without judgment or limitations. So write down now what you'd like to do, be or feel, and then write 3 affirmations. Be clear, do not reword them over and over, just state them simply in writing, then verbally as much as possible. For more details on how to write effective and successful affirmations click here And then? Follow Your Bliss

45 Just BE. Good Affirmations! With affirmations, it is vital for them to be 100% positive in nature. So don't say "I want to lose weight," say "I am thin." Don't say, "I am not mean any more." say "I am always kind and compassionate." "I beat my cancer" would be better said as, "I am completely healthy physically and emotionally. My body is cleansed, clear, and healed." Whatever words you affirm are the ones you will manifest so avoid saying the ones associated with your pain or discomfort. As far as what to do with them once you've created them, there are several options. I write mine in washable marker on my bathroom mirror (Im ashamed to say I spend a lot of time there so I see these quite often). You can also print them out and put them on your desk at work. Write it on your hand. Chant it over and over and over until you are almost in a trance with it (watch Tina Turner on Larry King on YouTube to see this in action). Write it 33 times every morning. Whatever you need to do to keep this positive belief in the forefront of your mind. To give affirmations even more power, you can visualize along with them. So every time you say, "I am kind" visualize someone to whom you haven't been kind and watch in your mind's eye as you feel and show compassion for them, see yourself smile understandingly at them, etc. Feel yourself being kind to them as they reach out, no matter how annoyingly they do so. Oh and one more tip with the affirmations: Dont confuse the Universe by having ten of these going at once (or ten versions of the same thing). Decide what you want, spiritually, and state it. Clearly, simply, and concisely. Once you get the first one, then move on to a second, and so forth. Create it. Think it. Feel it. Command it. Believe it. Trust It. Allow it. Accept it. Be thankful for it. Click here to go back to Guru-YOU! Just BE. Good Affirmations

46 Just BE. Dont give up! Remember when you feel like giving up, that means you are moments away from success. If you can get past the giving up moment, you have succeeded. The feeling of wanting to give up is the Universe (or your higher self) saying, Do you reeeeeally want this? Oh you DO? Okay, well, just makin sure!! Enjoy!! Create it. Think it. Feel it. Command it. Believe it. Trust It. Allow it. Accept it. Be thankful for it. Another technique to help you see and trust in infinite possibilities is focusing on what you want and letting the Universe handle how you get it. Think of it like this: Step One- You decide what you want. Step 2- Let it go. Okay, step one and a half can be Ask for guidance and step one point seven five can be Be very very open to the guidance when it comes but really there are just two steps. A common version of this is when you hear, Put it on the altar or Give it to God. Its the same idea. You tell God what you want, and really know you deserve this and believe in the depths of your soul this is right for you (oh and make sure you say what you want when you are in a very positive state of mindwhining doesnt work). Believe also that it is possible for you to have/be/do this. Then, trust God, the Universe, Quantum Physics, The Law of Attraction, whatever, that it WILL happen. Be open to it happening in ANY way POSSIBLE. If it doesnt happen, I can almost guarantee you its because you limited the Is on the How. Maybe this seems tough, but isnt it freeing to know that you dont have to figure out how to make things happen any more? You just have to choose for them to happen and sit back and be ready for the ideas/notions/actions that will make it so!make it so! Never Give Up! NOTE: I know I've mentioned these ideas before but I am going to reiterate two things. ONE. Be careful what you wish for...because you WILL get it. Truly consider all the consequences of this manifesting: how it affects others, what happens after you get what you want, and how it will proceed from there. Sometimes the best affirmation is: I am happy. My life makes me happy. Or, I create the highest and best for me and everyone around me, always. TWO. Don't give up. Don't ever give up. If you need to give it a time limit and then quit trying after that, fine, but the feeling of wanting to give up is your last hurdle as the finish line comes into site (it's always darkest before the dawn).

47 Just BE. Create it. Think it. Feel it. Command it. Believe it. Trust It. Allow it. Accept it. Be thankful for it. next next Be Visualize Act

48 Just BE. So, now that you have accepted acceptance, what part do we really play in our own growth? If its just about allowing the Universe to do its thing, why are we even here? We are here because each of us being who we are is fundamental to this worlds survival and eventual success. And it is not just about the Universe wielding some wand of fate, we play the lead role in how our story goes. You have learned it doesn't mean sit back and wait for everything to come to you. You will be provided with the ideas, the means, the people, the situations, the gifts, but then you have to take action. You must grab those opportunities as they fly by because, trust me, they will be FLYING by when you start asking! And the deciding, the action, the choosing is FUN--it's like being in one of those cash-grab booths! The money is flying all around you, wind in your hair...The worst you can do is grab a one dollar bill, but you might get a fifty or a hundred! So get ready, get set, BElieve!!BE BE-L I eVE! (Be & Live)

49 Just BE. Create it. Think it. Feel it. Command it. Believe it. Trust It. Allow it. Accept it. Be thankful for it. next next Be Visualize Act

