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Olympic Community of Schools Guidance Department.

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1 Olympic Community of Schools Guidance Department

2 Approximate Costs of Selected Colleges and Universities UNCC $17,220 Wingate University $30,950 UNCW $18, 100 Johnson C. Smith University$26,000 WSSU$17,400 UNC-Chapel Hill$20,666 NC State University$19, 555 NC A & T University $14,111 Elon University$38,975 Duke University$48,693 Spellman$36,317

3 Funding Sources For College

4 Important Terms Grant/Scholarships….. Awards made by School or Government which does not have to be paid back Subsidized/Unsubsidized Student Loans….. Awards offered by Federal or State Government that must be paid back. These may have reduced interest or interest that accrues interest only after student graduates. Work Study…. Financial Aid Program where student works campus job to pay tuition

5 Federal Student Aid Students must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year ASAP after January 1 st FAFSA may be competed at after registering for a PIN. Parents must be ready to share personal income information from their Income Tax Score reports sent to requested schools with your estimated need Most schools from 4 year colleges to trade schools offer financial aid and require the FAFSA FAFSA Day in Charlotte sponsored by is Feb. 18 th at various locations. Visit to register

6 FAFSA Process Parent/Child Registers for PIN and Completes FAFSA Score Reports sent to Colleges/Institutions determining need College/Institution Reports to student what Federal and State Grants that they qualify for. College/Institution determines if there are any Institutional Awards the student is eligible for College/Institution would then communicate information on Student Loans

7 Loans Subsidized Loans(Perkins/Stafford)….. government helps pay interest on the loan. Interest rate now is 3.4% Unsubsidized Loans(Stafford)…interest rate is 6.8% Repayment of Loans begin 6 months after graduation, or 6 months from the date of not being enrolled full time in school Direct Plus Loans…. Parent Loans at 7.9% that payment begins after disbursement

8 Every school has endowed scholarships given based on special talents(art, theater, athletics, etc), academics, need and other factors. Many automatically consider the student when applying. Make sure to fill out any separate scholarship forms

9 Private Scholarships Many private businesses, churches, employers, have scholarship funds for deserving students Apply for all that you qualify for… Olympic Scholarship Newsletter @ Senior English Classes and Student Services Bulletin Board. Resources:,,, (user : olympic pass: charlotte)

10 Personal Contributions Money from personal savings, college funds, NC 529 Plan Students are expected to contribute to paying for college Private Loans through banks, credit unions, home equity lines, etc.

11 Be Cautious You dont have to pay money to get free money Be wary of Deadlines Come to the FafsaWorkshop.

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