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I NDEPENDENCE S CHOOL The Best of Both Worlds: Maintaining a one-on-one relationship between students and supervising teachers while capturing the benefits.

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1 I NDEPENDENCE S CHOOL The Best of Both Worlds: Maintaining a one-on-one relationship between students and supervising teachers while capturing the benefits of small classroom instruction.


3 T YPICAL I NDEPENDENT S TUDY Students come once a week for an average of ½ hour of instruction time. The only college option after graduation would be a community college due to lack of a-g courses.

4 Small Classes of six to 10 students I NDEPENDENCE S CHOOL C LASSROOM

5 R EALITY C HECK With a caseload of 35 students (7 each day) it was impossible to follow the University of California requirements that Students are expected to spend at least one hour per week per a-g course engaged in interactive instruction and/or academic tutoring/advising ( gGuide/ag/content/iss_policy_statement.doc). This means that a student taking two courses at a time would require two hours one-on-one time weekly with an instructor. To follow this requirement teachers would only be able to see two students/day, 10 students/week.

6 W HAT MAKES US DIFFERENT ? Three 12-week years Each year consists of 2 six-week semesters Students on-track take two courses each trimester – 60 credits/year Students that are credit deficient take three courses each trimester – 90 credits/year Master schedule is adjusted each trimester to fit the student needs College prep and non-CP courses offered

7 Semester 1 6 classes = 30 credits Semester 2 6 classes = 30 credits Traditional School 1 Academic year = 6 courses/10 credits each = 60 credits Semester 1 Semester 2 Trimester 2 (second 12 weeks) Trimester 3 (third 12 weeks) Trimester 1 (first 12 weeks) Trimester-based Independence School 2 classes = 20 credits 3 rd class if necessary for an additional 30 credits over the course of the year


9 T HRILLED Independence High then, it was, you went once a week and gave a packet, got a packet. The teachers were all wonderful, but the delivery wasnt so good.... All the changes were positive in every single way. Now its like we are a regular normal school that is also an independent study school. Not every school can say that... Overall the outcome of the past three years has been a big success and for me personally, a wonderful experience. Serish Bibi 12 th grade student

10 H APPY Before, I felt like I was on my own to get my work done. The classes help a lot because the students can ask questions and get answers, so I understand better when that happens. Freshman year I was always confused. Now that we have the small classes, I can get all the explanations I need before I go home. Alexsandrea Lewis 12 th grade student


12 T HANKFUL I am writing to tell you how impressed and thankful I am for Independence High and your fabulous staff. When I brought my two children to orientation, as you were aware, I had one very excited child and one very reluctant child. It was from that very day that I had a great feeling about your school... My daughters experience has been nothing less than wonderful. Her teachers make her feel successful and important...! They take an interest in HER …and give her every opportunity to do well, not to mention the high quality of the instruction she receives. She was so happy that her brother (the reluctant one), asked me if he could switch over to Independence... By the way, he too is very happy to be there, and is having an equally fulfilling experience!! We have the best supervising teachers, classroom teachers and Principal! It is you and your staffs dedication that will make a difference in the education of children…The WHOLE child. I know because we are experiencing it right now! Sincerely, Dianna Torres (Lodi educator and mother of an 11 th grader and 12 th grader)

13 A PPRECIATIVE The changes that Lodis Independence School has put into place far exceeded our expectations. Our daughter spent her first three years of high school at a private school. She was barely getting by. Even though she was trying very hard, her grades were very low and there was no one offering to help her at the private school. Last summer, we saw an article in the local paper about how the new Independence School was changing how it was delivering instruction and that sounded like the perfect fit for our daughter. She has been at Independence all year and she is thriving. The class sizes are small and she gets as much individual attention and support as she needs. She has gone from a girl who had to go to school to a girl that wants to go to school. She has gone from being behind in the class to being at the front of the class. Michael P. Gallagher Father of 12 th grade student


15 S UPERVISORY T EACHER Maintains the one-on-one relationship with students Oversees students progress Maintains personal connection with home Tutors students Keeps attendance records Manages auditable folder


17 E LECTIVES Piano Advanced Art Drafting Ceramics Textile Arts Computers Graphic Design A.P. Art English Support Strategic Algebra iPad in Social Science Student Government CAHSEE Support Life Management Child Care Journalism

18 A RT

19 O BJECTIVES Given a poem, students will identify the mood, and will accurately site at least three instances of imagery, rhythm, or repetition within the poem which contribute to that mood. Grade 11, CA Standard: Literary Response 3.3 A udience B ehavior C ondition D egree


21 S AFE Many of our students would be drop-outs if it werent for Independence School. We have a large number of 13 th -graders, a significant population of culturally sheltered students, 18+-year old Special Education students, and students with medical concerns. We are where the students that have been bullied find refuge – Independence School is a safe and welcoming place for all students.


23 $$$ Before, Independence School had two years of costly audits with fines totaling over $200,000 For the past three years, Independence School has beenfinding free – no fines imposed!

24 Previous API 548

25 API Independence SchoolSacramentoFolsom CordovaSan Juan 2007-2008 548597681601 2008-2009 557554674684 2009-2010 598530639651 2010-2011 605559676572

26 A RT I

27 A F IRST ! For the first time in the history of Independence School (13 years), the school received a six-year accreditation from the WASC committee.

28 WASC C OMMENTS Independence School is to be commended for its willingness to explore new and innovative ideas on how to structure an independent study school. It is possible that Independence School will become a model for independent study schools throughout the state. All of the members of the Visiting Committee work at independent study schools and they will be watching the progress of Independence School with great interest in the coming years. The task of integrating independent study with small group instruction is not an easy one. The Visiting Committee believes that the school has the district support, on site [sic] leadership and the dedicated staff needed to be successful.


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