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IKP Knowledge Park Deepanwita Chattopadhyay MD & CEO

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1 IKP Knowledge Park Deepanwita Chattopadhyay MD & CEO
* * * 07/16/96 07/16/96 07/16/96 IKP Knowledge Park Deepanwita Chattopadhyay MD & CEO Erstwhile ICICI Knowledge Park * * * ## ##

2 The Changing Global Life Sciences Industry
* The Changing Global Life Sciences Industry 07/16/96 Key Issues Need to reduce “time to market” Need to sustain profitability Disease and healthcare management Leading to Changing industry structure Small innovative companies becoming important players Research Alliances & Outsourcing Including global partnering across the value chain Mergers & Acquisitions Emerging service areas and business models Increasing Public Private Partnerships Erstwhile ICICI Knowledge Park *

3 Indian Response Increased focus on R&D – both public and private
* Indian Response 07/16/96 Increased focus on R&D – both public and private Increased focus on CRAMS (including biologics)‏ Acquisition, Joint Ventures Life Science focused VC funds Shared wet lab infrastructure - Biotech Parks, incubators, biotech clusters, SEZs Erstwhile ICICI Knowledge Park *

4 What Science Parks & Incubators Offer?
* What Science Parks & Incubators Offer? 07/16/96 Generally infrastructure driven shared facility offering innovation driven SMEs and startups the right location and fulfilling some of the other listed needs Shared infrastructure & admin support lowering overheads Low capital investment – ready to use infrastructure Network creation and international knowledge flow Competitive environment Facilitating Technology Transfer, fundraising, marketing Mentoring for incubatees Knowledge building Can be government driven, private initiative, public-private partnership or university led Government’s role in removing entry barriers crucial Erstwhile ICICI Knowledge Park *

5 Elements of a Bio Cluster
* * 07/16/96 07/16/96 Lifesciences R&D Institutions with strong industry Linkages Life Science Parks/ Incubators to nurture SMEs Biotech and Pharma anchor companies, Innovative SMEs, Startups BIO CLUSTER Support Services Companies – vendors, equipment suppliers, law firms Good common Infrastructure, hospitals, animal house, regulations Monitory incentives, Tax breaks, Grant, Bank loan, Seed Fund, VC Erstwhile ICICI Knowledge Park * * ##

6 Cluster Development Models
* * Cluster Development Models 07/16/96 07/16/96 One or a combination suitable based on economic, industrial and innovation environment of the region Availability of Science Park/incubator accelerates seeding of entrepreneurs Erstwhile ICICI Knowledge Park * * ##

7 Indian Life Science Clusters
* * Indian Life Science Clusters 07/16/96 07/16/96 PERD, NIPER Savli Biotech Park Proposed Biotech Park in Ahmedabad MS Univ Baroda Anna University IIT Madras TICEL Biotech Park Women’s Biotech Park CDRI, IITR, CIMAP, NBRI Lucknow Biotech Park NIPER PGI Chandigarh IMTECH IISER Proposed Agri Biotech Park TIFR IIT Bombay, Univ of Mumbai National Chemical Laboratory National Centre for Cell Sciences Pune University, IISER International Biotech Park Indian Inst of Chemical Biology IIT Kharagpur Bose Institute Dept. of Biotechnology, CU IISER, DBT Institute, Haringhata DBT, DST, CSIR, DP, ICMR, ICAR Translational Health Sciences Cluster National Institute of Immunology ICGEB Institute of Genomics & Integrative Biology National Brain Research Centre JNU, Delhi University Indian Institute of Chemical Technology Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology Centre for DNA Fingerprinting & Diag National Institute of Nutrition, ICRISAT University of Hyd, Osmania Univ IKP Knowledge Park, SP Biotech Park AIBA, FABA Indian Institute of Science National Centre for Biological Sciences Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research University of Agricultural Sciences Stem Cell Institute IBAB, ABLE Erstwhile ICICI Knowledge Park * * ##

