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Unit 4 Main Point & Argument. Main Point 06-12-01 Do you agree or disagree? The influence from classmates is more important than that from parents.

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1 Unit 4 Main Point & Argument

2 Main Point 06-12-01 Do you agree or disagree? The influence from classmates is more important than that from parents.

3 Classmates Dress, behavior Language

4 Parents Value of world(career, love, money etc.) Virtues (kindness, generosity etc. ) Habits

5 Avoid repetition Poor ex. Many people are having great influence in our life. When it comes to parents and classmates, I agree with the statement that the influence from classmates is more important than that from parents.

6 Direct and worthy Better ex. Many people can exert great influence and make changes in our life, such as teachers, parents, friends and even strangers. Comparing parentage and friendship, I think the former determines who we are to a larger extent.


8 Main point Agree or disagree basically agree and basically disagree

9 Argument

10 How to argue? vs.

11 2008-6-21 Good looks and dresses of people are more important for success than good ideas. For students, good ideas are more important. Academics Extracurricular activities For businessmen, good ideas are more important. Bill Gates For scientists, Stephen Hawking. Albert Einstein

12 people For statesmen/politicians, good ideas are more important. For models/actresses, good looks and dress are more important.

13 2008-02-02 A person should never make an important decision alone. Decision for a company--agree Decision for an individual--agree Decision in an emergent situation –disagree

14 2009.3.7 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: It is better to use ones own knowledge and experience to solve problems than to get advice from others. People at an early age People in emerging adulthood /adulthood People at an old age

15 2008.2.23 Do you agree or disagree with following statement? Technology makes peoples lives simpler rather than makes lives more complicated. Technology for cookingMicrowave, rice cooker Technology for music and picturesMP3,MP4 Technology for getting information--Computer and Internet

16 07-11-11 Do you agree or disagree? Advertising makes products seem better than they really are.

17 Consider advertisements for food. McDonalds Instant noodles

18 Consider advertisements for cosmetics/clothes Consider advertisements for cars / digital products

19 Do you agree or disagree? Being creative rather than planning carefully will come up with the best solution to a problem.

20 Consider economic problems. Consider environmental problems. Consider healthcare problems.

21 When it comes to environmental problems, creativity can offer us the best solution. Solving resource problems is of no exception. The same logic also applies to economic problems. Alternative expression

22 Do you agree or disagree? People today should not be polite because they are too busy.

23 making concession Main Point +

24 Parents should not limit TV time TV can supplement school education TV can help students relax, thus performing better at school Admittedly, there are some improper content on TV. However,….


26 As is granted/ Admittedly, … Although/ though/ in spite of the fact that Opponents would argue that … in some cases( in some aspects, to a certain degree), for instance,. However (Nevertheless/nonetheless), / For example.


28 1. However, as long as, the problem can be solved/ I dont see there is anything to worry about.

29 Should parents control TV time? Admittedly, there are some improper contents on television, such as blood, violence and pornography. However, as long as parents can give children appropriate supervision and guidance, this problem can be solved. For example,….

30 Technology makes people life simpler or more complicated. Admittedly, modern technology such as using computers is too complicated for old people. However, as long as young people can have some patience to teach them, the problem can be solved.

31 2. ( However, other better options are available, for instance____. E.G. 2008-06-28 People should live in the same city or country all their lives instead of moving to other places.

32 Admittedly, moving to other places does have its advantages. For instance, people may meet new friends. However, other better options are available if one stay in the same place, such as logging on to Internet chat rooms or

33 High salary job with less vacation VS. low salary job with long vacation Admittedly, positions with longer break can give people more time to do the work they are interested in. However, people who have a high salary job can also have the same enjoyment, if they choose a career they love. For example,…

34 3. However, on balance, far outweigh / seems to be minor/secondary

35 e.g. Technology makes peoples life simpler rather than complicated. Admittedly, some technical equipment/appliance may be too sophisticated for the people of older generations. However, the convenience modern technology brings far outweighs the difficulty of learning how to use them.

36 High salary job with high risk VS. low salary job with stability Admittedly, people will have less pressure and never worry about unemployment, if they choose a stable job. However, the challenge and valuable skills people gained from a position with generous payment far outweigh the security brought by a low-paid job.


38 2009.5.15 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement Professional athletes who receive high salaries, such as football or basketball players, deserve what they get.

39 First, athletes can bring a huge amount of profits for people who organize and invest in those games, so they need to be paid as performers. Secondly, they need to be rewarded, since sportsmen are taking high risks such as physical injuries and accidents during playing footballs or basketballs.

40 Some opponents may argue that those famous athletes are being paid too much, which may cause the discrepancy of the society. For example, Beckham earns millions of ponds per year. However, considering their contributions of providing audience entertainment, and setting people a role model of persistence in playgrounds, the sportsmen deserve what they get. / /However, sportsmens career life is limited, so they need enough money to secure their living for the rest of their life. / some athletes may donate money to the society, which can solve the problem.

