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SYPNOSIS HWSTVAPSS 1998 -2003 Potable sufficient water supply to villagers; Darah - Kulethi. Spent ~ Rs 5000/pa.

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1 SYPNOSIS HWSTVAPSS 1998 -2003 Potable sufficient water supply to villagers; Darah - Kulethi. Spent ~ Rs 5000/pa

2 AIM OF SAVIDYA, Quality Education, Support Govt SSA efforts, by partnership: dresses, academic needs, No cash grants. Active support: Child Health Care, Medical Physical training, games and sports, library (Local ) teacher per class, computers, Local active support :community, guardians, Support representatives –MLA, MPs and Administrators, DIOS, BSA, DIET,DM,CDO No child left behindNo child left behind, individual –pace

3 Lowest Achieving Students Strategies ( NO Child Left Behind, drop-out and achievement-gap,to be reduced ) Special students, reading, science, math Accelerating the learning program Improve program for slow student, special tutors, instructors, evaluate performance Aim failure students score average with high achieving classmates Boost (probation) scores Group reading; close rich and poor gap

4 No reservations based solely on caste, will be needed Most reserved seats go to creamy layer,decent education already benefitted. Quality education to all,a level playing field. Short sighted politics creates divisions Many 'upper castes' no decent education Poor merit reserved seats drop out wasted Highly meritous students left out Prestige of premier IIT's and IIM's would drop Govt and other agencies should focus on quality primary education to all.

5 Acquisition of knowledge, Character and Training to change the world.Campus Facilities Health Facilities, Academic Programs, for interest of children, in the age of Globalization. Literature and Performing Arts, Music Math, Science and technology, Campus and buildings, will have invigorating effects in the lives of children.

6 a

7 HWSTVAPSS SAVIDYA UPSAMITI 2004-2005 Rs 2 lakh in FDR Scholarships (5) to class 3 girls, Computer Fees to 2 girl students 3 months Computer Resource Center,for training after their class hours. Tuition Facility Caring, Sharing, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility. Students ~ 25

8 HWSTVAPSS SAVIDYA UPSAMITI 2005-2006. Asha Si V and Stanford,FCRA; Kulethi, DungraSethi, Mukhani, 304 Children. Nine Primary schools in Haldwani, sweaters 54 children Primary School, Latoli, one teacher. ~5 Children dresses: 60 Children +1T

9 2.79 Lac for SAVIDYA UPSAMITI from SILICON Valley, AFE, iii) 2005-2006 Full Uniforms (two sets), including dress, shoes, sweaters, ties ; Copy, Pencil, Rubber, Bag ; Teaching support ; 3 Class teachers Games and Sports facilities, Teacher Teaching aids, 2 Computers, Teacher, Library ~ 400 Books, and 1 Librarian Medical Check up ; inoculation for Hepatitis B, support of Vitamins and Ca.

10 Local Coordination Committee; Principal as Secretary R C Punetha, K Rashyara, B Ballabh; Kulethi Sri D C Bisht, D Singh; Darah Sri N R Tamta; Tamta Dhar. Sri J. Adhikari; Champawat Sri V Pande; (Junior Engineer, PWD) Librarian and Sports Teacher,Local day- to- day activities, Shramdan,Parents Meets.

11 Games material has been provided Volley Ball, Foot Ball Basket Ball, Badminton, Carom, Cricket, etc, Rope skip, throw balls and rings etc for indoor Games

12 Medical Examination (4 times in the year) General Physical and Eye ; 10 13 2005, Better hygiene, De-worming,: 12 1 2005 First Aid Box and equipment :12 1 2005 Vitamins and iron dose and medicines.wef 1 4 2006 First dose of Hepatitis B : 1 4 2006 2 nd Dose of Hepatitis B : 4 19 2006 One teacher trained, emergency aid

13 Visit by Interested Persons from Outside to guide and supervise Mr T K Bisht, NRI from village Darah,~4 months (Nov.2005 -March 2006, Academic environment improved, Students, parents. educated on basic health along with their. Sanjay ; few weeks ;report for the efforts training in USA. Anjali,a class 10 th student from USA, for couple of days, mixed with children.

14 The Local resources tapped Govt.-Private and local involvement for community,Education. School Boundary, Wall/fencing Library, ~ 400 Books Computers -2 /for literacy and education, and Games and sports facility; First in Primary Schools in Hill villages The Electric and Power connections (after ~55 years of schools life). One additional class room with Verandah

15 Local Indian Resources Tapped 1) Class Room constructed with Verandah, Through SSA grant 2) Science Resource Center written by Capt Satish Sharma, (M P) of Rs 6 lakhs. 3) Additional class room by MP, Sri Rawat This has been a very successful experiment; with allingredients of a good Primary Education Center. Science Resource Center for developments in Science, technology and course material

16 The strength of children in Kulethi Increased from 52 in 2005 -2006 to 86 + in 2006-2007. The task force at the local level is helping. The financial support of AFE Si V for Kulethi school is helping to transform it as a Model Govt. School in the hills.