8 Lifescience Innovation Ecosystem of Hyderabad
* * 07/16/96 07/16/96 Lifescience Innovation Ecosystem of Hyderabad 600 sq. km in three blocks around Hyderabad designated for life sciences growth - Genome Valley Life Sciences R&D institutions CCMB, IICT, CDFD, NIN, ICRISAT, ILS, Univ of Hyderabad, Osmania University etc. Biopharma Companies Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Shantha Biotechnics, Indian Immunologicals, Bharat Biotech, Biological Evans, Suven Life Sciences etc. Contract Research Organisations Vimta labs, GVK Biosciences, Sai Advantium,, Aptuit Laurus etc. Hospitals, clinicians involved in R&D and clinical research Dedicated biotech fund - APIDC Venture Capital 3 operational Life Science Parks, 3 under development 4 operational incubation centres * * ##

9 IKP Knowledge Park India’s first Wet Lab Research Park in Hyderabad
* * IKP Knowledge Park 07/16/96 07/16/96 India’s first Wet Lab Research Park in Hyderabad Mission : To create a world-class centre for leading-edge business-driven research Objective : To encourage and nurture an environment for innovation by developing a life science park Focus areas : biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, new materials and telecommunications Founders : ICICI Bank & Govt Andhra Pradesh Structure : Not for profit Ownership : 100% by IKP Trust Operational : Since June 2000 On Offer : Land, lab space, Incubator (lab, equipment, mentorship, seed fund)‏ Erstwhile ICICI Knowledge Park * * ##

10 What IKP Offers Ready-to-use modular wet laboratories
* * What IKP Offers 07/16/96 07/16/96 Ready-to-use modular wet laboratories Core, Shell & Utilities and fully furnished options 84,000 sq ft of lab space in 140,000 sq ft of building operational Developed land to create custom-built research centres Around 66 acres for 51 years lease Incubation Facility for Startups Erstwhile ICICI Knowledge Park * * ##

11 Profile of Resident Companies
* * * Profile of Resident Companies 07/16/96 07/16/96 07/16/96 42 companies/organisations so far 12 Graduated 30 Present - 26 residents, 2 R&D Centres taken land, 2 Associate Companies 75% into product /technology development 22% Contract Research Companies; 3% Regulatory Over 70 patents filed /granted Israeli Erstwhile ICICI Knowledge Park * * * ## ##

12 * 07/16/96 Companies at IKP Erstwhile ICICI Knowledge Park *

13 IKP Innovation and Growth Strategy
* * IKP Innovation and Growth Strategy 07/16/96 07/16/96 Science Park Incubator ICTPH, ICAAP India Innovation Fund Commrl. of Research from R&D inst. Validation of Grassroots Technologies Expansion through collaboration 2000 2006 2008 2009 2010 Erstwhile ICICI Knowledge Park * * ##

14 Life Science Incubator (LSI)‏
* * Life Science Incubator (LSI)‏ 07/16/96 07/16/96 Objective To nurture innovative startup R&D companies, spin offs and technopreneurs in life sciences and thereby increase the competitiveness of the region and the country Thrust Areas Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical diagnostics, chemistry Structure Centre within IKP with independent BOG Part Funded by NSTEDB, DST, GoI Operational since January 2006 Erstwhile ICICI Knowledge Park * * ##

15 Received Best Incubator Award, 2007
* * Received Best Incubator Award, 2007 07/16/96 07/16/96 Erstwhile ICICI Knowledge Park * * ##

16 * * India Innovation Fund 07/16/96 07/16/96 IKP Knowledge Park has partnered with NASSCOM to establish an early stage Venture Fund India Innovation Fund (IIF)‏ Objective: To support IP based innovative companies during its proof of concept stage and make them ready for the VC market Focus areas: Information Technology and Life Sciences Asset Management Company: IKP Investment Management Company Pvt Ltd. Total Amt: Rs 100 crore (USD 22.5 mn)‏ First closing at Rs 40 crore (USD 9 mn)‏ Erstwhile ICICI Knowledge Park * * ##

17 Garden of Life Erstwhile ICICI Knowledge Park * * 07/16/96 07/16/96 *

18 Thank You Erstwhile ICICI Knowledge Park * * * 07/16/96 07/16/96
## ##

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