41 Do you agree or disagree? It is better to organize a big party with a lot of people than a small party with a few family members and friends for major events, such as birthday party and graduation.

42 Small party 1.Reduce cost 2.Enhance relationship with family and friends/increase the quality time with family.. 3.Admittedly, Big partywe can meet more friends/enlarge social connection. However, the relationship built in large parties are shallow and temporary.

43 2007-12-01 People should not pay public transportation. Lower fees( 1.2.3) instead of making it free 1.2.3..

44 40 People should never, never give up Generally speaking/ in most cases, a person should not give up.

45 2008.3.7 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: People today spend too much time on enjoyment. We only do what we like to do rather than we should do.

46 2009.1.17 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Advertising is the most important cause of unhealthy eating habits. (Media)

47 1. Never, always, all Main point: generally speaking/ by and large..

48 2008-02-02 A person should never make an important decision alone. E.G. Parents are the best teachers of their children.

49 2.Best. Most important/effective Main point: generally speaking, it is an effective/ good/ important…instead of the best.

50 2007-8-11 For governments, the best way of saving energy is to raise the prices of electricity and gasoline.

51 A B,C,D 2008.9.28. Do you agree or disagree? The only effective way to encourage energy conservation is by increasing prices of gasoline and electricity.

52 B. Raising the publics awareness of saving energy. C. Reducing/restricting the use of private cars. D. Find alternative energy resources.

53 E.g. The best way of travelling is led by a tour guide. B. Travel alone C. Travel with friends D. Travel with family

54 2009.2.21 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Newspapers and magazines are the best ways to learn about a foreign country. (Media)

55 2009.4.3 Do you agree or disagree? The best way to improve education is to raise teachers salaries.

56 1.Raising salary of educators is one way. 2.Improve/update school facilitatesprojectors, computers, libraries 3.Giving teachers trainings---holding conferences, Exchange with experienced teachers, attending extra classes, going abroad…

57 Practice 09-02-22 Do you agree or disagree? The purpose of television should be all educative, not entertain.

58 Firstly, television should have educational channels which give people effective resources of learning. Secondly, many people watch variety shows after a long-day work in order to get entertainment and relaxation. Thirdly, entertainment programs can bring more profits to TV stations. The most popular programs on TV is talk shows and soap operas.

59 2008.5.9 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: The government should spend more money on improving access to the Internet than on the public transportation. (Government)

60 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when your grandparents were children. 2.Medical care 3.Transportation 4.Material supply

61 Do you agree or disagree? People today are easier to get educated than they were in the past.

62 NOTICE 1. Todaynowadays, at present, currently, in modern world, in contemporary society In the pastin the old days/times, decades ago, Back then, in 1960s Easy & comfortableconvenient, happy, enjoyable, contented, satisfied (contentment, satisfaction)

63 in contrast, on the contrary; oppositely.

64 in 20 years/ in the future In 20 years, printed books will no long exist. In 20 years, people will use less cars. In 20 years/ in the future, people will spend less time on cooking.

65 07 11 03 Do you agree or disagree? People who do not need to work because they get enough money are rarely happy.


67 Basic needs (food, clothing,shelter) Safety needs (body, employment, health etc.) Love/ belonging (friends, family, partner) Esteem (respect by others, recognition of the society) Self-actualization(self-achievement, morality, creativity)

68 Do you agree or disagree? It is not good to move to a new country or new city because we will lose old friends.

69 1) profit from/benefit from People can profit/benefit from the advancement of modern technology, such as computers, the Internet and many digital devices.

70 2) is an indispensable part of Advertising has become an indispensable part of our lives and it has been exerting profound influence on the way we live, work, play and learn.

71 3) plays a pivotal/fundamental/central role in… It is universally acknowledged that education plays a pivotal role in individual success.

72 4) enable somebody to do something The policy of restricting usage of plastic bags enables people to foster an awareness of environmental protection.

73 5) get accustomed to do something People may need time to get accustomed to use less plastic bags which once brought us great convenience, but this practice will definitely benefit/better our environment.

74 6) Someone can utilize something In this day and age, many individuals can utilize the Internet via computers or mobile phones.

75 7) something is in the best interests of someone Preserving the endangered animals is in the best interests of humanity.

76 8) contribute to… The restricting of private cars can contribute to the betterment of traffic condition in Beijing.

77 Students should not only learn academic knowledge but also do volunteer work in communities, thereby( … ) making contributions to their cities.

78 ( ) 1)the more…the more The more plastic bags we use, the worse our environment will become. 2) A can be attributed to B White pollution can be attributed to peoples massive usage of plastic bags.

79 3) deprive someone of something Environmental pollution deprives city-dwellers of fresh air and healthy living conditions.

80 4) be addicted to At present, many individuals are addicted to/preoccupied with computer games.

81 5) something is the root cause of… The proliferation of cars is the root cause of air pollution.

82 6) be confronted with something In contemporary society, we are confronted with plenty of challenges and a variety of pressures.

83 7) pose a threat to Non biodegradable( ) rubbish such as plastic bags pose a threat to humanity/humans.

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