17 The Stanford Chapter of AFE grant of $ 800/, one Middle and one Primary School The Primary School Grant provided two teachers at Mukhani, Haldwani. Beneficiaries- 167 children and 2 teachers, Ms Chaudhury and Kharkwal. U Primary School, Dungrasethi, (vi to viii) provided partial uniform to the students; Beneficiaries- 87 Total of beneficiaries, 256

18 2006-7; SILICON VALLEY SUPPORT TO THREE SCHOOLS. 86 + BalBari children,Kulethi.172 Children in Subhash Nagar, 72 Children in Girls Middle School Dungra Sethi.

19 SIV ; Prathamic Pathsala, Kulethi (90 students), Continuation,2 nd year.Uniforms (2 sets ; clothes, shoes, sweaters), Computer CDs and maintenance. Chairs, benches, Almirah for books Books for Library. Misc. expenses, games, events.) 3 subject teachers, 2 part-time teachers for games / library Postage, electricity and other office expenses. Medical Examination, Support.

20 Girls Junior High School, Dungaree Seth ( 76 students ) Uniforms (2 sets per student), 2 part-time teachers for sports and computers, 2 Computers, Misc. for games, events etc

21 Sub hash Nagger Govt. Primary School, Haldwani (172 students). 1 Full-and 1 Part-time (computer) teacher, Misc. expenses ; games, events etc Medical check ups, Postage, electricity and office

22 District Institute of Education Research and Training Norms Diet has laid down 100 marks, one for for each of the important item in a school. Trying to make the adopted schools to reach top accessed schools; approaching 100 out of 100 marks ( ~25 marks out of 100 before the adoption by Si Valley.

23 Medical and Health Care Facilities A First Aid Box is kept in the schools Vitamins and iron tablets after meals. Necessary medicines and equipment are provided in the school ; and One teacher has been trained to provide the emergency aid to children in the school. Two shots of Hepatitis B have been administered to the children. The children were examined four times in the year

24 Summary 2004-2007 ( SAVIDYA) Si Valley, after 2005 2004-2005 Beneficiaries 25 children and (committed ) ~ Rs 5000/+ 1 tutor 2005-2006 Beneficiaries 425 children + and 8 local teachers ~ Rs 320,812/ + 100,000/ 2006-2007 Beneficiaries ( Expect) ~425 Children,11 teachers ~ Rs 718,000 + 150,000/

25 Panel for Selection at Champawat Sri R.D.Joshi, Ex- teacher Central School, Chairman; Member Up Samiti Sri JS Adhikari, Co-ordinator BRC/DIET Sri RC Punetha, Gram Pradhan Sri GC Pandey, Principal Dungraseti J H S Smt Asha Pandey, Principal Kulethi P S

26 Candidate, Full Time Teacher at Champawat 1 Lalita 2) Lalit Singh Bisht 3) Sunita Rawat** 4) Deepak Thakur 5) Sunita Negi** 6) Vibha Rashyara $$ 7) Mrs Veena Chaudhary ** 8) Rahul Verma

27 Candidates for Part Time Physical Education Teacher 1) Sankutala Chaudhary. Dungra Sethi B.P.Ed (waiting) 2) Naveen Chandra**. Kulethi B.P.Ed ( Primary Pathsala) 3) Kamal Singh Chaudhary**, B P Ed (Upper Primary, Dungra- Sethi,School)

28 Part Time Librarian/Computer Teacher at Champawat 1 Geeta Bisht 2 Sanjay Kumar** (6 Month Computer Training;) for Library 3 Rakesh Singh Phartyal**, Diploma for Computer App. (Up Hill Electronics Cor.) 4 Seema Taragi B.Lib Pursuing M.Lib 5 Veenita Pandey 6 Lata Chaudhary Dungra Sethi, Computer

29 Subhash Nagar Primary Pathshala, Haldwani Interview on 18th October 2006 from 1100 Hrs at Amrapali Institute Shiksha Nagar Haldwani.,Tel No 260118 Deepa joshi Kamla Sammal Suman Pant Pankaj Tiwari Pushpa Danu Lalita Chilwal Suneeta Kharkwal Praveen Singh Rana Rashmi Rana Sunil Pandey

