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Focus On: Nouns.

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1 Focus On: Nouns

2 What is a noun? A noun names a person, place, thing, or idea.

3 Proper Nouns A proper noun names a particular person, place, or thing. A proper noun may have more than one word. A proper noun starts with a capital letter Some Sundays, we go to Casa Reynoso, my grandparents’ restaurant.

4 Common Nouns Common nouns names any person, place or thing.
Common nouns do not start with a capital letter unless they begin a sentence. On Friday nights Anna’s mother would say the prayers that started the Sabbath. The family ate challah and chicken soup. The quilt was the tablecloth.

5 Singular & Plural Nouns
A singular noun names one person, place or thing. A plural noun names more than one person, place or thing. cats cat dog dress butterfly Strategies for correcting fragments: add missing elements, combine fragments. dogs dresses butterflies

6 Plural Nouns buses bus box lunch boxes wish lunches wishes
To form most plural nouns, add s to the singular noun. If the singular noun ends in s, x, ch, or sh, add -es to the singular noun. buses bus box lunch wish Strategies for correcting fragments: add missing elements, combine fragments. boxes lunches wishes

7 Now it’s your turn... Read each question.
Think about the choices and try each one. Make your choice. Click the green answer button when you’re ready to see the correct answer. Click the red click to move to the next question. Click

8 Number 1 Which word in dark print is a noun? Newborn kangaroos are smaller than your thumb. a. are b. smaller c. your d. thumb d. Answer Click

9 Number 2 Which common and proper nouns are written correctly? Choose the sentence. a. I had a Friend named Elizabeth sue. b. She lived in a tent on Forest Avenue. c. She flew to mexico in a hot-air Balloon. d. New york was too cold for her Pet Baboon. b. Answer Click

10 Number 3 Which noun is in the subject of this sentence? My favorite aunt wears hats with flowers and feathers. a. aunt b. hats c. flowers d. feathers a. Answer Click

11 Number 4 Which two words correctly complete this sentence? A silly ________ scared seven skinny ________. c. a. scarecrow … skunk b. scarecrows … skunk c. scarecrow … skunks d. scarecrows … skunk Answer Click

12 Number 5 In which group of words are both plural nouns spelled correctly? b. a. two brushs for bunnys b. big boxes full of pennies c. five tiny fairys in satin dresses d. buses on their way to beachs Answer Click

13 Number 6 Which two words correctly complete this sentence? Two _________ were walking a pair of pet _________. d. a. womens … goose b. womans … gooses c. woman … geeses d. women … geese Answer Click

14 Number 7 Which two words correctly complete this sentence? You have fewer _________ than a shark but more ___________. a. tooths … feets b. tooth … foots c. teeth … feet d. teeths … foot c. Answer Click

15 Number 8 Which word in dark type is written correctly? Choose the sentence. c. a. Mr. Ornery has three goose instead of a watchdog. b. They have no tooths, but they can nip. c. They can run fast on their webbed feet. d. They chase away the neighbors' childs. Answer Click

16 Number 9 b. Which word is the common noun in this sentence?
Did you see the bird fly? a. fly b. bird c. see d. the b. Answer Click

17 Number 10 Which word in bold type is NOT a noun? Miguel sometimes visits his aunt in Utah. a. Miguel b. Utah c. aunt d. sometimes d. Answer Click

18 How did you do? 10/10 ~ Excellent Job! 9/10 ~ Keep up the Good Work!
8/10 ~ Keep Practicing! 7/10 ~ Try Again! 6/10 ~ See the Teacher!

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