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Zarnia, Pysnay, Truck-on, Fatho, Rosa, Funle. By Hazel Meades.

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2 Zarnia, Pysnay, Truck-on, Fatho, Rosa, Funle. By Hazel Meades

3 Pysnay (Pie-snay) Pysnay is the king of the gods he lives a comfortable life with his queen, Funle (fun-lay) goddess of fun. He is the god of snakes and can communicate with them, which can be quite helpful if you think about it! He wears green robes embroidered with snakes and always keeps his magical snake summoning staff nearby. He is very cunning and clever he is one of the main gods. There are many stories about him but the most famous one is called The Ten Commandments. The legend says that Pysnay saved Funland from the Serio solidiers. He also met Funle there that was when she became his wife.

4 Pysnays Story The story of how Pysnay became a god.

5 Part 1 Pysnay was going for a swim in the ocean with some friends. But he had lost them and was beginning to get tired he knew he should go back but he didnt know which way to go. Just as he was beginning to panic he heard a low groaning sound.

6 Part 2 It was coming from deep down in the sea, Pysnay swum up, took a deep breath of air and dived down. As he began to get lower the moaning got louder. Soon he was deep down in the reeds and darkness.

7 Part 3 What he saw next didnt make him jump even the slightest hed always believed in magic and had a thing with snakes. Even the extremely poisonous ones. He thought it was unfair on them the way people reacted at them.

8 Part 4 There was an old sea serpent floating in the water. It was lying as still as stone. Pysnay swam over to it and saw the problem. The serpent was dying because it had eaten some killer plants by accident. Pysnay quickly scooped up some nearby medicine weeds. He squeezed some green liquid out of them and stuffed it down the serpents throat. Then he swam up he absolutely had to get a breath of fresh air now.

9 He could see a light ahead he was going to make it! Or not, his legs were growing stiff and his arms were barely working.

10 He couldnt summon the strength.He could see the light slipping away.

11 The last thing he thought as he passed out was if only I could reach. Then he began to sink, he saw double then triple then… nothing. He let out all the air he had.

12 But he went up to heaven and took the hello I want to be a god test and qualified immediately getting everything correct. At some point the current leader asked him to be his apprentice and eventually when he felt ready. The job was given to him.

13 Fatho (Fath-o) Fatho is the god of music he lives a comfortable life playing around on his guitar. It appears as soon as he clicks his fingers. He very rarely does classical but is always playing pop and rock and making up his own little tunes. His guitar isnt just any old guitar it has magical powers that can cause violent storms or make the sun come out. It all depends on how he plays it and how he wants the effect to sound. Hes had loads of practice. Even Fatho has his own part in The ten Commandments. The people of Funland could have been drowned if it wasnt for Fatho. He played a heavy rock tune and they could walk through the jungle safely. All the animals didnt notice them pass cause they were too busy dancing.

14 Fathos Story The story of how Fatho became a god.

15 Part 1 Fathos mother bought a guitar for him when he was at the age of 5 and every day after school he would go into the meadow and play next to the river of Ithuss. From daybreak…

16 Part 2 …till just before nightfall. At first he just played around with his guitar playing odd notes which came out of the top of his head but as he listened to more music and played around more on his guitar his knowledge grew. Soon he was writing powerful rock songs and played them in the peace and quiet of the meadow by the river.

17 Part 2 Now of course you may not have realised but all rivers have the delicate hearing of bats. Yes thats right, bats. The river Ithuss could hear every single note of his songs. Now the river Ithuss loved Fathos songs but not being very human he didnt know the polite human custom of manners. Sure hed heard of it but didnt see the point in it. What was the point in politely asking someone something they might refuse and politely walking away when you feel so annoyed? It was a lot easier to just whip them until they spoke. Since that was what he thought he had a not very polite plan in mind. It was operation KIDNAP

18 Part 3 It was getting late and Fatho stood up, grabbed his guitar and was about to leave when he heard a voice. It was saying: Over here, over here! Fatho walked over to the river wondering what was going on. Get in the water, get in! the magical voice said again. I dont think I should do that. replied Fatho and he stepped away. I dont care what you think I think you should! snapped the voice sounding quite annoyed. Well tough. said Fatho triumphantly. Well tough, tough, tough. replied what seemed to be the river. What? said a confused Fatho. Oh youll pee! smiled the river. Ithuss looked at Fathos astonished face and thought to himself boy I really am getting the hang of these human threats!

19 Fatho looked at the river. Then gasped a whirl pool was in it! Suddenly some water leapt up and pulled him in! Part 4

20 Part 5 Not so fast thought Fatho he reached out and pulled himself away from the water. Now Pysnay saw this and he thought such courage and bravery deserves…

21 …to be a god.

