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Lowermost Pajaro left-bank bench vegetation just downstream from Thurwatcher Bridge.

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3 Lowermost Pajaro left-bank bench vegetation just downstream from Thurwatcher Bridge




7 Corralitos Creek above Salsipuedes ~ 1910?

8 Salsipuedes & Corralitos Junction




12 Murphys Crossing: view downriver

13 View upstream – big bend just west of Aromas Important flood storage area

14 Probably near Aromas ~1915 view upstream

15 View downstream at Aromas - quarry product spills from railroad r-o-w?

16 View Downstream over Chittenden - Soda Lake Meander Scars

17 Future site of Graniterock Wilson Quarry (left) - view downstream

18 Railroad Bridge at Chittenden with 1906 faulting repairs USGS photo


20 Upper Pajaro River joining lower San Benito River - view east

21 Upper Pajaro River (right) joining San Benito River (foreground) View west (downstream)

22 July 1952


24 Lower San Benito - pre-mining June, 1939


26 Hillsdale sand and gravel. View upriver

27 Bench height 142; river bed 132; berm height 157-170 December 2000

28 View upstream Hillsdale quarry. February, 2004

29 View downstream Hillsdale Quarry

30 Crossing berm was 13+ ft high in December, 2000

31 Haul Road berm ~4-10 feet high - view south to San Juan Bautista


33 Channel isolated in old spoils disposal and mining area

34 Overview Dec 2000 (A = Abandoned flood plain segments) Hillsdale Quarry site - San Benito River

35 Gravel skimming and stream-bed mining - view south

36 Past stream-bed mining site, and present mountain-top removal site for Hillsdale plant. View northwest. Banks 10ft and stable.

37 View southwest (downstream) moving up into bank cutting areas

38 Lower Lucy Brown Lane reach. Bed of river here mined about 10-15 ft below grade. Left bank erodes in floods (~15 ft high)

39 Lucy Brown lower reach view of right bank 15-40 ft high

40 Lower Lucy Brown reach - left bank active bank cutting 20 ft high

41 Bank cutting and slumping just downstream from Lucy Brown Ln - View downstream

42 Bank cutting and slumping just downstream from Lucy Brown

43 Slump along right bank - lower Lucy Brown stream bed mining reach

44 Upper Lucy Brown Ln reach - operator shut down in 2002 View southwest of left bank 25 ft high

45 Narrowest point on lower San Benito River - excavated channel


47 Low berms do not protect closed plant site


49 Sod Farm site - view west. Floodplains being abandoned but carried floodwater in 1995 and 1998

50 Small berm protects sod farm from 1-10 yr events - view west

51 Mitchell Road 1 km wide reach - flow to left



54 View upstream (south). Hwy 156 bypass; and Hwy 156 commercial (background) with two sewage pond sites in historic floodplain.

55 New Highway 156 bridge near Mitchell Road reach and lower pond complex protected by berms in floodplain. View north.

56 USGS gauging site (rt bank) along old Hwy 156, Hollister

57 Upper Hollister sewage ponds stable channel


59 Same site of destroyed bridge

60 Same site in summer when a temporary crossing is built View upstream

61 Heavy vehicle use in channel - view downstream to Hollister

62 Union Rd. bridge, view north downstream. Cienega Rd, Hollister

63 Union Rd. bridge - view upstream. Banks 20-25 ft high, actively cut.

64 Ditto - view downstream

65 Site of Cienega Road house site where 40+ feet of bank 25 ft high was lost in 1998. View upstream to Hospital Road seasonal crossing.

66 Cienega Road house site with two cutting left bank levels


68 Right bank material may be mining spoils - about 20 ft high


70 Basal left and right bank alluvium

71 Old quarry site with berms in the channel just above Hospital Road Seasonal crossing site. Gravel processing site was upper left


73 Failing banks at site of past river bed mining just downstream from Tres Pinos Creek tributary. View of right bank ~ 20 ft high.

74 Natural slump (reactivated in 1995) near Tres Pinos Creek - View South

75 Ditto - this is a source of gravel-sized materials - Left Bank

76 Tres Pinos Quarry, Tres Pinos Ck. Right bank terrace mining; floodplain disposal

77 Tres Pinos Creek, view upstream - disposal in floodplain of fine spoils



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