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03.06.2014 17:37:43 Rest on the grass (Parc de Bagatelle)

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2 03.06.2014 17:37:43

3 Rest on the grass (Parc de Bagatelle)


5 Dreaming

6 Blossoming garden. (Parc de Bagatelle)

7 Saying goodbye to the day

8 It is time flowerings. (Parc de Bagatelle)

9 Yung artists

10 Walk # Walk#3

11 Cornflower

12 Undercover place

13 On shore of the r.Klyazma

14 Walk #2

15 On meadow

16 Making sand castles

17 Caressing sun

18 Launching the small ships

19 Girls by the sea

20 Lets go swimming!

21 Sailers

22 Childrens amusement #1

23 Seagulls

24 Gatherers of cockleshells

25 By the sea

26 Happy childhood

27 Childrens amusement #2

28 Walk along-coast #2

29 Big catch

30 Ashore #1

31 Ashore #2

32 About the artist The main theme of Aleksandr Averins painting are genre scenes with charming Russian young ladies against blossoming meadows and gardens, shady river coasts, and sea landscapes. Plot of the paintings is filled with sincere warmth and cordial feelings towards children. We can feel cool breath of Baltic sea, transparency of air and careless mood of children playing at coast on the paintings of the artist. We admire tame meadow colors on the bank of unknown lake and undercover places in the shadow of coastal trees. Portraits of ladies in air dresses and figures of suntanned boys underline beauty of the surrounding nature, whether it is seacoast or small rivers, or a blossoming meadow. We can tell that "... A masterful combination of a portrait and a landscape in style "impression" is distinguishing feature of talent of the artist Aleksandr Averin". Works of the artist are held in private collections in Russia, France, England, the USA, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Japan and many other countries. Aleksandr Averin's paintings could be found at art auctions in England, France and Denmark.


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