22 Zania (zar-nee-a) Zania is a goddess, she lives a comfortable life arguing with Rosa (Rose-a) goddess of girliness. She is the goddess of tomboys and she makes sure theyre as non girlish as possible. She wears a sensible clothing and enjoys playing sports with the boys. She always keeps her magical bow and arrow nearby. Zarnia plays a important part as well in The Ten Commandments. She was the messenger from Pysnay. No messenger no warning and no guidance for the people of Funland and thats that.

23 Zanias story The story of how she died and became a goddess.

24 Part 1 Deep down in the far west in the middle o the desert there be an ol cowgirl called Zania. Now she hated being girly so she went aroun pretending she werent female. What she didnt know was that Pysnay the king of all gods and master of snakes was watching her.

25 Part 2 The only shade there was, was a small cactus nearby. Zania sat in its shade wondering what to do. It was awfully hot and Zania was feeling dizzy and there was no water left. Suddenly a large snake she hadnt noticed came up to her and tied her tightly around the cactus. She couldnt breathe. She felt a sharp pang of pain. Then she hung limply.

26 When Zania opened her eyes she found herself in an Indian camp. It was night time and she had bite marks in her arm, these Indians didnt mean well. Zania looked at them angrily, thats it she thought. She grabbed a knife out of her pocket and cut through the ropes which were binding her. She saw that one of the Indians had noticed and were calling others so she lassoed several of their weapons before they could reach them Letting off an accidental gunshot.

27 Ill leave you alone if you leave me. she said. They nodded and after collecting their stuff ran off. All of a sudden she fell to the ground clutching her arm in agony. She could feel the snake venom flowing through her…


29 She was in heaven. Pysnay was waiting for her and since shed been brave to the end and wanted to be goddess she took the hello I want to be a goddess test and passed.

30 Rosa (Rose-a) Rosa is a goddess and spends her time doing girly stuff and arguing with Zania. She is the goddess of girliness and is always competing against Zania. Trying to get the girls girly. She wears long frilly pink dresses which continuously get in the way. She loves to preen herself and nearly always overdoses on her lipstick. Her high heeled shoes have become extremely useful and are her greatest weapons. They play an important part in the ten commandments.

31 Rosas Story The story of how Rosa became a god.

32 Part 1 Rosa was sitting back watching a program on T.V called the Pink Pony Carnival - of course only for girly girls like her. When she looked outside she saw a beautiful rainbow she glanced at it and then turned round back to her program intent in seeing how the ponies managed to get their large frilly dresses back. Suddenly the T.V switched off instead a big arrow appeared pointing to the rainbow. Sulking Rosa turned and glared at it. Then she saw the rainbow slowly deforming and twisting and turning!

33 Part 2 Rosa who was only bothered about fashion and other various girly stuff didnt pay much attention.

34 Part 3 A bottle of shiny shampoo was lifted up by nothing in particular and the contents was poured out the window. The invisible thingy picked up her can of chocolate and began to advance worryingly close. Oh all right Ill pay attention you stupid er…thingy! she shouted. The arrow came up again so she looked at the sky.

35 She saw eyes appearing in a flash of light on the rainbow! However being a girly girl she was bored to death by it all. Part 4

36 Part 5 Look if youve got troubles then Im busy! Dya hear? BUSY!shouted Rosa. It isnt just troubles its fashion troubles Im competing against the other rainbows and theyve all gone and changed their colours to look cool. I dont know what I can do. said a floaty voice which seemed to be coming from the rainbow even though it didnt seem to have any lips. Finally something had interested the fashion queen. Rosa sat up fast and ran out of the house calling: Well youve come ta da right person!

37 Part 6 Soon the fashion queen of margarine, (sorry I like to be random) had sorted the rainbows colours into the perfect fashion display the rainbow won the contest!

38 Being so kind, (and especially girly) Pysnay thought she deserved a place in heaven and now thats where she is – the girly department. Living to help all girly girls get their way.

39 Funle (Fun-lay) Funle lives a comfortable life with her godly husband Pysnay. She is the goddess of fun and makes sure everyone gets their part of it. She wears a long red dress in which she keeps all her most valuable possessions. Possessions such as: her magical pen of fun or her magical notebook of fun. You might find these a little lame but trust me they help. She is the main character in the ten commandments she was the young person who gathered followers to get them out. She was the one who believed in freedom from the serio soldiers and she most importantly was the one who believed Zania. Pysnay had commanded to see the lands savoir and when he saw her it was love at first sight and they all lived happily ever after!

40 Well leave Funles story till another time.

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