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All our Microfinance suite is Mobile Enabled Web enabled PDA enabled Geography cognizant Voice enabled IVR enabled User cognizant Smart card support Enabler.

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2 All our Microfinance suite is Mobile Enabled Web enabled PDA enabled Geography cognizant Voice enabled IVR enabled User cognizant Smart card support Enabler

3 Mobile enabled Micro Finance Accounting SYStem Microfinance mEMBers Rating and Audit NEtwork MFAYSYS with ERP Microfinance members EXchange for Industry COnvergence Microfinance FRAUd avoidance and Governance Microfinance EngineeRing and Modelling AID Mobile Enabling your Microfinance System O nline and O pportunity based Learning

4 MOBILE and WEB enabled System User friendly screens Easy monitoring of status through mobile Cash lending and collection Creation of collection demands every week or month or fortnight, Savings and Insurance packages for members Accounting, Trial balance, Balance sheet etc

5 Internal expenses and purchases Easy transaction operations Cash disbursement monitoring and collection Complete Microfinance accounting Rating members Branches MIS reports for Banks Ratio analysis Portfolio at risk

6 Member planning Center planning Loan product creation Funder management and report Fund planning Branch and division planning MIS reports (various reports user definable –CGAP compliant ) Logistics planning De-duping Fraud management Early warning Joint liability group (supported) Self help group (supported) Individual lending (supported)

7 Registration Registration for DE Reg Approval Forms Loan Application Loan Application for DE Loan Approval Disbursement Division Area Branch Centre Assignment and De Division Assignment Area Assignment Branch Assignment FDO Assignment Funding Agency Loan Scheme FDO tracking FDO rating Demand Create Demand Collection Collection Approval Cash from Head Office Cash To Head Office Cash To Bank Expenditure Preclosure Centre & Group Head Assignment Change Meeting Date Change Meeting Date – Temporary Change Meeting Date - Permanent Other Parameters Fund Settings Loan Activity Loan Category Religion Caste Occupation Marital Status Area Unit KYC Norms Forms and TRANSACTION Daily Collection Report (DCR) Demand Collection Balance (DCB) Receipts & payments Report Trial Balance Report Attendance Report Funding Report Waiting Borrowers Portfolio At Risk List of Members Report Disbursement Report Daily Status Report Age wise Report Centre Meeting Report Total Collection Report Weekly Portfolio Report Advance Report Growth Ratio s Report Collection Ratios Report Current Ratios Report Dynamic Member Report Demand Collection Rep ort REPORTS FEATURES

8 Prevention of Fraud Early info to Branch Manager, FDO collection report Info to Center Head, Early warning systems, FDO management, Internal admin and accounts Logistics management and insurance. Fund management, Business opportunity creation Branch rent and real estate management Mobile FDO tracking

9 Organization inventory Payroll for employees HR management Administration Accounts Security Special project management Banks and reports Members Complaint management Member credit management Mobile based branch management

10 To prevent fraud by Microfinance members Member Database Members credit record Rating, Bonafides, Ids, previous history, Passport, photograph, thumb impression License, Govt records Member pattern analysis Member profession analysis Microfinance Organization Microfinance Organization Microfinance Organization Member enquiry Member credit report Member enrolment De-duping query Pattern based early warning Fraud detection Alerts on Deduping FDO enquiry Subscription

11 Retail stores Industries Home/public Institution & corporate Services / Products Buyer group Industries & Institution & Retail Technology used by Mexico Mobile, Wireless, Wire line SMS/GPRS/USSD Interactive voice response Internet/Email/FAX WLAN / WiMAX Information from buyers group Labor requirement Product requirement Service requirement Business opportunity Skill requirement Agriculture farm workers Urban Daily laborers Flower/ Vegetable sellers Transport workers Construction workers Microfinance Members Self Help group members Service product seller group Skills needed Work allocation Information on skills, products or services availability Search for Skills from MFIs SHG Server Support system for Development of members Health care (online) Telemedicine Vocational training Sensitive Advertisement Government policies Entertainment MFI Bank Notice Board Due collection info

12 Biometric based fraud detection Photo based fraud detection Fraud pattern Based detection RFID based fraud detection

13 Model centres, branches Model professions, age, caste of MFI members Model payment patterns of members Model investment needed Model pattern of lending Model disaster and create solution Insert risk, insert fraud, insert new regulation and see the impact your microfinance Predict profit/loss, analyse futuristic balance sheets, predict disasters, predict patterns of members Predict futuristic ratio analysis

14 Mobile enable existing MFI software WEB and Mobile Enable existing MFI software ADD in Fraud management ADD in MIS reports and Graphs ADD in New features in existing software Scale up your existing software Performance upgrade your existing software

15 MFI/Banks aided Online and Opportunity based Learning system Business opportunity and learning system for Microfinance members Teachers and Institution Industries MFI members Opportunity MFIS Online Interactive Training & Offline Training Post learning Industry opportunity Self employment Opportunity Universities

16 Contact: Justin Morris Mobile:+919940660713 Tel: +91(0)44-22391449


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