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Technology in the Learning Environment

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1 Technology in the Learning Environment
By: Juhaina H. Disumimba

2 Episode 1: The School’s Learning Resources

3 The School

4 Iligan City Central School have library were a lot of collection of books and other informational materials like magazines, newspapers, maps that made available to pupils and even teachers for research, reading, study, or reference.

5 Computer Room – were the teacher teaches the pupils on the basic use of computer and how to operate it.

6 Science Laboratory Net-Gen Tech. Center

7 Museum and Archieves A television in some classroom were they watch educational program.

8 Episode 2: bulletin boards displays

9 Bulletin Boards It is located outside the Principal’s Office. School paper publication corner and school community activities are posted.

10 Bulletin Boards In the classroom of our resource teacher. Displayed with photos that represents in every subject, the letters and illustrations can be seen from a good distance, it was well-constructed, and the items are organized.

11 Episode 3: utilization of teaching aids

12 Class Observation: The lesson was all about the Regions of the Philippines. It was reported by one of the pupil, she used manila paper as her instructional material. After the reporting, the teacher asked questions about what was reported or discussed to evaluate if they are paying attention to the reporter.

13 Episode 4: a teaching aid bank

14 Regions of the Philippines
Philippine Map Textbook Pictures Globes

15 Episodes 5: Classroom Handouts

16 The topic that I would like to work on is The Food Pyramid.

17 Episode 6: slide Presentations

18 Parts of Computer

19 Episode 7: on-line learning

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