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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated

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1 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated
Protocol: Doing it the Right Way Presented by Soror Cynthia J. Finch South Eastern Regional Director

2 Protocol: Doing It The Right Way
Definition Guiding Law and Contents Workshop Specifics Protocol within the chapter Gifts and courtesies Rituals, Dress, Jewelry, Badge and Special points to remember References

3 First Step KNOW YOUR DOCUMENTS Constitution and Bylaws
Fiscal Fitness: Guide To Chapter Financial Procedures Graduate Membership Intake Process Manual ( Chapter Basileus Only) History Book: The Past is Prologue Manual of Standard Procedure (Newly Revised 2004 Edition) Mentoring Handbook Program Resource Guide Process Manual Program Brochure Protocol Manual Public Policy Program Guide (Connection Handbook) Rituals (Chapter Basileus Only) Say No To Hazing (Anti-Hazing Handbook) Sisterly Relations Handbook So Now You’re Elected Handbook So You want to Run for Office Standards Resource Guide Undergraduate Membership Intake

4 Definition Set of rules prescribing good manners in Sorority events and in ceremonies involving directorate members, former directorate members, national committee members, chapter officers, members and other special guests A “must” operational procedure to prevent chaos Good manners

5 Guiding Law and Contents “ Moving Graceful” 1998-2002 Revised 1998
Developing the VIP guide for Boules and Regional Conference Invitations Gifts and courtesies Ritual, Dress, Jewelry, Badge and special points to remember Order of Rank, Forms of Address, Titles and Correspondence Conference and special events planning/Logistics The receiving lines, holding areas and Dais Protocol within

6 Workshop Focus Protocol Within the Chapter
Member Responsibilities Officer/Chairman Responsibilities Maintain proper decorum in business meetings Be on time for business meetings and special events Avoid undue criticism Promptly pay all dues and assessments Create positive climate Be on time for meetings and activities Be warm, gracious and impartial

7 Protocol Within the Chapter Continued
Role of the Chapter Protocol Committee Examine current chapter practices Give recommendations for policies to be approved by the chapter in areas of protocol, so that all members can become acquainted with these policies and adhere to them Assist the chapter in becoming more knowledgeable regarding matters of protocol by conducting workshops and disseminating information Serve in advisory capacity when the chapter plans special events

8 Workshop Focus Gifts and Courtesies
VIP courtesies and gifts at Boules and Regional Conferences and other special events Extended to outgoing officers, committee chairmen and members Outgoing Supreme Basileus, Regional Director and Chapter Basileus are presented a gift at the end of their term Courtesies to committee chairmen or members of a committee are usually given by the Supreme Basileus Members of the directorate are always recognized by the hostess group Consider mode of travel of guest(s) in selecting gifts Honorarium of no less than $200 are appropriate for keynote speakers

9 Gifts and Courtesies Continued
Flowers Honoring Alpha Kappa Alpha’s Own Corsages and boutonnieres are appropriate for guests of honor, presiding official and person of rank Floral bouquet appropriate for thanking a female guest of honor Pink is the most frequent used color and the tea rose is the sorority’s flower All sorors must stand to greet the Supreme Basileus Golden and Silver Soror special seating Golden soror recognition at chapter program Recognizing member contributions, other organization, the community

10 Gifts and Courtesies Continued
Caring for out-of-town guests Confirm travel arrangement 12 hours prior to arrival Local transportation provided on arrival and departure, and during visit Assign hostess(s) to meet special guest at airport. Arrive 15 minutes before scheduled arrival time of guest Accommodations Hospitality during visit

11 Workshop Focus Rituals, Dress, Jewelry and Badge
Rituals are conducted with dignity and reverence in perpetuation of the ideals of sisterhood Closed to public except for the Ivy Beyond the Wall service Closed to non-financial members except for the Ivy Beyond the Wall Service and Rededication when it is part of a reactivation activity Rituals, Revised October 2000

12 Rituals, Dress, Jewelry and Badge
Dressing for Alpha Kappa Alpha Events Rituals Require a specific attire Formal and informal social gathering and meetings Follow printed invitation for formal social gatherings Alpha Kappa Alpha attire appropriate for closed informal events Sorors are encouraged to wear pink and green at Rush Parties Business attire for chapter meetings and conference business sessions

13 Rituals, Dress, Jewelry and Badge Continued
Badge and Jewelry Badge is the official insignia worm by a member Always worn on the outermost garment which is nearest the body Not worn with formal or sports attire, especially slacks, culottes and short, When in doubt, Do Not WEAR The BADGE. Do not transform the badge into another piece of jewelry Life membership pin is worn on lapel of coat or dress

14 Points to Remember After the Dais and special guest are formally introduced, limit the acknowledgement of our officers and dignitaries to the following: Acknowledge the top one or two ranking officers present, then state and all all who serve Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated Refer to past officers as former (I.e Former Regional Director) Chapters have charter members, not founders The correct name for our Headquarters is Corporate Office Do not us the following statements “protocol having been established’ “Respectively submitted”

15 References Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Manual of Standard Procedure, 2004 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Rituals, 2006 Baldrige, Letitia, Complete Guide to Executive Manners, New York, Rawson Associates, 1985 Brody, Alana and Linda White, A guide to effective Chapter Protocol

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