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1 My favourite hobby Dance.

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1 1 My favourite hobby Dance

2 2 Dance Dance is an art form that generally refers to movement of the body, usually rhythmic and to music, used as a form of expression, social interaction or presented in a spiritual or performance setting.

3 We distinguish four types of dances:
3 We distinguish four types of dances: modern dance (eg. Hip- hop) classical dance (eg. Ballet) contemporary dance social dance (eg. tango)

4 4 Social dance Ballroom dancing comes from the early twentieth century as a form of entertainment that originated from folk dances and parlor. This dance was strongly associated with ballrooms, and now is frequently encountered in the tournaments organized by the International Association of ballroom dancing Standard dances: English waltz Viennese waltz tango foxtrot quickstep Latin dance rumba samba cha-cha paso -doble jive

5 5 Modern Dance Modern dance emerged in in America, and has its roots in the folk elements of Indian and Negro music. This type of dance is not suitable for the theater, as it is a typical entertaining dance. It can be distinguished to the following styles: Hip-Hop Electric Boogie Break Dance Disco Dance Disco Show Dance Show

6 6 Contemporary dance Modern dance is based on classical dance (ballet), but in contemporary dance people do not apply strict dancing rules, and more emphasis is put on the transfer of emotions and the showing dancer's story Modern dance was created at the turn of the century as a part of classical dance, without strict rules. This kind of dance base itself on many other dances: modern dance, jazz dance and social dance. In many cases, the elements of acrobatics can occur in this type of dance. The root of this dance is in ballet.

7 7 Classical Dance Classical dance is sometimes called a ballet. The very name of the ballet refers to the whole spectacle on stage, in this case ballet is referred to the techniques used in the ballet dance on a stage Classical dance comes from the Renaissance court dances, steps and technique comes mainly from the basse dance, pawany and minuet. In those days dresses were so heavy that all complex movements were impossible. In 1726 dress was shortened which enabled more smooth movements.

8 My favorite dances are:
8 My favorite dances are: Jazz Latin dances hip-hop break dance

9 9 Photos:

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