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8 Funny Bridal Shower Games. Introduction Your guest are going to love you! Including funny games at a bridal shower is something everyone can appreciate!

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1 8 Funny Bridal Shower Games

2 Introduction Your guest are going to love you! Including funny games at a bridal shower is something everyone can appreciate! So this guide has everything you need to host some really funny games. Want to take the average bridal shower game to the next level? In addition to basic game instructions, well also show you how to incorporate a bridal shower piñata into your festivities. Since bridal showers tend to be classy affairs, we assume youll be using a pull-string piñata. No bats or blindfolds required. Even the fuddy-duddies can play! And trust us, even the stodgiest of guests cant wait to see what falls out of a piñata! For some very creative ideas on how to include your guests in a piñata surprise for the bride, visit Create Laughter. Break the Ice. Honor the Bride.

3 Pass the Bouquet Version One: Game is similar to musical chairs. Everyone sits in a circle. Hostess hands first person a bouquet and starts the music. Guests pass the bouquet until the music stops. Whoever is holding the bouquet is out. Last person holding bouquet wins a small prize. Version Two: Instead of a bouquet, hostess wraps a corsage in a gift box. Guests are told that whoever is left holding the box at the end of the game has to wear whatever in inside the box ALL NIGHT. Naturally, theyll assume its something embarrassing and will therefore pass the box quickly. PIÑATA TWIST: Instead of being out, whoever is left holding the bouquet, gets to pull a string!

4 The Newlywed Game OBJECTIVE: See how well the bride and groom know each other. Or, actually, see how well the bride knows her groom (because shes guessing what hell say, even though the truth as she remembers it might be a little different!) BEFORE THE SHOWER: Ask the groom 20 or so questions about the bride and their relationship. AT THE SHOWER: Ask the bride the same questions. Remember, shes trying to guess how her groom would answer. PIÑATA TWIST: Let the bride pull a string with every correct answer!

5 Where did you first meet? Most recent thing you purchased for the bride? TV show did you last watch together? What size ring does the bride wear? Pet name the bride uses for the groom? What is the bride most likely to wear: jockeys, a thong, or granny panties? Most likely to fight about: messiness, social plans, or wedding stress? Where was your first kiss? Where did you go on your first date? How many dates before your first kiss? Who is better at handling money? What color dress did your bride wear on your first date? What color are your brides eyes? Where was your best vacation together? Which of your habits does your bride/groom want you to break? What animal does your mother-in-law remind you of? The groom most resembles: Batman Daffy Duck Charlie Brown? What is your brides favorite color? My bride will never win a contest for most ________________. Which dance do you do best? What is the brides favorite piece of jewelry (other than her wedding band)? Very first gift the groom gave the bride? If your bride won $1000, what would she spend it on? What is the most unusual thing your bride carries in her purse? What is your brides favorite dessert? What is your brides guilty pleasure? My bride is a natural born ___________? Barring all financial burden, how many children would you like to have? Who was the last to say I love you? Last time the groom brought flowers? What did your bride/groom get you for Christmas last year? Who is the safer driver? Who proposed marriage first? Great Newlywed Questions to ask the Groom Thanks to: for inspiring these great questions!

6 Memory Lane OBJECTIVE: Guests share funny stories of the bride. HOW TO PLAY: Guests write down a funny memory they share with the bride. Put memories in a hat. Bride draws a memory, reads it aloud and guesses who penned the memory. Hostess would be wise to keep the guest list in mind when giving directions to this game (Grandma might not appreciate stories about Tabletop dancing!) PIÑATA TWIST: Have guests tie their memories to small gifts, which they put into the piñata. When the piñata is opened, the bride can hold up each gift, read the memory, and guess the gift-giver.

7 How Much Has She Been Talking? OBJECTIVE: Guests get to learn a little more about the bride and the wedding she has planned. AT THE PARTY: The host gives everyone (or teams of two) a noise maker. Host reads the question aloud and the first person to buzz in gets to guess. Person (or team) with the most correct answers, wins a prize. See the next page for great questions to ask the bride in advance of the party. PIÑATA TWIST: Guest with the correct answer gets to pull a string!

