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What could Hatshepsut do to show her authority?

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1 What could Hatshepsut do to show her authority?
Do Now You are an official serving Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt. You admire her, but some people think that a woman should not rule. She calls herself king, & she dresses like a pharaoh – even wearing a false beard. That was your idea! You wish you could help more. What could Hatshepsut do to show her authority?

2 Do Now Please open your textbook to page 97, please read the biography on Queen Hatshepsut and answer the analyze question below the reading. Now please turn to page 99 and answer the question at the bottom of the page titled Analyzing Visuals (about the Daily life in Egypt).

3 CHAPTER 4 SECTION 3 Middle & New Kingdoms
Big Idea: During the Middle & New Kingdoms, order & greatness were restored in Egypt.

4 Middle Kingdom Toward the end of Old Kingdom
As wealth & power declined: Nobles challenged Pharaohs power (Chaos ensued) Trade disrupted, farming declined, hardships Period stabilized for a while by: Mentuhotep II Hyksos invaded & conquered Egypt 200 yr. reign Brought the Horse, Chariot, & advanced weapons Ahmose drove out Hyksos ushering in New Kingdom

5 New Kingdom Period of conquest that led to power & glory
To prevent future invasions Egypt invaded Hyksos homeland (Syria) & conquered Kush Rival Kings sent gifts to keep Egypt from attack Conquest led to more open trade routes Hatshepsut: Increased trade from Red sea to Mediterranean Ramses the Great: expanded Kingdom, fought with Hittites Kingdom came to an end by invasion of the Sea Peoples & Hittites

6 New Kingdom

7 With a partner Please turn to page 101 in your textbook and read about the biography of Ramses the Great and answer these two questions below: 1.) Why do you think Ramses built great monuments all over Egypt? 2.) What does the painting on the bottom of page 101 tell about Egyptian Warfare during the time of Ramses the Great (II)?

8 Review- Pair Share What were two reasons the pharaohs’ power declined at the end of the Old Kingdom? What weakened the New Kingdom?

9 Homework Vocabulary pg. 96 & Page 100 #1-3

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