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7.Work as a shop assistant

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1 7.Work as a shop assistant
Composition Exercise 7 7.Work as a shop assistant

2 1.During the summer I had the unforgettable experience of working temporarily as a shop assistant in the dress department of a large store. 2. The first ladies to arrive in the mornings were those who had come up to town in order to spend the whole day shopping.

3 3. However much they liked a dress, they never liked the idea of buying one at the first shop they had come into and would ask me if it could be put aside for them. 4. After going round endless other shops, they would eventually reappear at our shop just before closing time and they would be extremely irritated should I have sold the dress to another customer in the meantime.

4 5. Then there were the women who, on being approached and offered assistance would reply that they were ‘just looking’ and in the process of ‘just looking’ would knock down several dresses which they could not be bothered to hang up on the rails again. 6. Another type of customer was the one whose only interest in life was to try on countless dresses and stand gazing in admiration at her reflection in the mirror, but who never had any intention of buying anything.

5 7. Even with the more serious customers, the business of selling could be a tedious one for so many women spent ages narrowing their choice down to two dresses and then could never quite decide which one they preferred. 8. They sometimes turned to you for advice, and you had to tell them how well one dress suited them, when if you had been honest, you would have advised them against buying either of the two dresses.

6 9. I hated being involved in the hypocrisy of salesmanship, but I consoled myself by thinking that I could scarcely be more hypocritical than the husbands of some of my customers. 10. Their impatience to get back home for their evening meal was usually such that they would approve of the most outrageous garments, yet I was always glad to serve the women whose husbands came with them, because at least I knew that I would be able to make a quick sale.

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