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Business Studies Marketing Project Travel Agency

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1 Business Studies Marketing Project Travel Agency
Members: Calvin Wong Lawrence Lau Anthony Lau Tam Lam Terry Tang

2 Introduction Increasing purchasing power
More people are willing to travel countries they like Looking for tours with higher quality and better services Enjoy a luxury trip

3 Objectives Create Brand image Build reputation among the industry
Establish long-term business relationship with channel members Provide a new and tailor-made experience of traveling to customers

4 Market Research Major competitors: Hong Thai, Wing On, Morning-Star (星晨), EGL Tours (東瀛遊), Sunflower (新華), Jetour, SKY Travel Prices of high class tours to the following places: USA + Canada $14,000-$15,000 Europe $13,000-$16,000 South Africa $11,000-$13,000 Middle East $7,000-$8,000 South America $50,000-$60,000

5 Unfulfilled needs of customers Special trips
E.g. South America, Amazon Ecotourism Special trips An eating/investment trip with connoisseur Pilgrimage tours (specialist in visiting holy land/ mountain) In 2007 the overall expenses spent on traveling by HK people = 107billions

6 Situation Analysis-SWOT Analysis
Strengths: Business Class Concentrate mainly on long distance tours High Quality Services and Tours Experienced Tour guides Front-line staff with language ability Well-trained employees

7 Weaknesses Lack of capital Lack of support from other channel members
Lack of marketing expertise Brand name unknown Imperfect information of the market Relationship with airline companies

8 Opportunities Unfulfilled customers’ needs New tours, package

9 Threats Competitors Market not yet saturated
Customers’ favor may change Rising cost Difficult to survive

10 Market Segmentation Demographic Psychographic
It should be set up near the living place of: middle-to-high income group retired people Psychographic aims to those: want to be different enjoy high-class tours

11 Positioning Super high-class Grand image
Brand new traveling experience High quality service Focus on long-distance travel

12 Target Market People with high income Retired people Company tours
more leisure time for traveling willing to spend a large sum of money for traveling Company tours The youth are excluded due to their financial status and they tend to have short-distance travels such as Taiwan and Japan

13 Product Traditional Part:
Four categories: a) America + Canada b) Europe c) Africa d) Middle East America + Canada Sightseeing: Eastern USA (Chicago, Washington, New York…) Western USA (Los Angeles, California…) Canada South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile…)

14 Europe Africa Middle East
Italy + England + France + Spain + Germany + Portugal… Sweden+ Denmark +Norway + Finland + Switzerland … Czech + Greece + Hungary + Austria + Ukraine + Turkey … Africa South Africa, Middle Africa, Egypt Middle East Dubai, Saudi, Arabia, Israel, Qatar

15 Package Pilgrimage Tour Ecotourism (生態遊) Foreign festivals
Location: Israel Wailing Wall, Last Supper room, Swim and Float in Dead Sea Ecotourism (生態遊) Travel around the rainforest by helium balloons Location: South America, Amazon, rainforests… Foreign festivals Beer festival (啤酒節) in Germany

16 Historical Trip Skiing Trip Location: Germany
Berlin Wall, Concentration camp, Wasa Poland-Jewish Monument A historical expertise provides German English translations Skiing Trip Location: Switzerland Coaches and all skiing equipment will be provided

17 Features of our trips at least one experienced and professional leader and a local tour guide who can speak fluent Cantonese direct flight to destination, avoid transits which cause inconvenience five star hotels guaranteed private sumptuous coaches enough free time for travelers extra entrance/sundry charges during the trip are not included 1 professional photographer for photo-taking for any travelers having their birthday during the trip, 20% off discount insurance acquired

18 Place Places to be considered: Wan Chai Tsim Sha Tsui Happy Valley

19 Why Wan Chai? Only 1 large scale competitors in the stated district
The people living nearby are mostly middle income group or above At the middle of residential area & business area

20 Price Price are set based on the market price
Price range: Traditional tours: $ Package tours: $ In Peak Season, price will be increased by 20%

21 10% discount offered to VIP members
Extra discounts for VIP members traveling in their birth month Discount to children Discount offered to customers who sign up for the first time $1000 discount

22 Promotion Advertising Personal Selling Publicity

23 Services Marketing Mix
People Staff dresses in uniform in shops Tour guides dress code: always formal (e.g. No punk hairstyles; wear shirt, leather shoes)

24 Process Provide staff with notes on standard procedures when serving customers Require staff to memorize FAQs and useful phrases (e.g. Thank you for joining our tour. We look forward to seeing you next time.) Ask customers to complete quiz to assess the quality of our tour

25 Physical Evidence Decoration concept of the shop : Home sweet home
Use wood in designing the shop Sofa, glass coffee table, large variety of drinks

26 Relationship Marketing
Provide VIP membership Priority to make reservation Give discounts to VIPs joining packages Give discounts to children aged under 11 Feedback in quizzes is discussed every 2 weeks to ensure complaints are handled efficiently

27 Recommendations Do regular research on:
the popularity of each of the packages the major age groups of different packages Allocate more resources to the most popular packages Cater more the demands to the major age groups Evaluate content of tours regularly

28 Contingency Plan Lower the price of the packages and tours
Eliminate those tours with least interest

29 The End

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