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DRESS ME UP! By: Brittany Allen-Robertson. Polka Dot High-Low Dresses!

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1 DRESS ME UP! By: Brittany Allen-Robertson

2 Polka Dot High-Low Dresses!

3 Target Market: Empowering, virtuous, respectful & influential women leaders in the school community that are fashion savvy and aware of themselves and their identity.

4 My Customer Profile Economic Level: middle to upper class Age: 18 to 21 Sex: Females Income level: $6,000-$10,800 Habits: Dinning, entertainment, shopping, and enjoys being outside Work: Forever 21, H&M, Nordstrom, and Macys Shop: Low-middle profile retail establishments Location: San Diego and San Marcos area

5 The History of Dresses

6 Togas & Tunics! Women wore stolas Rome & Greece had similar clothing Natural colored and very thin Different social classes wore different type of fabrics Ancient Rome

7 Egyptian Influence Accessorized with a lot a jewelry Wide variety of beads, stones and colors Limited fabric choice due to surrounding environment Very sexy style of dresses fashion-influence-today

8 19th Century France The Empress Josephine 1795-1799 This style of dress became very popular Inspired by neoclassical styles Based off of home décor and costume design Waistlines were high Silhouette was very sleek Early-19th-Century-Regency-and-Romantic-Styles

9 Empire/Regency style of Dresses High waist dress Showing off natural figure Popular for the past 200 years Widely used in fashion Thin fabric, very fine Day dresses-higher neckline Night dresses- lower neckline

10 Flappers – 1920s Loose fitted Straight Worn with stockings Flap to show off their legs Usually worn just below the knee

11 High-Low dresses for fall 2012 My Prediction;

12 The Fashion Cycle

13 Rough Graph

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