30 Subhash Nagar Teachers Full Time Yeacher Pankaj Tewari* Kamala Sammal (waiting ) For part time computer Suman Pant.

31 Status of Education Institutions in Uttaranchal 1)Primary, 2)Upper Primary, 3)High School, 4) Inter College Govt./ 1) 2) 3) 4) Parishadiya 11728, 2732, 544, 733, Aided 15; 193; 51; 222 Recognized 2824; 930; 178 ; 57 Unrecognized 445; 94 ; NA; NA Total 15012; 3949 ; 773 ; 1012 ~ 9 Primary : ~ 2upperPri :1 High+ Inter

32 Consortium Institutes for KIAP in India 1) MIT, 2)CASE, 3) Carnegie, 4) California, 5) Ohio, 6) Princeton, 7) An Harbor, 8)Los Angeles and 9) Berkeley For critical input the additional help needed; 2 local cluster, with 4-Primary,one each Middle and High School ( at Two Places, at least)

33 The Time Lag Between Award and FCRA Certificate The session starts in UA for School in April May after Annual Examinations Normally six months ; for regular FCRA It will smooth if the next year decisions for continuation in 2007 are taken before the end of the year, (say by 1 st January 2007 or near about); of course after revised plan for the year is submitted. Volunteer visit : Netika Raval?, Deepak Gupta?, Sandeep Pande?

34 Education (The integrated development ) HEALTHY BODY, Healthcare; Physical SOUND MIND, Mental (IQ),Teachers KIND HEART, Emotional (EQ) and PEACEFUL SOUL, Spiritual (SQ). Enhancing faculties by an integrated approach right from the beginning to the end of the educational career,has to be aimed.

35 Various Levels ; Efforts for Education Pre Birth ; child a billion fold in 9 months.,neo natal care Pre-School (4-5years Anganwadis ;teacher and a helper.Kulethi School Primary (6- 11), Infrastructure broad to be introduced, 1 st to 5th Middle (12-14), Learn independence, vocational training, 6-8 th class High School (15 – 16), the vocational training emphasized, 9-10th Secondary School Education (17- 18), The nucleus (Central Unit ) its Principal will be Area Education Officer 11-12th Higher Education ; as coordinator of FFE, Santa Clara Facilitators have forwarded > 15 applications to FFE, Degree,Post Graduate, engineering, Medical, Management, Professional, Hotel management,B Ed. etc

36 Work of SAVIDYA in 2006-2007 SAVIDYA SUPPORT TO POOR CHILDREN AT HALDWANI 61 Children provided with dresses and sweaters at Rapture i) Boys ii) Girls, on Aug 15,2006 iii) Subhash Nagar, iv) Dhola khera, and v) Kusumm khera on 5th of Sept.2006. vi) Kala Dungy Road (Primary {boys }and vii) {girls} and viii) Upper Primary School, ix) Mukhani, and x) Tally Haldwani,Sept. 9. One poor child was provided with full dress.

37 Govt. Administration (FREE AND COMPULSORY PRIMARY EDUCATION,UA) 1) Joint Review Committee 2) Chief Secretary (UA) 3) Education Secretary (UA )4) Director, State-Project 5) Director, State C E R 6) Director Education 7) Director, I C D S (SSA) 8) District Inspector of Schools 9) B S A + Asst. BSA 10) Village Education Committees 11) Motivation and Mother Teacher Association. 12) Block Resource Center&13) Nyaya – Pan Reso Center 14) World Bank Schemes 15) Education Guarantee Centre District Magistrate

38 ~ 1B illiterates world-wise. (Pratham),Oct 2006 India Impressive economic growth but, ~ 400 M illiterate children ~ 100M (ages 3-11) risk out from school. Basic literacy critical for Earning a better life and Play an active role in society. Problems in India make basic literacy and numeracy an enormous challenge.

39 Pratham pivotal in primary education since 1993. Model: practical, simple & low cost, ~300,000 children) No expensive infrastructure. Supplement govt. efforts forming partnerships,. Local youth (often women) from underprivileged communities to be teachers. Fast-paced, mass-scale quality improvement, stepwise campaigns to improve basic skills (literacy and numeracy)

40 Approach to address no child left behind Approach extendable? UA, India, Model scalable? India? other countries? Model sustainable ? How to work; with existing Indian govt. school system/administration ? How do we measure its impact? Needed literacy, achievement data?

41 Juvenile Facilities for Youth Boost self-esteem, basic social skills and support to lead productive lives. Program to stem rising crime and recidivism rates among girls (12 to 18), as compared to five years back. Burglary, bicycle-, motor bikes-,car- theft, drug offences, prostitution etc A Facility to correct the youth, with proper housing, giving feel of college hostels.

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