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Space Dress Space Dress is a dress that inflates in specific situations according to its user's decision. It is designed to cope with stress, moments of.

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1 Space Dress Space Dress is a dress that inflates in specific situations according to its user's decision. It is designed to cope with stress, moments of anxiety and claustrophobic situations - or simply for comfort.

2 The Emotional Wardrobe Lisa Stead' s Emotional Wardrobe is a collection of garments that represent and stimulate emotional response through technology-enhanced aesthetics. The pieces of clothing change their aesthetic display in response to the emotions of the wearer or the presence of a viewer. http://www.we-make-money-not-

3 Emotional and aromatic dress The dress mimics the body's circulation system, the senses and scent glands. The interactive fabric emits a selection of scents depending on your mood. Aromatic messages are actively 'pulsed' electronically through a cabling system, to key points of the body in order to activate the smell centre. http://www.we-make-money-not- dress.php

4 Chalayan's morphing dresses Five dresses that twitch, move, and morph through decades of their own accord. http://www.we-make-money-not-

5 Chalayan's morphing dresses the dresses were driven electronically by controlled, geared motors. containers held the battery packs, controlling chips--the microcontrollers and microswitches--and little geared motors. Motors nine millimeters in diameter were used. Each of the motors had a little pulley, and the pulley was then attached to this monofilament wire which was fed through hollow tubes sewn into the corset of the dress. Some of the corsets were very complicated. They had 30 or 40 of these little tubes running everywhere, carrying these little cables, each doing its little job 7639&ch=infotech

6 Biomapping Christian Nold How will our perceptions of our environment change when we become aware of our own and each others intimate body states?

7 Biomapping Bio Mapping is a community mapping with more than 1500 participants in the last 4 years. Participants are wired up with an innovative device which records the wearer's Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), an indicator of emotional arousal in conjunction with their geographical location. People re-explore their local area by walking the neighborhood with the device and on their return a map is created which visualizes points of high and low arousal. Communal emotion maps are constructed that are packed full of personal observations which show the areas that people feel strongly about and truly visualize the social space of a community

8 BIOSENSORS Surface electromyography (EMG) equipment and physiological sensors to measure human emotional and physical responses

9 URBAN SONAR Personal Space detection for Urban Environments Urban Sonar is a personal space monitoring system that senses an individual's experience as they move through the urban environment and records that information for review at a later time. Turning the gaze both outward and inward, negative space surrounding the individual and their heart rate are used to visualize a lived experience through quantitative data. Considering both the body and its movement through space, Urban Sonar is a mobile, wearable, logging system that uses objective data to map a subjective experience.

10 URBAN SONAR Personal Space detection for Urban Environments The sensing system is integrated into a wearable device. Ultrasonic range finders are mounted in the front, back, and shoulders of a jacket, measuring the empty space or proximity to solid forms on all sides of the body. Conductive fabric strips are strapped around the fingers and serve as the contact leads for a heart rate monitor that registers pulse. The remaining electronic components are housed in a pocket inside the jacket. Sensor data is fed into a microcontroller that interprets the values and transmits them serially via Bluetooth. The data is received and recorded by a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. Once the session is complete, the log file is uploaded from the mobile phone to a server where it is interpreted as a time-based visualization. This visualization displays an accelerated, aerial view that simulates the ebb and flow of the user's personal space and heart rate as the values fluctuate during the period of data logging.

11 URBAN SONAR Personal Space detection for Urban Environments Four Maxbotix Ultrasonic Range Finders are mounted in the front, back, and shoulders of a hooded sweatshirt, measuring the proximity of people and objects on all sides of the body. Four conductive fabric leads, stemming from the Polar Heart Rate Monitor, are strapped around the fingers to measure pulse.

12 URBAN SONAR Personal Space detection for Urban Environments Sensor data is fed into the Arduino board which then interprets it and sends it serially to the BlueSMiRF device. The BlueSMiRF sends the data via bluetooth to a Nokia N80 mobile phone where it is logged using Dan OSullivans Logger midlet. Once the log is complete, it is uploaded to a server where it is interpreted in a time- based visualization made in Processing.

13 BIOSENSORS Patient monitoring finger ring sensor A monitoring system for monitoring the health status of a patient and transmitting to a remote receiver a signal, based on measured physiological parameters. A sensor is incorporated in a finger ring or other article of apparel so as to monitor skin temperature, blood flow, blood constituent concentration, or pulse rate of the patient. The data are encoded for wireless transmission by mapping a numerical value associated with each datum to a pulse emitted after a delay of a specified duration following a fiducial time. Multiple ring bands and sensor elements may be employed for deriving three-dimensional dynamic characteristics of arteries and tissue of the finger.

14 BIOSENSORS Data for individuals can be fed into electronic medical record systems or used in health studies. One possible research area is respiratory health. "If you know the location and respiratory rate of an individual and can link this data to measurements from air pollution monitors, you can learn something about exposures to air pollution that lead to asthma attacks," Seto says. Another potential area for study is obesity. Why is it that some children dont get as much exercise as others? Seto asks. Does it have something to do with their communities and where they live? If we could understand childrens activity patterns by using these sensors, we might be able to understand the problem and design better communities.

15 BIOSENSORS Implantable wireless biosensorsImplantable wireless biosensors. Ultimately, cells specific to the patient can be engineered to live on and function as part of the miniature electronic chip. The wireless biosensor is placed within and around blood vessels and nerves to provide detection and stimulation of the surrounding tissues or organ systems, with the ability to detect changes. A change triggers a message to a wireless device to alert the patient early on about a problem.

