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Power Dressing.

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1 Power Dressing

2 First Impressions 90% of our impressions are formed within the first seconds on meeting a stranger.58% of our impressions are based on how we look, 33% on how we sound and 7% on what we say.

3 Do Clothes Really Matter?
Since about 90% of you is covered by apparel, the clothing you choose makes a significant impact.


Whichever style you opt for, the keywords are comfort and style.

6 There is no point struggling with a floating dupatta or a wayward saree (unless you are used to it and can carry it off with élan) while giving that boardroom presentation.

7 Work clothes for women have graduated from sarees to salwar kameezes, from westerns to what are called Indo-westerns.

8 Fusion fashion has given the traditional salwar kameez a new lease of life.

9 Short kurtas, styled with trouser-like pajamas, look chic and very Indian. Stoles and short scarves have replaced difficult-to-manage dupattas

10 Long Tunic like Kurtas are being teamed with pants as well.

11 The comfort factor is crucial in this regard, which is why western outfits are popular across the age board among women. The emphasis is on fuss-free, wash-and-wear clothing.

12 The look is vibrant yet understated
The look is vibrant yet understated. Jackets, popular with older women, are getting shorter and more flattering to body contours.

13 Shiny nylon and bright nail paint are a strict no-no
Shiny nylon and bright nail paint are a strict no-no . Make sure the nail paint isn’t shiny and avoid colours such as black, red and orange. Hair should not be falling all over the face

14 Flat-front trousers, three-fourth-length tops, cotton-linen blended shirts in bright colours, multiple-function jacket suits, and long wrap-around skirts are among the many options here.

15 One is on the larger side, wear loose fitting clothes
One is on the larger side, wear loose fitting clothes. Take into effect the size. Cuts should be classy. Basically, one should follow the guidelines that one did while in school — neat uniform, polished shoes, well combed hair.

16 Elaborate embroidery has been replaced with crystal buttons, slick necklines and textured silhouettes.

17 Sensible and comfortable shoes, in soft leather and neutral colours, complete the corporate look for today’s women. All that remains it to put your best foot forward in the workplace.

18 Corporate colours are grey, black, navy blue, brown and white
Corporate colours are grey, black, navy blue, brown and white. The Indian palette is a national asset and can be skillfully corporatised into pleasant but unfrivolous pastels and solids like beige, beige-coral, deep rust, terracotta or tone-on-tone shades of green, blue and even red.

19 Even for business casuals, sleeveless is unacceptable
Even for business casuals, sleeveless is unacceptable. It's either a formal collared shirt teamed with a pair of formal trousers (never jeans) or a skirt.

20 For a formal occasion, business suits are ideal or a knee-length skirt
For a formal occasion, business suits are ideal or a knee-length skirt. The shortest is four inches above the knee. No visible cleavage.

21 Trouser length should be one and a half inches from the floor to the back of the heel. Buttons, belts and fly of the trouser should be neatly aligned.

22 Bad corporate wear includes heavily embroidered clothes and flashy colours. Clingy clothes, transparent blouses and georgettes. Noisy jewellery. Bright footwear, silver and gold sandals and open-toed chappals.

23 These days, when women are equally comfortable chairing boardroom meetings, corporate dressing has taken on a whole new meaning.

24 When it comes to working women, dressing up is all about blending the casual with the chic. Nothing too loud or flashy, but definitely a mix of buttoned up business basics along with a weekend casual business attire. The idea is to be a little conservative yet stylish without going the casual way.

25 Sophistication Sophistication can be achieved with smart accessories and colour combinations. In the last few years, however, corporate dressing has, more or less, come to mean trousers and shirts. So, if that’s what you are comfortable with, and you have the figure to carry off pencil trousers, then why not?

26 However, not all women are ready to do away with sarees and salwar-kameezes yet, and these Indian dresses are still considered ‘formal’ by a many blue-chip companies

27 But, more and more women in their 20s are opting for western attire
But, more and more women in their 20s are opting for western attire. Semi-formal is an all-time favourite as it suits many of those who attend meetings and then probably meet up for cocktails or dinner.

28 Also, there is a wide range that you can choose from
Also, there is a wide range that you can choose from. Style apart; opt for cotton, Lycra and linen, as they suit all weathers. Linen and Lycra trousers maintain their crease and fall, and with a little care, they can retain the new look for a couple of years.

29 Choose colours with care. All-time favourites are black and white
Choose colours with care. All-time favourites are black and white. But browns and beiges are making inroads as well. For the weekends, reserve more feminine colours like mauves, peaches and pinks.

30 Jewellery When it comes to jewellery, stick to the bare essentials. Go for smart sleek designs for a sophisticated and professional look. Ear studs, a single bracelet, a slim chain and pendant combo for the neck should do fine.

31 There’s nothing to beat small diamond solitaires for the ears in terms of simple class and elegance, and platinum is the power dressing metal. But since not all can afford it, gold will do fine too.

32 Handbags There are a range of ladies’ leather brief cases available in the market. Though expensive, these go a long way to create the right image.

33 So invest in one. Equally smart will be a leather bag in black or brown.

34 Watch Out An elegant wristwatch is a must to complete the look. Leather straps and wide-base simple ‘masculine’ watches look sexy on any woman’s slim wrists. The other option is to go for the ultra feminine slim gold or silver chain variety.

35 Footwear Now this is very important. The right kinds can perk up your entire attire. Leather shoes would go well with semi-formal western wear and sandals would be fine for Indian outfits. No bright colours, sequins, crystals... keep them plain, yet latest in style. If your job stretches to long hours, heels must not be so high as to cause discomfort. You definitely can’t remove them for a while and put your feet up, remember that!

36 The heel on the shoe should be about 1 1/2 to two inches high

37 Hairstyle These are the times of wild styles and wilder colours. But not for you to try out. No bizarre platinum streaks either...

38 Hair colour, if you must opt for one, must be natural and should also complement your complexion .

39 If you are sporting a short, bouncy style, leave it open
If you are sporting a short, bouncy style, leave it open. Else a French knot spells class, a French chignon or bun projects a no-nonsense attitude. No ponytails , please.

40 Nails Short, well-manicured nails.

41 Long nails with exotic , over-the-top shades are for the filmy babes.

42 If you must use nail paint, go for a single tone in light shades of peach, silver or pink. French manicures are ideal.

43 Makeup Minimal. Naturalistic.

44 Pastel shades of lipstick with a light eye liner should do fine.

45 You’re dressed like a winner
You’re dressed like a winner. Now, look into the mirror and perfect the winner look and attitude. Square that shoulder, stand straight, look in the eye. And stride ahead in the corporate ladder.

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