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Dress for Success. Your BRAND First impression Messages conveyed Confidence Ability Organized.

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1 Dress for Success

2 Your BRAND First impression Messages conveyed Confidence Ability Organized

3 Y O U Four words that describe you Your favorite outfit you owned (or one you liked) Your last clothing purchase What you typically wear on a daily basis

4 The event Your current job Class Graduate school fairs Employment meetings Interviews Job fairs Networking meetings

5 What would you consider a conservative work environment? Any corporate business work Banks Law, Architect, Accounting Firms Some non-profits

6 What environments would be business casual? Education Non-profits Smaller work environments

7 Business Casual uk uk Context Observe Crisp and neat

8 What NOT to wear Why?

9 Never appropriate Flip-flops Shorts Tight or baggy fitting clothes Missing buttons, tears and rips Invitations- when in doubt ask the host or sponsor

10 Conservative No-Nos: The Cleavage

11 The Short Skirt

12 Invest in an iron Take your own appearance seriously Portrays attitude Mandatory for all occasions Hint- iron board Have suits and special blouses dry cleaned

13 Dress like your boss Shoes are clean and not scuffed up Favorite shoes? Update them Dont forget to polish Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Different in every environment

14 Overdress rather than under Plan as if you have an important meeting with an important client Whats the worst that can happen? You are the best dressed at the party? Rachel Zoe Quality over quantity Basic office apparel (suits, skirt, pants) in black and navy will be a good investment

15 Less does not equal more Anything with a Too in front of it should be thrown in the weekend pile Comfortable=Confidence Tailor outfits to our job tasks & activities Dress for stressful days

16 Be yourself Dare to be different No longer black and white Colors, prints, details, and accessories Personalize with your brand (four letters your wrote down)

17 Dressing for an Interview wear-how-to-dress-for-an-interview.html wear-how-to-dress-for-an-interview.html

18 Accessories & colors wear-how-to-dress-your-best/ wear-how-to-dress-your-best/ Jewelry A watch (your cell phone is NOT one) Creative industry, more flexibility Interviewing- more conservative

19 Makeup Natural looking and conservative Nails should be well groomed and polished Shoes Toes should be covered for interviews Not what your wearing to the clubs …aka ROME

20 How do you build a good executive wardrobe? The University of Missouri Business School gives these tips: Suits/dresses: Look for… Classic fabrics, patterns, and colors which are always in style and easy to accessorize. Dresses in solid color or conservative print. Contoured jacket collar that fits smoothly around the neck with no space between it and your shirt. Smooth, straight seams and hems

21 $$$ Marshalls, TJ Maxx, consignment shops, Goodwill New York & Company (15% off for college students, same with JCREW)

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