16 POTENTIOMETRIC BIOSENSORS Used to measure parameters such as pH and redox potential Redox: oxidation of sugar in the human body through a series of very complex electron transfer processes


18 TIME 2001 INVENTIONS OF THE YEAR Is that crushing pain a heart attack, or pulled muscles from yesterday's pec-deck session? Ask your T shirt. Made of a soft, washable fabric with optical and electrical fibers woven into it, the SmartShirt records heart and respiration rates, body temperature and calories burned. Information is relayed wirelessly and can be sent on to doctors or personal trainers. Future planned products include shirts for military use that would provide a trapped soldier's exact location and give triage units details about wounds. Availability: By September 2002, for about $175


20 The SmartShirt System is a unisex wearable wireless T-shirt designed to collect physiological signals and movement from the human body. The System collects analog signals through conductive fiber sensors and passes them through a conductive fiber grid knitted in the T-Shirt. A textile connector passes the analog signals to a small personal controller held in a pocket on the shirt. The personal controller digitizes the signal and transmits the signal to a Bluetooth or Zigbee receiver connected to a base station where the information is collected, displayed and/or stored.

21 Pulse oximeter A pulse oximeter is a medical device that indirectly measures the oxygen saturation of a patient's blood (as opposed to measuring oxygen saturation directly through a blood sample) and changes in blood volume in the skin, producing a photoplethysmograph. It is often attached to a medical monitor to display oxygenation at all times. Most monitors also display the heart rate.

22 BioWATCH BioWATCH is a wireless biometric monitoring system designed to observe astronauts on a spacecraft or spacewalk. It can measure a crewmember's pulse, blood pressure, glucose, temperature, joint angles and more, and then send the information to doctors on Earth in real time. BioWATCH has been demonstrated to be compatible with the following classes of biosensors: ECG, EEG, EMG, EOG, heart rate, blood glucose, blood pressure, temperature, and pulse oximeters. ed_topic_biowatch.html

23 Portable Unit for Metabolic Analysis (PUMA) The PUMA measures the amount of oxygen an astronaut consumes and the amount of carbon dioxide produced. When combined with PUMAs heart rate measurement, PUMA software quantifies how hard the astronaut is working. The data are used to present the most accurate picture of the astronauts fitness level and to prevent the astronaut from working past the point of exhaustion. anResearch/Medical/Biosensors/

24 Capacitive Biosensors In 2002, QUASAR developed a new class of bioelectric sensors that coupled to the body capacitively. These devices differ from previous capacitive electrodes in that they can tolerate very small capacitances to the source. Thus, the sensors can be operated at a standoff from the skin (up to several millimeters in practice), which makes it possible to measure the ECG through clothing. Nonintrusive-Wearable-Bioelectrodes-for- Monitoring/ArticleStandard/Article/detail/462478

25 Hybrid Biosensors (for EEG) These sensors address the issue of triboelectric charging in capacitive sensors by making contact with the skin via a set of 'fingers,' each of which is small enough to reach through hair without trapping hairs beneath the finger, thus ensuring electrical contact to the scalp. Electroencephalography (EEG) is the recording of electrical activity along the scalp produced by the firing of neurons within the brain. Wearable-Bioelectrodes-for- Monitoring/ArticleStandard/Article/detail/462478

26 Galvanic Skin response Galvanic Skin response sensor/data logger; custom made circuit boards On the circuit board a PIC microcontroller passes a small current through one of the electrodes into the wearer's fingers and calculates how long it takes for a capacitor to fill up. The length of time allows us to calculate the skin resistance. A short time means low resistance while a long time means high resistance. In itself this number is not very meaningful - i.e. one person's hands might be sweatier than another, but what is significant is the rate of change of this value over time. " GSR Physiology: Easily measured and relatively reliable, GSR has been used as an index for those who need some measurable parameter of a person's internal "state". As in EEG, there is not a clear understanding of what the measures reflect.

27 Actuators SMART MATERIALS Shape memory alloy A shape memory alloy (SMA, smart metal, memory alloy, muscle wire, smart alloy) is an alloy that "remembers" its original, cold, forged shape, and which returns to that shape after being deformed by applying heat. This material is a lightweight, solid-state alternative to conventional actuators such as hydraulic, pneumatic, and motor-based systems.

28 Actuators SMART MATERIALS Muscle Wires Muscle Wires are thin strands of a special nickel-titanium alloy that actually shorten in length when electrically powered. They are easy to use, and they can lift thousands of times their own weight. The direct linear motion of Muscle Wires offers experimenters a source of motion that is very similar to that of a human muscle, providing possibilities not available with motors or solenoids.

29 Actuators SMART MATERIALS Piezoelectric materials Materials that produce a voltage when stress is applied. Since this effect also applies in the reverse manner, a voltage across the sample will produce stress within the sample. Suitably designed structures made from these materials can therefore be made that bend, expand or contract when a voltage is applied.

30 Actuators SMART MATERIALS Magnetic shape memory alloys Materials that produce a voltage when stress is applied. Since this effect also applies in the reverse manner, a voltage across the sample will produce stress within the sample. Suitably designed structures made from these materials can therefore be made that bend, expand or contract when a voltage is applied.

31 Actuators SMART MATERIALS Temperature-responsive polymer A temperature-responsive polymer is a polymer which undergoes a physical change when external thermal stimuli are presented.

32 Actuators SMART MATERIALS Chromogenic systems Chromogenic systems change colour in response to electrical, optical or thermal changes. These include electrochromic materials, which change their colour or opacity on the application of a voltage (e.g. liquid crystal displays), thermochromic materials change in color depending on their temperature, and photochromic materials, which change colour in response to light - for example, light sensitive sunglasses that darken when exposed to bright sunlight.

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