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FAMOUS PEOLE WE ADMIRE IEM- 7th form Los alumnos de séptimo grado describen a las personas que ellos admiran. Estos son algunos de sus trabajos…

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3 IEM- 7th form Los alumnos de séptimo grado describen a las personas que ellos admiran. Estos son algunos de sus trabajos…

4 Michael Jackson by santiago castiglioni He was the king of pop. Michael was born in 1958 and he died in 2009. He recorded lots of discs and he danced very well, his musical videos had many special effects and he wore exotic clothes in his concerts. He had long hair and sometimes he wore make up. He had two children, he won 15 Grammy and sold over 750 millions discs. Michael Jackson was an excellent artist and he was the king of pop.

5 Lea Michele was born in Bronx, New York, on August 29 th in 1986. She is an actress, a singer and a dancer in theatre, cinema and TV. Her mother is a nurse and her father owns a delicatessen business. She grew up in Tenafly in New Jersey. She studied in Tenafly High School. She is short, has long black hair and brown eyes. She works in Glee which is a musical TV program. Her character is Rachel Berry, the lead singer of the school choir. Rachel is very talented and she wants to be famous. Her hobbies are: Going out Baking Singing She is a vegetarian and an animal activist. She loves coffee and sushi. Her favourite celebrity is Angelina Jolie. Made by: Tiara Nicole Arnó Cammarota.

6 KE$HA By Isabel Park One of the people I greatly admire is Kesha Rose Sebert. She is an American singer –song writer- and rapper. Some of my favourite songs are Tik Tok and Run Devil Run. KE$HA was born in Los Angeles, California on March 1 st, 1987. She is tall, she has long fair hair. KE$HA hobbies are writing songs, going shopping and going to the hairdresser. KE$HA is a great singer. I like her and her songs.

7 Justin Bieber has born in 1994 on 1st of March at 12:30, in Ontario Canadá. He has short hair, brown eyes and his favourite color is violet. He loves playing music, singing and he loves his "believers". He has lots of fans, the name of his fans are: Believers. He is very good-looking. Their beliebers love his clothes. He has a twitter address. His believers read his tweets every day. JUSTIN BIEBER BY CAROLINA DA SILVA

8 THE ACTOR By Federico Natalutti I admire Nicolas Cage,an actor. He was born on January 7°, in Long Beach, California. He has wrinkles, he is 48 years old and he has short blond hair. He is sociable, calm, funny and patient. He owns a lot of interesting and unusual houses, including the castle of Schloss Naidstein medeval and Midford Castle in Somerset, England. Cage also has what he calls the most haunted House in America. I feel, he is good actor and he is the best.

9 Joanne Rowling Joanne Rowling was born the 31st of July in 1965, in Yate. She´s the famous author of Harry Potter´s saga, which consists in seven books, every Harry´s book has more than a hundred of pages without pictures or graphics. She always liked writing or reading stories, but she thought of the idea after she finished at the University of Exeter. She was going by train from Manchester to London, after searching for a flat in Manchester without results, she thought of her mom, who was very ill, of her father and of her times without so many problems … but she has always been a dreamer, and she started thinking about a boy, a boy who didn t know who he really was but one day received a kind of invitation to go to a magic school for wizards and witches. She took the name Kathleen from her grandmother, so she uses Kathleen as an artistic name. Nowadays, with seven books and seven films, Harry Potter finished currently, and she wrote another book, which is called The New Book. She is married to Neil Murray, a doctor and she has three children, Jessica, Mackenzie and David. Ana Marasco

10 Miley Ray Cyrus was born in 1992, in Nashville, Tennessee. She is an actress and singer. She has blue eyes,she is tall and her hair is brown and blond. She starred in the movie The Last Song. Miley is very talented. She is interested in music and songs. She writes songs with her father. Her song the climb is a popular song in the United States. Miley is a very good actress. I love her music and her movies. She has many fans. She is very popular around the world. The most popular song is Party in the USA. Natalia Demartino

11 BRITNEY SPEARS One of the people that I greatly atmire is Britney Spears. She is a singer from the United States, she is a very famous person. Britney was born in 1981 in McComb, state of Massachusets, United States. She is tall, she has got long wavy blonde hair and brown eyes. She likes short dresses and short skirts. She is very talented, she loves her family very much and she has got two sons with Kevin Federline. She is the queen of pop, people love her music, she gives a lot of interviews and she talks about her life and her tours. In her free time she likes spending time with her family. I think Britney Spears is one of the most successful singers in the world. By Camila Plotinsky

12 Avril Lavigne was born on September 27 th, 1984 in Belleville, Canada. She is a singer, a designer and an actress. Avril began his musical career on December 2001, after her presentation in a musical show a producer hired her. When she was 18 years old, she was at the top of the music lists with her album Lets go. Her music style is power pop and punk. She also won an MTV award. Avril is a very rich girl, she has more than 70 million dollars. She said I ´ve always wanted to sing. She learned to play the guitar when she was a child. She is called the princess of pop punk. She is one of the most popular singers of the United States. by Luna Martino

13 Messi was born on the 24 of June in 1987,in Argentina (Rosario in the province of Santa F é ). He began to practice when he was 7 years old, (1995) and he has been a star player since then. Years later the father of Lionel Messi decided to call some people he knew in the town of Lerida, next to Barcelona. In Europe he was offered a possibility to play and, Messi s family went to Spain. The family was composed by Jorge (the father) Celia(the mother), and his brothers and sisters (Marisol, Matias and Rodrigo.). He stayed in Barcelona for a long time. by Ezequiel Carril

14 Esteban Martinez One of the people I admire is Esteban Martinez. He is a beach volleyball player who won his first medal in the Olympic Games in 1988. Esteban was born in 1958, in Argentina. He is very tall and thin with straight short hair and green-brown eyes. In his sports games he plays with a peaked cap and he usually wears the Argentinean t-shirt. Esteban is very talented. He is interested in rural activities and traveling to other countries too. He is also a sportsmans commentator. All in all, Esteban is an excellent beach volleyball player. I like watching his sports games on TV. I think that someone would like to be like him one day. by Clara Napal Calciano

15 SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!

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