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We are Chahta Choctaw Artifacts. Nvnih Waiya

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1 We are Chahta Choctaw Artifacts

2 Nvnih Waiya

3 Nvnih Waiya Cave


5 Creation of the Black Belt Prairie mississippientomologicalmuseum.orgLiatris aspera Asclepias viridis Silphium tet

6 Creation of the Black Belt Prairie American MastodonNan ishtpela

7 Chukka (House) National Anthropological Archives Bushnell 1909

8 Chahta Ohoyo Im Isht Ahalaia (Choctaw Womens Responsibilities) Life-givers Foundation of the community Home-owners Agricultural producers Domestic activities Bushnell 1909

9 Chahta Lukfi Nan Isht Toba (Choctaw Pottery) + -

10 Ohoyo Osh Chishba Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia 24450

11 Tapushik (River Cane Basket) Emerson's Magazine 1857 NO Mkt Museum of the Red River National Museum of the American Indian Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Council House Museum + -

12 Ilefoka (Clothing)

13 Chahta Hattak Im Isht Ahalaia (Choctaw Mens Responsibilities) Hunting Protecting the community Playing Stickball Interacting with other groups Doing heaviest work Serving as orators/historians Bushnell 1909 +

14 Uski hlumpa (Blowgun)Shomo naki (Dart)

15 Tapena (War Club)Uski bashbo (Cane knife)

16 Iti tanampo (Bow)Uski naki (Arrow) + -

17 Issi Owvtta (Deer Hunts) De Bry 1591 Ruby Bolding 2011 Du Pratz 1758

18 Chahta Ishtaboli (Choctaw Stickball) Tullock-chish-ko, Drinks the Juice of the Stone George Catlin 1834-1835 Choctaw Stickball Player George Catlin 1834 Mosholeika (to put out) +

19 Hobachit Ikbi (Colonization) Spanish, French, English, United States Thousands of Choctaw died from disease and war Land base reduced by 99.84% Ecosystem destruction Choctaw family and governmental structures altered Tribe fragmented Language, people, and traditional knowledge marginalized Hererra y Tordesilla 1615 )

20 Tvnvp (Warfare) De Bry 1591

21 Yakni Awehli (The Taking of Land) After DeRosier 1970:29

22 Nishkin Okchi Í Hinoshi (Trail of Tears) Bossieu 1847

23 Hobachit Ikbi (Assimilation) Gast 1872 National Anthropological Archives

24 Falvmmint Ishi (Recovery) A reassertion of sovereignty and self-determination Development of Tribal social programs Culture camps Language classes Tribal fairs Revival of Choctaw Stomp Dance Revival of Choctaw Pottery Revival of Stickball Southeastern Native Seed Bank Rehabilitation of Mississippi canebrakes Recovery of Nvnih Waiya

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