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Student Development. New Student Orientation Spring 2009 Student Development Session.

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1 Student Development

2 New Student Orientation Spring 2009 Student Development Session

3 Lanette Sessink Vice President for Student Development Ryan Schmitz Residence Life Peggy Oldham Associate VP Lee Yowell Judicial/SGA Jim Singletary Multicultural Affairs Wendi Lahmon Admin. Assistant

4 Scott Flemming Athletic Director Eric Browning Counseling Services Elaine Blair Career Services Carolyn Swallow Counselor

5 Travis Keller Oakwood Beau Carlson Mens Apts. Erin Barrick Female Apts. Tracy Boyer Galloway Hall Mary Long Pioneer Hall Resident Directors

6 Campus Services Cafeteria 7am-7pm (Weekdays) Prince Student Union (586) Campus Book Store Post Office on campus Student portal website Counseling and Career Center Library/Ohio Link Services Motherboard & Helpdesk

7 How do I get involved? SGA (Student Government Association) Residential Life Events New Student Events Clubs Organizations Small Groups Campus Life at MVNU:

8 Walk with someone at night Be smart when posting personal information online Keep your room or apartment doors locked Keep money and credit cards secure Register and lock up your bike Register your vehicle Parking Lost ID Cards CAMPUS SAFETY

9 Harassment/Assault Sexual Harassment: Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other physical and expressive behavior. Assault - Sexual act directed against another person, forcible or against their will. Reporting Concerns & Confidentiality: Resident Directors Lee Yowell (Associate Dean) Dr. Peggy Oldham (Associate VP) Counseling Center Campus Safety and Security Dr. Candace Fox (Title IX Compliance Officer) Complete Policy at


11 Christmas, Spring, and Summer Break??? From the time a student is enrolled at MVNU until... When do the lifestyle guidelines apply? Graduation Withdraw from MVNU Dismissed

12 Entertainment Patronizing inappropriate places of entertainment such as bars or clubs. Social dancing Gambling No R-rated videos in the Residence Areas Pornography - computer generated or otherwise Any entertainment violating the colleges mission Complete Policy at

13 Dress Code Standards Basic Principles – Neatness, Cleanliness, & Modesty Appropriate Outerwear: Jeans, pants, skirts, dresses, shorts of appropriate length, shirts must be worn when in public areas. Inappropriate Outerwear: Midriff & halter tops, or dresses that do not cover the shoulder, form fitting outfits Complete Policy at

14 Shorts: Anytime in your Residence area, the cafeteria, and around campus. Not permitted in classrooms, administrative offices or Chapel at any time. Complete Policy at Dress Code Standards

15 Multicultural Affairs Cross Cultural Club - open for all students Black History Month - look for chapel slides, posters, and e-mail announcements Womens History Month - March An exciting number of events throughout the year

16 Why stop by the Student Development Office? We have Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea, and…Candy! Yesterday is history... Tomorrow is mystery... Today is Gods gift... That is why it is the present

17 Any Questions?

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