50 Just BE. So, finally, when creating a balanced spiritual YOU remember just a few last words. First, practice just being you. Not trying, not doing, not talking, just being. Really feel what thats like. Anything about it that feels wrong, you have the power and ability to change. Thats where acting comes in. Anything about you that doesnt feel right, you take action to change. But, how? Two ways. 1. Choose to pro-act. In other words, do things that exemplify you before it gets to a point of you reacting as someone you do not wish to be. BE you fully so there is no question as to how you should act in a situation. 2. Take right action. If this seems too confusing or hard, then you take action to change by visualizing. Picture yourself being that person you truly are deep down. Really feeeeel what its like to be that person. If it means you want to capitalize on your inner strength, picture yourself showing strength to someone or something when they challenge you, and feel the good vibes that boundary of power creates in others. You shouldn't really have to try too hard on these things. Ideally, you will be listening for your strengths and LIVING those rather than wallowing in or trying to "fix" your weaknesses.* If you put the attention on your strengths, they will grow...if you put it on your weaknesss, they will grow. Got it. I'm ready to Just BE. Im ready for CHANGE!Just BE. Just Be. Practice It. *If you are curious about this idea, read anything on Leadership by Jack Zenger. He discovered the practical application of the idea that the top 20% of managers/leaders were exceptionally higher in productivity than the next 60%. Thus he explains why focusing on your strengths (unless you have a fatal flaw) will take you much further than trying to improve on your weaknesses. In my years in corporate America, I discovered that great managers (and employees) did just that. They then used teamwork and diversity concepts to fill in any holes in their results. I also find in my own life that this is absolutely true. Every time I go trying to work on a weakness, it brings me down and away from my True Self. When I run with my strengths and get help from others who have strengths where mine leave off, I am unstoppable spiritually, relationally, emotionally, and in business.

51 Just BE. Create it. Think it. Feel it. Command it. Believe it. Trust It. Allow it. Accept it. Be thankful for it. next next Be Visualize Act

52 Just BE. When you do these three things in harmony: Be Visualize/Feel Act You become the YOU you were meant to be. You CAN do it, the Universe is waiting to support you as soon as you insist on being YOU inside and out ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. Remember at the beginning when I asked you to answer the question "Who Am I?" Now I'd like to ask it again. What is your answer now? Take your time and write it all out. Now get your first answer and compare the two. Are you smiling? GOOD!! I am too :) And now, the stars are within you... the stars are within you... Be Visualize Act

53 Just BE. Be Yourself. Doesn't this make so much more sense now? How does it feel to actually know who Your SELF is and know how to be that fully? I'd like to do one more thing with you before you go forth and adventure through the solar system. Each planet has a mysticism, legend, and energy associated with it, evolving from ancient Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures. Travelling metaphorically from planet to planet, beginning with the Sun, you will see all the aspects of being human (or at least being a living entity on Earth), and sense your place within this world a little more clearly. So if all the talk of the spiritual has left you feeling a little nebulous as to exactly what traits make you who you are, this will lead you to more concrete feelings, thoughts, and perceptions of YOU. You can use this like a guided meditation, though there is no one speaking, the text and music can lead you into another world so you can better understand this one. A Expedition through our Solar System boasts amazing music by John Serrie from "And the Stars Go With You." Click the screen to start the movie, or to pause & continue. Enjoy! And after the movie, click here. And the stars go with you… If movie wont play when clicked, try the weblink HERE

54 Just BE. And now: Congratulations! If this is your final book, you have reached Guru-YOU! by integrating your body, heart, mind, and spirit. If not, consider the other books for more detail on how to delve into the YOU you want to be. I am so proud of you and know you will take this inner wisdom and use it to make the world a better being yourself fully and wholly. Any time you have questions, just come back and try different pathways. Also, if you haven't already, consider working one-on-one with me to apply this more directly to your life and add a bit more guidance. It will help you to go through this every so often because different times in our lives elicit different needs and emotions. I wish you the very best and look forward to seeing you at one of our live retreats or seminars! Take care, Love & Light, CC Lawhon Now Click Here for your Becoming Guru-YOU! ceremony and certificate!Click Here Being your WHOLE Self

55 Just BE. Congratulations Guru-YOU! You have graduated from Guru-YOU! - Just BE! Welcome to: Becoming Guru-YOU! Ceremony! Repeat after me: I, ________________, am a divine expression of happiness. I hereby command that my mind, body, emotions, connections, spirit and soul are one. They are all beautiful, wonder-full, empowered and at peace at all times! THANK YOU FOR MY TOTAL WELLNESS!! I understand that who I am is a vital ray of the All That Is. I thereby take full responsibility for my happiness by following my bliss and just being me. I am whole and perfect right NOW. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for my wellness. signed this day of ______, 20__ by Guru-YOU! ________________________________________ Congratulations. With the ceremonious reading, signing, & posting of this form, you are now officially Guru-YOU! Becoming Guru-YOU!

56 Just BE. Live Spiritual Retreats Now that you have mastered the Guru-YOU! books, we you will take the next step to being you 100% in person at our Live Spiritual Retreats–or the new paperback Guru-YOU! (click to go online and check them out)Live Spiritual Retreats As wonderful as it is to ask yourself the deeper questions and develop your whole self without even leaving your own home, sometimes a vacation from your every day difficulties can open up pieces of you that you didnt even realize were there! The spiritual retreats are opportunities for me to give you and a few friends, your partner, or just you, truly individualized attention. I would love the opportunity to work with you along the beaches of Malibu, in the red rocks of Sedona, in the rustic quiet and solitude of The Farm, or in the magical woods of Eureka Springs. Please consider treating yourself to this special and beautiful attention as you get ready for the next level of YOUness! See you soon! Love & Light, CC Lawhon

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