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Toastmasters International

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1 Toastmasters International
The Club Coach Program

2 What is a Club Coach? An experienced Toastmaster who volunteers to help another club in their area This Toastmaster is not a member of the club and they are not familiar with the club or its members This Toastmaster is typically working towards their Advanced Leader Silver

3 Who is eligible for a Club Coach?
Clubs with 12 or fewer members Club must request a Coach from the Area Governor Area Governor will work with Division Governor, LGM, and District Governor to make Club Coach assignment

4 Responsibilities of the Club Coach
Assist the club in raising its membership Helping the club to reach distinguished status or better Assess the environment, observe, analyze and recommend solutions Instill enthusiasm, loyalty and a sense of responsibility for the club's future

5 Why be a Club Coach? Club Coach receives credit toward the Advanced Leader-Silver (ALS) award ALS award is a prerequisite to DTM Helping other Toastmasters grow! Satisfaction in seeing a Club rejuvenate itself!

6 Other Information We need Coaches!
Maximum of two club coaches may be appointed to each club. The club coach appointment lasts from the date of appointment to June 30 of the current year if the club becomes a distinguished club or better. If distinguished club status is not reached in the initial program year then the assignment will be extended to June 30 of the following year. We need Coaches!

7 One Last Thing… Coaches assigned through March 31, 2011 will receive a free Toastmasters portfolio

8 Questions?? Direct questions to your Area Governor, Division Governor, or District 77 Lt Governor-Marketing, Charles Lawler (

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