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Our School Calverley Parkside School, Leeds, United Kingdom.

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1 Our School Calverley Parkside School, Leeds, United Kingdom

2 Where are we ? Leeds

3 Background Information n Our school was opened in 1900 n Queen Victoria was our queen then! n We have 200 pupils n We are a very popular school n Our school is close to two main cities: Leeds and Bradford

4 Our uniform n All schools in the UK wear a school uniform n We have grey or black trousers, a white shirt and a navy blue sweatshirt n Girls can also wear pinafores, skirts or dresses n We have our school logo on our uniform

5 Our logo n Our school logo is a snowy owl n The owl is a symbol used a lot in Leeds (but no one seems to know why!) n We have an owl mascot in school n Each week he rewards the class with the best attendance n The reward is an extra playtime!

6 Our school day n School opens at 9am and closes at 3.30pm n Lunch break 12.00-1.00pm n Four teaching sessions n Two break-times (morning and afternoon)

7 We ring the bell at 8.55 n We line up in our classes n Our teachers come and collect us n We put our coats in the cloakroom n We put our lunchboxes on the trolley n We go to our classes and do asettling in task

8 First session n After registration we go into the hall for a 30 minute assembly n Our headteacher talks to us about important matters n We go back to class and work for an hour n We usually start the day with Maths

9 Playtime! n Morning break lasts from 10.30 until 10.45 n We like to run around and play with our friends n There are also quiet places to sit and chat n We have some good play time equipment to use

10 Second session n After play we go back to class n After another settling in task we work from 11.00 to 12.00 n Most classes do English lessons: reading, writing, phonics…

11 Lunchtime! n At 12.00 its lunch time n We have a rota system n We can choose between school dinners or a packed lunch n We also have time to play outside n If it rains we do activities in a classroom

12 Third session n We go back to class at 1oclock and work until 2.15 n In the afternoons we tend to do topic based work n We especially like History, Art, Music and PE n At 2.15 we have an afternoon playtime for 15 minutes

13 Last session n At 2.30 we start our final session of the day n Again it is usually Topic Work n We tidy up ready for 3.30 when its home-time n Some of us may go to after-school clubs n Most of us go straight home with our parents

14 Our School Year n We work from the beginning of September to the end of July n Three terms (Autumn, Spring, Summer) n Terms are divided into six half- terms

15 Organisation – our school has many different classes n Foundation Stage (aged 3-4) has a Nursery and Reception class n Key Stage 1 (aged 4-7) has Class 1 and Class 2 n Key Stage 2 (aged 7-11) has Class 3, Class 4, Class 5 and Class 6

16 Our Curriculum – We study many subjects n English n Maths n Science n ICT n RE n History n Geography n Art & Design n Design Technology n PE n PHSE & Citizenship n Music n French & Spanish

17 After-school clubs n Music n P.E. n First Aid n Art n Gardening

18 Residential Visits n Two visits each year n Year 4 and Year 6 n Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

19 Our School Links n We work closely with two High Schools in Leeds n We enjoy our Comenius links! n We also have a partner school in Sri Lanka

20 We are looking forward to sharing our work with you!

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