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An International Baccalaureate Candidate School.

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1 An International Baccalaureate Candidate School


3 * At the 99 th percentile in the state of Arizona!

4 * CIP * Goal Setting Fall Conferences * *International Baccalaureate Programme * MAP watch

5 * Having my son at an IB school has been a delight for our entire family. As a child who tends to be bored by instruction, but is naturally inquisitive, we attribute his ongoing strong performance to the focus on inquiry. We know he values IB learning because he was frantic to make certain that he was the first student to submit an application packet for the IB program at his Middle School.


7 * Half of the planners for the Transdisciplinary Units written * Successful and beneficial visit from our IB consultant, Jim Mahoney * Teachers using structured inquiry in the classroom. Learner profile continues to be taught.

8 * Connections are made from the transdisciplinary theme and the central idea * The Summative assessment will assess the students understanding of the central idea * Common core standards are woven throughout and will be addressed through the lines of inquiry * Key concepts and questions help build inquiry and critical thinking

9 * Example: - A student dresses up like Louis Pasteur. - After doing research, the student learns about Pasteurs discoveries and is able to report on Pasteurs impact on the scientific world and pasteurization - The student is able to make connections to the learner profile that Pasteur was an inquirer and risk- taker.

10 * Students will begin learning a foreign language through the use of Rosetta Stone starting January 7th español

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