8 When did the bride and groom meet? What was the bride's favorite show growing up? What was the bride's favorite band or singer growing up? What is the bride's favorite food and restaurant? Does the groom wear boxers or briefs? How many children do the bride and groom want? What is the bride's favorite color? What did the bride want to become when she was younger? What is the groom's favorite sport? What is the bride's favorite hobby? What is the bride's favorite show on TV? What poster did the bride have on her wall growing up? If the bride was on a dessert island and couldn't take her groom, who would she take? What is the bride's most embarrassing moment? What is the song the bride has chosen as their wedding song? How many cakes were tried before selecting the cake? How did the groom propose? Where did the groom propose? Who was the first person the bride called, groom called? How long have the bride and groom known each other? How many venues did the bride and groom visit to choose the place of their wedding? How many bands did they review before choosing one? How many bridesmaid dresses has the bride looked at before making her decision? How many bridesmaids will she be having? How many groomsmen will he be having? ??s to Ask the Bride This list is a compilation of questions found online. Add your own for a personal touch!

9 Lets Make A Deal! Ask ladies to gather their purses. Using this list (and your imagination!), call out one item. Whoever can produce the item from their purse first, wins a small prize. PIÑATA TWIST: Instead of winning a prize, the guest gets to pull a string.

10 Items for Lets Make a Deal Listed in order of common to rare. Odder items deserve better prizes. Drivers License Keys Pen Lipstick/lip gloss Comb/brush Credit card Chocolate Candy Gum Breath mints Receipt Nickel Cell phone Nail file Compact mirror Tampon Sunglasses Notebook Business card Tylenol/Advil Zip-Loc bag Hand sanitizer Hair clip Lotion Kleenex Perfume Band aid 5+ credit cards Kids toy Ipod/MP3 player More than $100 Umbrella Q-tip Deodorant Tweezers Book Library card Pic of yourself Nail clipper Water Condom USB Flash Drive Sewing kit Nail polish Playing cards Granola/fruit bar Nose spray Postage stamp Flashlight Underwear Spoon Socks Rock Diaper Passport Earplug Jar of baby food Mace/pepper spray Hand gun Credit for this great list goes to:

11 Lucky You! Prior to guests arriving at the party, tape a variety of items to the bottom of different party items. For example, you can tape a coin to the bottom of a chair, a stamp to the bottom of a vase, a photo of the bride to the bottom of a dessert plate. Early in the party, ask everyone to look under their chair. Whoever finds the coin, wins a bridal shower gift (i.e., scented candle, bookmark, book, frame). Let guests know that there are x# of prizes to be won, they only need to find the rest of the items you have hidden throughout the party. When someone finds a hidden object, they need to call out and the gift will be awarded! PIÑATA TWIST: Tell guests that the piñata is full of treats for THEM. When they find a hidden object, they get to pull a string.

12 Sign Your Name Shower hostess provides a pack of Thank You Cards and asks each guest to write their own name and address on the stamped thank you card envelope. Then, raffle-style, the bride mixes them all together and picks a bridal shower winner to get a memorable gift. And the bride gets to take home pre-addressed Thank You cards! PIÑATA TWIST: Draw envelopes and read the names to see who gets to pull a string next. Thank You!

13 Lingerie Surprise! Before the Shower: Hostess asks guests to purchase a pair of panties for the bride. Each guest is asked to tie a message for the bride to the pair of panties, without signing their names! At the Shower: Guests sneak their gift into the piñata. When the contents fall out, the bride can hold them up, read the message and try to guess the giver. Hang panties on a line for a pretty and unique shower decoration. PIÑATA TWIST: Use any of the games weve shared to determine who gets to pull the next string!

14 Dont have a bridal shower piñata yet? Let us hook you up ! The piñata that looks like a bride! Pretty, classy, easy. Customized to your brides taste. The Original Panty Piñata Each kit includes: The Piñata, dressed in satin ivory gown, with belt and roses (8) Panty Message Tags for your guests (8) Panty Piñata Bridal Shower Game Instructions 100% cotton tote for the bride A Special gift for you, the hostess!

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