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“Be A Millionaire” 25 Books Campaign

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1 “Be A Millionaire” 25 Books Campaign
Thirteenth Avenue School Ms. Kimberly Mackey, Principal Dr. Kriss Kemp-Graham, Vice Principal Ms. LaShanda Gilliam, Vice Principal

2 1,000,000 Words = 25 Books

3 What is the 25 Books Campaign?
The 25 Books Campaign is a school-wide initiative requiring all students to read 25 books during the academic school year.

4 What is the purpose of the 25 Books Campaign?
To improve vocabulary To encourage students to read for pleasure To read multiple genres To read multiple works by the same author To improve reading skills

5 Program Overview   In order for a student to get credit for reading a book, the student will be filling out book logs and other activities that show that a book has been read. The number of books read will be recorded by the student in their Reading Log, the culminating assignment turned in to their teacher , and its completion signed off by the teacher. Monthly reading goals have been set. Students reaching the monthly goals qualify for receiving incentive prizes.

6 Monthly Reading Goals To help students slowly reach the goal of reading 25 books, monthly standards have been set. September Books October Books November Books December Books January Books February Books March Books April Books May Books

7 As Parents You Play an Important Role...
By getting involved, you are letting your child know that reading is important. Your role is to support your child in reading.

8 How You Can Help... Ideally…
Students are required to read for at least 25 minutes a night at home. Yes, this means turning off the television, video games, music, and the computer in order to make time to read. It is up to you to reinforce the importance of taking time to read. How You Can Help...   NO… Television Video Games Music Computer For Only 25 Minutes Each Night

9 Areas of the Library: non-fiction
· Technology · Arts · Literature · History · Biographies · General Works · Philosophy · Social Sciences · Languages · Natural Science

10 Areas of the Library & Genres: Fiction
Fantasy Historical Fiction Mystery Romance Short Stories Science Fiction

11 Additional Genres: How to Books Drama Horror Essays Humor Fables
Poetry Speeches Westerns Drama Essays Fables Fairy Tales Folklore

Books Magazines Newspapers e-Books

13 Visit Your Neighborhood Library & Your School Library Regularly!

14 You Can Be a "Millionaire” Reader

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