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Welcome: Raise Smarter Capital: Insights THEY Didnt Teach You B. Wayne BW Barkley PPM Capital Expert E:

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1 Welcome: Raise Smarter Capital: Insights THEY Didnt Teach You B. Wayne BW Barkley PPM Capital Expert E: Twitter @ppmexpert

2 Value of a PPM Capital Expert: Smarter Fundraising by Empowering Startups Lowering Costs + Effective Education + Overcoming Challenges + Removing Risks

3 Challenge: You CANT find investors. or You DO find investors, but CANT close deals. Solution: LEARN to find! & LEARN to close!

4 Why Failure: MISSING / LACK OF ACTION / DOING! (Mitigates Risk of Failure) Know how Tools Connections Money Natural talent Luck All the Above

5 Simple Secret: Its… Common Knowledge… but 99.9% Missing. Considered Unimportant. Underused and Misused. Grossly Neglected. Misunderstood. Undervalued. Misdirected. Forgotten. Not Honed. Its… DEEP BURNING DESIRE

6 YOUR STORY (Speak it!) (Speak it!) Money- Making IDEA YOU BRAIN TRUST* BUSINESSPLAN PPM INVESTORS! D E E P B U R N I N G D E S I R E Preparing for Investors: Six Steps *You cannot be a one-person operation. Recruit your above & beyond team NOW.

7 What Investors Want: To allocate as little money as possible, and make 10x ROI tomorrow, without any risk. The IRRESISTIBLE Reward. Add The Dream Ingredients: Specially selected. Exclusivity Makes a Difference. Feel-Good Investment Inner Circle. Ground-floor level Long-term relationship. ROI Forever

8 Shift: Mentality There is money everywhere. Everyone is an investor. There is no such thing as a permanent NO. A deal can be closed at any stage. Fundraiser aka Closer: Professional Fundraiser aka Master Closer: any person with the ability to TALK a qualified individual into allocating funds to a worthy project. any person with the ability to TALK qualified individuals into repeatedly allocating funds to a worthy project regardless of circumstances. Ceaseless creative & original persistence is a by product of DEEP BURNING DESIRE

9 Your Target Audience: Big Hearts – they buy YOU Big Dreamers – they buy your STORY Big Greed aka Risk Takers – they buy UPSIDE Avoid Opposites BIG HEADS: analytical, detail oriented -- CPAs, Attorneys, Engineers, Cynics. Overage of questions and demands. REALISTS: people who are very practical – non believers. CONSERVATIVES: too careful, cautious and fearful. Over Analysis = Paralysis.

10 Super Niche: Revealed HOW? Never play to the exception. Stay focused on your target investor. Super Niche Example: widowed 60-65yo women active with a non-profit… and do not have (or communicate with their) children. Common Super Niche Characteristics (to name a few) alone / isolated / introverts little if any family ties retired / work at home invests here and there often self-made, self-employed, entrepreneurial opponents of Big Brother proponents of Free Enterprise / capitalism spiritual / new-age / different / unusual

11 Get Empowered: Learn Investor Updating: Robot / Text Messaging / Fax / Emails / Conference Calls. Closing Techniques: Take Away / T.O. / Contest Close / Check Close. Finders: Finding / Qualifying / Managing / Motivating / Compliance. Tracking Progress / Self-Motivation. Handling Disgruntled Investors. Avoiding Strokes & Flakes. Buying/Using Lead Lists. Writing Effective Scripts. Referrals from Investors. Credit Card Acceptance. Prospect Peking Order. Reloading Investors. Equity for Services. Avoiding Burnout. Regulator Issues. Road Shows. And more.

12 Become the Best: Grow Talk the Talk Learn to find investors Learn to qualify investors Learn how to use the supporting tools Live & think like a Master Closer Walk the Walk Pitch the various pitches Ask for the money & close deals Maximize your investor database Become a Master Closer Do everything yourself! A.S.K. Attitude. Skills. Knowledge. Your Formula for Success!

13 Your Speaking Tools: Front Script: FIRST CONTACT! (required) Verify/Jack Script: SECOND CONTACT (optional) PR Form: CLOSING TOOL #1 (required) Closing Script: CLOSING TOOL #2 (required) w/ Book Close:CLOSING TOOL #3 (required) w/ Website(s):CLOSING TOOL #4 (optional) Nos. Pitch (for NOs): CLOSING TOOL #2 (optional) All TrustLinked PPM clients receive more than a dozen proven sales tools needed to find, qualify and close deals with private accredited investors.

14 Game Changer! JOBS Act Blessings Mass Advertising General Solicitations What once was illegal is now legal! ETA: 4 th Quarter 2012

15 Get Ready. SEC Rules Change Soon. Tools Required for Success: Fax & Website too! Ad Campaign(s) Leads: In/Out/Field Scripts: Front/Close PR Form File Management Sys Shipping Service TrustLinked PPM Securities Counsel

16 Q&A Just Ask: Twitter @ppmexpert B. Wayne BW Barkley PPM Capital Expert

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